Amway India: It’s been another bad day!

Amway's launch into the Indian market several years ago has had some struggles, and this week those struggles took a turn for the worse, with raids on Amway India Offices by Crime Investigation Department (CID) police in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.


The CID apparently claims that the Amway multi-level marketing/direct selling scheme is in violation of The Prize, Chits and Money Circulation Schemes [Banning Act] 1978. Which is a little like deja vu all over again! Confusion reigned back on December 2 22 when the Reserve Bank of India claimed Amway and Network Marketing broke this law and on the very same day, the India government minister responsible for Consumer Affairs said the Supreme Court had cleared Network Marketing. In February the minister again stated that the Supreme Court had already said Network Marketing was not covered by this act. In 23 this was confirmed yet again in a case in Chandigarh. More below the fold ….

UPDATE: Court grants injunction against CID in favour of Amway. Amway back to business in state

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Quixtar National Ad Campaign Begins

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National ad campaign for Quixtar launches
Ads start running in newspapers.

A multimillion-dollar campaign for Quixtar in the U.S. and Canada is now under way!

The goal of this expansive ad program is to generate excitement and
pride in the Quixtar business opportunity and in the Nutrilite® brand.
By creating and running its own ads, Quixtar will no longer allow its
critics to define this business. Instead, Quixtar will tell its own
story, in its own words, and on its own terms.

The campaign has kicked off with full-page newspaper ads in USA Today
that address Quixtar's foundations and the success of Alticor, its
parent company. The ads will be followed by a three-month campaign
blitz for Nutrilite in Newsweek magazine, beginning in October.

At the beginning of October, TV spots for Quixtar and Nutrilite will
begin airing on CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox, as well as on cable networks
like The Learning Channel (TLC) and FoodTV. The ads are also slated to
appear on shows like the "Country Music Awards," "Macy's Thanksgiving
Day Parade," "Sunday Night Football on NBC," "Trading Spaces," and
"Rachael Ray 3 Minute Meals Combo."

Click here to see the full schedule (PDF)

Here's two of the advertisements focused on Nutrilite. Check back regularly and I'll see about more ….. Cool


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