Quixtar class action settlement – a brief analysis

Regular follows of this blog will be aware of the settlement in a class action case against Quixtar by Pokorny, Blenn, and Busiere. Today most IBOs and former IBOs covered by the class action have received their second notice about the settlement, so I’ve been receiving a few inquiries about it. The case was originally against Quixtar, […]

Amway – The Power of a Positive Campaign

According to Forbes (and we know how accurate they can be), Amway Global this week launched a new advertising campaign dubbed “The Power of Positive”. I’ve not been able to find the ads published online anywhere (why not, Amway??)  but I did find the following video published by Amway IBO organisation eFinity on their FaceBook […]

Amway Global – latest Accreditation list

It’s now more than a month since the original August 31 deadline for Amway Global North America organizations and business owners to ensure they were accredited and operating according Amway’s rules and guidelines. The deadline was reportedly extended by a month as the process took more resources and time than Amway Global expected. Here’s the […]

Britt WorldWide, Team-One, Vision Global achieve Accreditation

September 1, 2008 was the deadline for North American Amway Global business owners to either be personally accredited or to be part of an accredited organisation. Accreditation requires the organisation or individual to pass a range of “quality control” criteria to ensure they are teaching and implementing “Best Practices”. IBOs and IBO organizations who have […]

More accredited systems on the way

Following on from eFinity, MMP, ProSystemOne, and WIN I’ve heard from multiple sources that one of the larger IBO organisations has achieved Quixtar Accreditation and it will be officially announced within a week. I was excited when the Accreditation program was launched, I was even more excited when it effectively became compulsory thanks to being […]