Amway Facts

This is a list of various articles I’ve written about Amway based entirely on factual, confirmable sources. If you’re researching Amway, especially on the Internet, chances are you’ve encountered people who claim Amway is some kind of scam business, it’s illegal, the products are poor quality, or some other information that has made you think twice about being involved.

Well, skim through these articles and decide for yourself whether those kind of opinions really have a lot of credibility in the face of all of these facts. Have all these major companies and organisations that have recognized Amway for excellence been conned? For fifty years!!??? Or perhaps the opinions you read on the internet have been formed from limited or even no experience – from encountering some new or inexperienced Amway rep that never bothered to learn how to act professionally or properly explain the concept, and probably never did much more than dabble for a few months. Or perhaps the experience was with just one of dozens and dozens of different Amway affiliated organisations, each with different ways of doing things that may not all appeal to everyone? Or perhaps they’re opinions driven by business interests – working or being paid by competitors or potential competitors to Amway?

Check out the facts, get your own experiences, form your own opinions.

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