Bill Britt has died

Founders Crown Ambassador William “Bill” Britt has passed away at the age of 81. Britt, the founder and leader of Britt WorldWide, was one of the most successful yet controversial distributors in Amway’s history. Bill and his wife Peggy joined Amway in 1970, ten years after the company began, and built one of the largest Amway businesses in the world. They reached Diamond level in 1973 and Crown Ambassador in 1996. In 2004 they were recognized as Founders Crown Ambassador, FAA 40, one of only 14 Amway distributorships in the world to have reached that level.

The Britts are downline of Founders Crown Ambassador Dexter Yager, and were an integral part of the success and expansion of the “Yager System” in the 70s and 80s. The Britt’s eventually founded their own business support company, Britt WorldWide, which grew around the world, reaching great success particularly in India, where the Britt’s developed a second large Amway business, reaching Crown in 2009.

Their success was not without controversy however. Britt’s firebrand approach, with no apologies for mixing his strong evangelical Christian faith, political beliefs and business attracting devotion from many but criticism from others. In 2004 the Britt organisation was the focus of a Dateline NBC investigation into Quixtar (now Amway North America) and several of his downline distributors were disciplined by Amway as a result.

The Britt’s Amway legacy lives on, with  hundreds of Diamonds from around the world in their downline, including Paul & Leslie Miller and Larry & Pam Winters from the United States, India’s Founders Triple Diamonds, Harbhajan Singh & Mohinder Braich and Double Diamonds Kanti & Lata Gala, China’s Founders Crown Ambassador’s Guo-Yuan Du & Ya-Qin Zhu (Matthew Du), England’s Double Diamonds Trevor & Jackie Lowe and Turkey’s Double Diamonds Hatice Firat & Mehmet Muratoglu and Merih & Nilufer Bolukbasi.

Our thoughts are with his wife Peggy and the entire Britt Worldwide family.

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  1. I was part of the Amway biz starting in 1992 & renewed until just a few years ago. I never sponsored anybody but I really enjoyed the people of my upline & the products are 2nd to none. I saw Mr Britt at a few functions. I may not have built an amway business but my time in it was like getting a college education in people & life skills. I currently operate a small business and have incorporated many of those skills into making it a success. What we really take with us from this life is what we leave behind. Bill Britt left a lot behind. I thank you. RIP Mr Britt.

  2. Bill Britt taught me that it’s the fight in the dog that matters. He taught me to be mentally tough and stand up for what you believe in. I was in a different line of sponsorship (WWDB) during my two and a half years in Amway, but I always enjoyed hearing him talk. He was a man’s man, stood up for what he believed in, and inspired millions of people.

    Love him or hate him, he is a legend!

    RIP Bill!

    Chuck Holmes

  3. Bill Britt changed many lives, I did not stay in and build the business, this is not the fault of the business, just me, Bill changed my life for the better, I would not be the man I am today if I did not spend time in the Amway business, I was a mess and he and the rest of BWW straitened me out. I was the best 3 years of my life. RIP Bill Britt, you will be missed… Tom

  4. i did not find out about Bill’s passing until a few weeks ago when I decided to google his name. He was on my mind because this young but older black man met Bill Britt when I was just out of high school in the early 80’s. I grew up without my biological father and got sponsored by a white high school girl who knew me. I made money in the business but my life was transformed by Bill Britt and his leadership despite any person flaws or indiscretions they may have had as human beings. The reason I had google searched Bill was I missed his messages (thought I still have 100’s of tapes that inspire me still) and was wondering if maybe there was an online resource for his them. Today I run a non profit inspiring 1000”s of youth….and I am without a doubt who I am because God gifted me with father-figures like Bill Britt. I have pictures with him which I have still kept….for I am a part of the Legacy God extended through Bill. One year later….I mourn deeply his passing but rejoice mightily that God loved me with Bill and others who showed me how to fight and stand for the truth as Christ did and cry humble tears out of love like a child.

    1. Ron your story and mine are similiar. Bill’s mentoring words changed my life – as Bill would say, ” that’s it – period ! ” I still have tapes, and at one point I ran a non-profit , and had the young men in the group listen to these tapes – it was always amazing to me how Bill’s words resonated with group.

      1. Thank you Kevin….I think the Bill’s verbal appeal goes beyond skin color to something we of any culture that value life can applaud which is hearing messages character, change, and taking on the rightful fight for good. Like Bill said all the time connected with how Dexter Yager touched his life……”you let a dreamer touch your life for even an hour and you’ll never be the same”.

  5. I’m truly sorry to hear that Bill Britt is gone. I really hoping that he would rise my hand on stage one day. He will be missed by millions if billions of people. He really impacted a lot of people’s lives.

    1. Go Platinum! If you are in their personal group, Peggy will raise your hand. Make the decision that you are going to do it, and then act on your decision. If you really want to, you can do it. Best wishes.

  6. Though too late to convey but since its better late than never I would truly like to humble myself in memory of this incredible business leader as a follower of Lord Jesus.

  7. Listening to Bill speak from the stage and on tape was inspiring. My wife and I became IBOs in the Britt system more than 20 years ago and I find myself still quoting him. Because of Bill Britt’s teaching, my wife and I have been debt free since I turned 40. Thanks Bill.

  8. Wow!

    I have just seen this horrific news (on Nov. 30, 2013).

    We had an argument exactly a week ago about Amway where I defended it vehemently despite my not being in the business.

    Very sad news.

    I used to be an IBO under Dr. Hal Newball of Baltimore, Maryland. I quit the business not because I didn’t believe in it, but because I wasn’t really active and just kept spending money without really making any. I was lazy at showing the plan and contacting as well as getting people to the function.

    I am African although this doesn’t matter and I must say that Bill Britt is one hell of a man!

    I first saw him in a function in Virginia Beach, Virginia and the guy danced like a man possessed to James Brown’s music on stage.

    I didn’t like his political views and especially the fact that he tried to push it down people’s throat ‘on his stage’ but he was one great motivator.

    I loved Bill Britt nevertheless. He was just great!

    I am catholic but I loved his Sunday morning sermons. The man (and I understand we are all sinners) was a stauch believer in Christ and GOd the Almighty and used to remind everyone of hell.

    I will truly miss Bill Britt although I am no longer in the Business.

    I still remember the trips we made to Raliegh North Carolina and the fun, joy and excitement that he brought on stage together with guys like Charlie Durso, Al Frantantuno, Kumar, Rajesh (if I remember his name correctly – from New Jersey e.t.c.).

    RIP Dear Bill and to the very humble Peggy, I wish you God’s blessings. May He give you strength and fortitude to bear this great loss.

    Bon Voyage Bill Britt.

  9. I remember Bill Britt saying at a function many years ago..The day you die is really the first day of your real life”..that has stuck with me for many years..I loved this man and his great wisdom…I am going to miss you Rest in Peace..

    1. People seem to be overlooking how they made their money ripping people off saying they had to buy books and tapes and go to seminars to “build the business” when in fact these sales are how they built their business not selling soap.
      And while they professed Christianity they unrepentantly fornicated on the side.

      1. No, you are overlooking facts and promoting rumour and misinformation. Even Dexter Yager, generally acknowledged to be the “king” of the “tools business” is on public record as saying he makes more from Amway than from his “motivation” business. Not to mention Amway hasn’t been a “soap” company for many, many years. You might want to update yourself a little. And stop using fake email addresses to register or I won’t publish your comments.

        1. 70% of Dexter Yager’s income came from the sale of books , tapes, and seminar tickets. Nothing inherently wrong with this, but to imply that you can afford Dexter’s lifestyle simply from operating an Amway distributorship is downright deceptive and misleading!

          1. (1) do you have any evidence of your claim regarding Dexter Yager?
            (2) if true, why is it a problem considering Internet Services sells their products and services to more than just the Yager group
            (3) The Yager’s Amway income alone is almost certainly 8 figures/yr plus. What part of their lifestyle couldn’t you afford with an 8 figure income?

          2. “Came” is the operative word. Many LOA Diamonds no longer subscribe to InterNET. Mine has gone to network21.

      2. Totally wrong dude..BB made no money off those items, they were provided at costs for idiots like you to help your chances of being successful..obviously you didnt pick hat up..

      3. You get to a certain level and you too get $ from the business tools. And if you think it’s hard to make it in amway with the business tools, try doing it without the support of the tools.

        People think you buy a kit and open it and you become rich without ever lifting a finger. They want everything handed to them they want free stuff!

        Every business needs investments to support their business and if you think otherwise then your not the ones we are looking for.

      4. sorry to disagree with you.I was in the Britt organization for many years.The books,tapes and functions were for teaching and motivation to build your business and build you as a person.They were always recommended …never demanded.
        As far as what they did on the side, they are,after all,MEN!
        As to why I am no longer in the business….my EX decided to have an affair with a downline distributor! IMAGINE THAT… I agree with you last statement!!!!!

  10. Incredible impact. Bill taught me a about a bull dog attitude and never to follow the masses. Love to Peggy and thank you for giving into lives for the better. Prayers and thoughts. Thank you so much

  11. Inspirational Leader. He is the ULTIMATE Business Laeder. Will be missed. He is now enjoying eternal life that we all want in our due time.

  12. I Know The Great Seastem is BWW,
    I Realy Love This Seastem & Amway corporation.

    With God EveryThing is possible.

    Becouse Bill britts Great Blessing is always with me,

    Go Diamond…

  13. I met Bill Britt many times at different functions and He was responsible for my faith deepening as I always felt He was telling me the truth about life. I know we will meet again.


  15. Bill has left his physical Body but Lives in us all through His great Teachings.He has already produced 1000s of Bills through His Teachings & Duplications.
    Best Regards to Peggy & the show must keep going on…. i.e. uplifting Human beings to a higher platter of Life,Empowering each & everyone.
    Death is journey towards new Life ” Bill you will always be great & best”
    Thank you “May God shower his blessings on everybody”
    Friends,” Best Wishes plus Regards to all BWW team members “

    1. I have seen and heared him face to face in Delhi.It is due to his teachings that I learnt the meaning of CONSISTENCE and PERSISTENCE.He was really a Man of Guts and a MALE BY CHOICE.

  16. We salute for my great leader & great human who was help for others finanical freedom, from the now I promise u bill, I’ll help to most of the most peoples financial freedom like yours, we pray for your soul rest in peace

  17. You are living with us through your CDs and System, Britt World Wide. Thanks for what you have been to us dear Bill.

    1. Why in the world would you wish such a thing? I understand people not liking this man for their own reason, I really do. I can see people accusing him of things regarding business-that happens in all business. I can even see where a person might have a deep distrust or dislike of him, but to celebrate or enjoy the fact that someone has died is, to me, more distasteful and sad than anything you may not like about this man. You must hold a lot of hurt inside of you to hope for something so repugnant.

    2. Why? Oh I get it… you must have blamed HIM for your inability to succeed at life. I bet you’re STILL broke and busted… Yep… can smell it a mile away. Go take a bath and stop stinking up the joint.

    3. Wow!! You sound like a loser . That is what Bill would call you and people like you who can’t take the truth are losers. I don’t hope and nor would Bill wish you would rot in he’ll.

        1. Eric, We consider the source. Obviously Tom has a problem. Seems like you do, also. Silence is golden. It might be helpful if you would read what you write several time before posting – then wait and think some more. Think before you speak. Bill would. Remember, when you point a finger there are three others pointing back at you. Are you a three time “loser” because of your behavior?


  19. We are well off due to Bill Britt. He has changed thousands of life. God has a purpose for it. We are britt students and let us take it positive. Even if he died, his teachings, principles and impact will live longer with each britt student

  20. புகழ் from THIRUKURAL
    233. ஒன்றா உலகத்து உயர்ந்த புகழல்லால்
    பொன்றாது நிற்பதொன் றில்.
    English Translation and Explanation
    Translation :
    Save praise alone that soars on high,
    Nought lives on earth that shall not die.
    Explanation :
    There is nothing that stands forth in the world imperishable, except fame, exalted in solitary greatness.


    Translation by Rev. Dr. G. U. Pope, Rev W. H. Drew,Rev. John Lazarus and Mr F. W. Ellis

    1. tHIS man so many have praised is my brother. Billy and I grew up together. He will always be with me through the many fond memories I have of our times together. He was three years and eight months older than. He was my protector. We grew up with a alholic father and when drunk he beat our mother. I think my favorite story was about Billy’s little red rubber car a nd th switching we both got because of that car. I wanted one like it. He had gone shopping with mama the day before. Mama had given him a dime which he paid a nickel for the car and had a nickel left over. She bought me a necklace which did not interest me one bit but the little red car did.Billy said we could go to the store and buy me a red car with the nickel he had. Well off we went but when we got to the four lane highway we were too afraid to cross it. We were only three and seven. We started back home and made a wrong turn and ended up one street from our street. We came upon a creek and took our shoes and socks off and were playing in the water when Daddy found us. I can still feel the sting of the belt on the back of my legs and I am seventy-seven years old. We both got spanked with the belt all the way home.There were many times. He got a electric train for Christmas one year and when we were suppose to be in bed we would get up under the bed aad run that little train and oh the places we would go like
      china and Japan because those only countries we knew any thing about.The war was on then and those were the only countries we saw in the news reels at the movies. He was a good brother and a good son. He is in heaven with mama now and with a new body and jigger-buggery. He loved to jigger-bug. I was his practice girl and he used to throw me across the living room. I talk to himthe time all . I know he will never leave me.

  21. His example was inspiring…
    N.Sundaravadivelu & Latha

  22. we love u & we know that u r always with us u are alive in our hearts for forever. we spread ur message into this whole world. S.C & JAI SHREE JAIN TEAM UDAIPUR

  23. Our Global Mentor’s
    Mr.Bill Britt passed away early this morning at the age of 81, may he Rest in Peace.
    All my friends WorldWide who knew Bill and have been impacted by this unique and amazing human being and leader of our industry , may you lift Peggy in prayers for strength and peace in such time as this.
    It is the end of an era but his legacy will go on through the lives of so many of us who had the immense honor to learn at his feet and are better people and better leaders because he lived and gave so much to so many.
    May we all aspire to leave such a legacy!
    Entire Britt Indian Team passes our Heartiest condolence to the Departed legendry soul
    Thank You Bill Britt,

  24. You are not to leave us Bill, you fired us up, you made us confident, you saved our lives from turmoil, you made us believe in ourselves. You made our 10 years old daughter thinking ahead of us and she motivates us with your quotes. You are within us Bill. You haven’t gone anywhere. You are among us. We love you Bill.

  25. Our thoughts are with his wife Peggy and the entire Britt Worldwide family.

    Thank you sir for your Great Creative Role in this Planet to change this planet each and every corner with BWW Entrepreneurs.

    You are still alive with all BWW Leaders founded by your Life.

    Thank you for rest of our life.

  26. One day we will meet again. It hurts to know you’re gone. You were our inspiration our best friend who taught us as we grew in business and friendship with others, We looked up to you as many has done. We will followed in your footsteps and many has done. Loving the fact that you would be here with us till thee end. When we look up to the heavenly sky each night to tell you the bond of our friendship will never end. You are someone we will dearly miss and never forget. You are are best friend William “Bill” Britt.

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