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  1. I think that when you present statistics on the earnings of high level distributors, you need to factor their operating costs, but even more important, the TIME necessary to generate that kind of income. Divide the net income (based on taxes paid) by the number of hours put in by the distributor. Double that if is a husband-wife operation.

    Interesting case in point: Back in ’71 Stan Bonett (in Yager’s line) was an emerald, qualifying for diamond. In an article in Forbes magazine, he said:
    “We made $50,000 a year, but we had to spend 12 to 16 hours a day 6 and 7 days a week to do it. ”
    If you take these figures as fact, you have someone making the princely sum of about $6.50 an hour!

    1. I’m involved in a startup at the moment. I’ve been working on it on and off for 8 years, and since the beginning of this year 80 to 100 hrs a week. We’ve not yet launched to market. It has generated zero income and cost me quite a lot. You’ll find similar for many any new businesses. With Amway you at least start generating revenue from the beginning. Would you have to work 12-16hrs/day 7 days a week to build an Amway business making $300,000/yr? (inflation adjusted from 1971). Maybe, but doubtful. Much of the work distributors had to do in 1971 is now handled by the company.

      In any case, don’t confuse the time and money invested in startup phase with the time and money invested once something is up and running to the size you want. Do you have a source for that quote please?

    2. Sam quit. BIG mistake. Dexter eventually got three Diamond legs out of that organization. Persistence is a vital key to success. Sam lacked patience and wouldn’t listen to Dex.

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