MYTH: The products are overpriced

On a few sites around the 'net you'll find "price comparisons" that pretend to show that Amway products are over-priced. Are they? If price is all you are interested in, then a price comparison may indeed show Amway products as being more expensive than some competitor products. But price and value are not the same thing. 


Here's what Amway has to say about value on their website - 

Value for Money

New customers are occasionally
surprised at the prices of AMWAY™ products. Some people expect products
offered by direct sale to be low-priced, inferior copies of the goods
they can buy in stores. Amway has never built its business on that
concept. From its beginnings in the late 195s, Amway's focus has been
on quality products that deliver exceptional performance at competitive

This commitment to quality is reflected in the intensive
research and development that goes into AMWAY products. What other
company can boast:

  • A development and manufacturing facility more than a mile (1.6km) long.
  • Organic farms in two hemispheres.
  • Research partnerships with leading international universities.
  • Facilities to replicate the water quality in countries around the world.
  • A list of patents related to products for everything from water treatment to hair repair.

this huge investment in product development, AMWAY products, in
general, are price-competitive and good value for the money. Research
shows that some products are less expensive than their counterparts,
others are more expensive, and most are competitively priced.

  • Products that are more expensive usually have greater features and benefits over competitive products.
  • Many
    products, such as L.O.C.™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner, are highly
    concentrated, meaning a single purchase lasts longer. On a cost-per-use
    basis, these products are priced very competitively.
  • Product is delivered directly to the consumer and backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee

This is pretty much what I have found when I've compared Amway products with other products in the same range. They often cost more upfront, but their per-use cost is usually way way cheaper. When I take in to account other issues that are important to me, like environmental friendliness and no animal testing, then Amway products represent even better value for money for me.

Now, only you can make the decision for yourself whether the quality and price of Amway products represents value for you. I recommend you sit down, look at the usage instructions of Amway products, and then go to your local store and get the pricing of similar products, and then compare. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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5 thoughts on “MYTH: The products are overpriced”

    1. Wikipedia gives quite a lot of options for what GMF means, I’m taking a punt you mean Genetically Modified Foods. Looking around I found that the NutriCert program for amway’s suppliers requires them not be using genetically modified organisms – This was confirmed on a corporate blog post last month – Organic Matter.

      I also found this interesting interview with Dr Sam Rehnborg, son of the founder of Nutrilite, where he briefly discusses GMO – Dr Sam Rehnborg – looking back to the future.

  1. Hi,

    There is no need for any dispute. In fact as one of the friend has recited above that there is a money back guarantee & the test methodology & full time researchers recommendations. Brothers/Sisters You may be blessed person to use these products, otherwise no compulsion please go ahead with alternates in which you may face adulteration issues & chemical compounding.

    Wish you All a very Healthy Happy, Prosperous New Year 2011.
    God bless you,

  2. This website is a scam itself. You can tell the difference between independent blogging and Amway propaganda. If they are charging $36 for a normal sized bottle of vitamin C pills (you can get Centrum at the store for $6) it’s obvious that there is quite a markup. Amway is simply a tax for the incompetent.

    1. I have searched throughout Amway’s websites, in all countries that use the dollar as currency, and nowhere can I find them “charging $36 for a normal sized bottle of vitamin C pills”. Indeed I can’t even find them selling regular vitamin C pills similar to centrum. The closest thing I can find is a US product, Kid’s chewable’s natural Vitamin C, made from concentrated Acerola cherries. That’s a world of difference from ascorbic acid made in a chinese factory out of sugar cane and sulfuric acid, as per centrum’s ascorbic acid tablets. It is you who are spreading false propaganda. I’ll assume you were just being incompetent rather than deliberate. You may want to do more research before doing it again.

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