Ron Puryear has died

PURYEAR[1]Spokane newspaper, The Spokesman-Review, has reported that Amway Founders Crown Ron Puryear, founder of World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB), has died.

Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear joined Amway in 1971 when Ron was working as a bookkeeper and Georgia Lee as a waitress. Within six months they were making enough that Georgía Lee could quit her job. Ron was able to do the same in 1974.

They eventually established WWDB, aka World Wide Group,  one of the most successful Amway organisations in the world. He is survived by his wife Georgia Lee Puryear and son Jim Jr and their Amway network of thousands of Platinum and above Amway business owners around the world.

7 thoughts on “Ron Puryear has died”

  1. Well, I did not know that Ron had passed. I was a distributor in 82-83, I idd not follow thru but always thought that MMM is a viable business model. Ron was the most inspirational man I had ever met. He would have alter calls for his downline to accept Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior on Sunday mornings. I answered that call and have been a christian ever since. I met like minded people in the business and will always have fond memories of Ron. The world lost a Mans man in June this year.

  2. The world is a lesser place because he is gone and a greater place because he passed through here.

  3. Ron & Georgia Lee touched out lives deeply by their love and their love for Jesus Christ. He was a mans man and a gentleman, a man that would give the shirt off his back to anyone with a dream. Ron just gave and gave and gave with his heart. We will dearly miss you Ron, well done good and faithful servant.

  4. Oh shoot. He died on my (50th) birthday. What a mark he left on me. His presence & his impact (& significance) of what he’s done with his life is only beginning to be felt.

    “How will you spend eternity” I used to hear him say.

  5. I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Puryear on two occasions. Both times he and Georgia Lee seemed quite kind and sincere. I would love to have met him as a diamond,however I didn’t quite have what it took to be a diamond. my sincerest sympathies to Georgia Lee and family,may God comfort you in your time of loss.

  6. I am saddened to learn of Rons death. He inspired so many people to succeed and live a happier life. He represented the American Dream can come true if you work for success.

  7. Sending my condolences and prayers to the Puryear family and friends, including their Amway family.
    I met Ron and Georgia Lee in 1982. Good people with a love for helping others gain financial freedom. They were always willing to help!
    Godspeed Ron and God Bless your family!

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