1222 new Founder Platinums and above for Amway North America!

I saw a tweet from Jody Victor earlier today that was so incredible I had to confirm it before posting about it here –

What I needed to confirm was this was just for Amway North America. It seemed too small for Amway globally, but an almost unbelievable result for just Amway in North America. Well, Jody confirmed it. Amazing.

Just for fun, let’s see just how accurate that  a certain prolific anti-Amway blogger and obsessive has been over the past year –

Sep 1 2010 – I believe that Amway is shrinking in North America

Nov 29 2010 – It sure looks like Amway in the US and Canada is shrinking

Feb 11 2011 – it appears that Amway is shrinking in the US and Canada

Feb 12 2011 – I believe Amway is alreadu [sic] shrinking

Feb 28 2011 – it appears that Amway is shrinking in the US

May 24 2011 – especially in North America where Amway appears to be shrinking instead of growing.

June 23 2011 – I have heard recently that Amway and WWDB is shrinking in the US.

But don’t hold your breath expecting a little thing like reality to change his tune.  You’ll note three of the quotes above, in February 2011, were made just days after Amway revealed North American growth the previous year had been 5%. Who are you listening to?

Exciting times for Amway IBOs in North America – 1222 new Founders Platinums and above! Wow!

15 thoughts on “1222 new Founder Platinums and above for Amway North America!”

  1. Its funny how when the good news comes out there isn’t much hating. I guess there isn’t much to say about the facts that the business is on the grow and it is working for thousands of people.

    P.S Being one of these new Founders Platinums of the 1,222 I can tell you this is mostly new growth not old pins becoming founders again. Especially in the Hispanic market where 6 out 10 new platinums are breaking in America.

  2. No matter how you slice it, this is very good news for Amway and Amway distributors.

    I have no doubt that many of these Founder Platinums are people who had once hit the Platinum or Sapphire levels, but had fallen out of qualification over the last decade. They must be very happy to have built the business to such a profitable and more stable level.

    I don’t believe Amway can have a stable distributor force without strong and profitable Platinums. This statistic may be a sign of good things to come in the US.

      1. Amway reports their overall revenues of their entire portfolio, which includes more than its direct selling business.
        Amway, for their direct selling arm, uses the distributor/IBO/ABO pricing in their revenue figures, since that’s the accurate $$ amount the company receives in revenues.
        Euromonitor includes all the revenues, from Amway’s entire portfolio, to get their dollar figure. But where they use different figures than Amway uses, is in the products Amway distributes through their direct selling business. Euromonitor uses the RSP (retail suggested price) for such products.
        Hence the difference in $$ amounts.

  3. This is actually a very good news !! 1222 ! That’s a crazy number !

    Actually, in @Euromonitor timeline, they mentioned Amway global retail sales were $ 11,547 Billion in 2010… is that true ??

    1. Saw that as well, figured I’d wait to see Amway’s official numbers. Either way it’s growing, not “shrinking” like all others think

        1. It’s their Twitter account. They tweeted that figure to an individual Twitter account on October 12th.
          “Amway Corp.’s global retail sales were US $11,547 billion in 2010”

          1. Thanks, found it. That figure is almost exactly 25% greater than the reported $9.2 billion revenues in 2010, so it might be an estimated retail sales figure.

  4. This is awesome news for sure. But your right it doesn’t matter what facts start ignorance in the face, the fact is ignorance remains just that, ignorant.

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