15 consecutive months of growth for Amway North America

Carl Miller in the comments shared this recent info from Amway North America  –

What a remarkable year!

The Americas region lead the Enterprise in growth and will close the year with double-digit growth in 13 out of 15 markets, becoming the fastest-growing region in Amway. In partnership with you, we achieved record high numbers of Platinums and first-year Platinum requalifiers in all three subregions, in addition to major increases in average IBO income and the number of Diamonds.

In November, Amway North America (ANA) impressively marked 15 consecutive months of growth and higher IBO productivity. In addition, launches of Artistry® Men and Hydra-V and the Nutrilite Restage were all well received.

Latin America Spanish (LAS) saw 24% growth and celebrated the 30th anniversary of Panama – Amway’s first country in Latin America – and the 25th anniversary of Mexico. LAS also saw the successful launches of Satinique and Artistry® Color, and Little Bits™ was introduced in four countries.

Brazil exceeded sales and COI targets for the second year in a row – its best results in over a decade! The subregion also achieved its highest Platinum count in 10 years and awarded its first-time ever Triple Diamond pin. Additionally, Amway Brazil was the proud sponsor of the NBA Global Games in Rio with the Orlando Magic. The highlight was the community outreach event where Amway and NBA Cares donated a new basketball court to the children of Comunidade Cruzada São Sebastião.

The Americas region also had the honor of Dr. Sam visiting all three subregions to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Nutrilite. We rounded out the year with a focus on a Founders’ Fundamental – Family – when more than 7,700 IBOs and their guests from across the region gathered together in the Amway Center in Orlando to celebrate Family Day.

Alone, each of these accomplishments is impressive. Together, they are a testament of achievement few, if any, companies in our industry can match. Above all, they reflect the immense leadership and hard work that you bring to your Amway™ business every day. We are stronger because of your dedication. I am very grateful for your efforts and very proud of your performance.

As you look back over the year, I hope that you’ll take great pride in your accomplishments.

My sincere best wishes to you and your families for the holidays. I am excited about the future and confident that, together, we are entering the new year strongly positioned, renewed in spirit and determination, and prepared for more progress and success.

Have a blessed holiday season and a prosperous, healthy, and happy new year.

Candace Matthews

Thanks for the tip, Carl!

9 thoughts on “15 consecutive months of growth for Amway North America”

  1. I think that many leaders in Amway have made a mistake in telling their downlines to stay away from negative blogs. Those negative blogs would be greatly outnumbered if they just encouraged platinums and above to share their experiences IMHO.

    1. I agree, though I don’t know if on “negative blogs” is the best way. “never feed a troll” and all that! Amway is sharing plenty of stories on their corporate sites now, which is great, but a less formal “personal” approach would I think be more effective. The problem then is that your risk people saying something that, while well-meaning and even true, could be legally challenging.

      1. I don’t think Jimmy meant that IBOs/ABOs should comment on negative blogs, because he said, “Those negative blogs would be greatly outnumbered…”
        I think he’s saying to start their own blogs. And I think the key is what he says, “platinums and above” because it prevents your concern of something being legally challenging. At the Platinum level, a person is knowledgeable as to what is and isn’t permitted based on the Rules of Conduct, as opposed to a brand new IBO/ABO who doesn’t even know that they can’t sell on ebay.

    1. The global sales you refer to are mentioned here. The article you linked to is entirely consistent with this article on North America. I quote from your link –

      The company experienced notable growth in legacy markets like the United States

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