16.6% growth for Amway India

Despite the distractions of being temporarily shutdown in the state of Andhra Pradesh because of a marital dispute, Amway India has reported spectactular sales growth for 2006. Amway India sales for 2006 are reported at Rs 738 crore (US$168 million) compared to revenues of Rs 633 crore in 2005 – growth of 16.6%. This is a spectacular turnaround on the relatively flat growth of the previous few years.

Double digit growth is expected to continue for the forseeable future, with The Economic Times quoting Amway India Corporate Communications Manager Rajat Banerjee as stating –

“We will open 3-4 more distribution centres in Tier-II and Tier-III cities this year, including Faizabad, Panipat, Kota, Bikaner, Dharamsala, Srinagar, Mysore and Vellore”

Overall Alticor and Quixtar sales data for 2006 has not yet been released after Alticor made a change in their financial reporting methods.

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67 thoughts on “16.6% growth for Amway India”

  1. It is the best business for all people not like doctor,engineer and grate people. A to Z people can do it.Those who doing this business kindly attention please go through the right way about the business sure you will be success it has no doubt. short term pain long term gain like this business.

  2. Hi I am a new ABO, barely a month old in Amway. I was quite skeptical until some Nutrilite products (protein powder principally) helped with my wife’s joint problems. Personally I like the SA8 the best.

    I have attended only one Amway meeting but I get the Amway business model. Unlike Speak Asia and other Ponzi schemes this is very straight forward. The only way to make money is to buy Amway products yourself and encourage others to buy the same. This is a given.

    At times I believe people would be happier if Amway charged them the MRP and then sent them a commission cheque (MRP minus DAP) every month. I am quite sure I could convince more people to use products and signup this way.

    Truth. The business is simple and straightforward.

    Truth. It requires time, effort and skill. Anyone (including uplines) who says it is different is lying.

    Time and effort are your input and the skill can be built over time. Hence the training, the manuals, the CDs and books. Its like attending a distance learning Sales & marketing programme with contact classes.

    Btw, this holds true for every and any business that you want to do. All Amway does is provide you with world class products and a ready proven business model.

    Another Truth – you dont have to buy a minimum product value to be part of a team, buy training material, or pay for training programmes from your ‘Team’. Amway is a BUSINESS. You can get education from anywhere. So dont fall for anyone promising you the moon. You’d do better buying a lottery ticket.

    Treat Amway as a business and you will be rewarded. Treat it as a get rich quick scheme and join the long line of victims….

    1. A lot of success stories and also some unsuccessful stories associated with amway business. But over period of time I have come into belief that Treating amway as business people associated are surely getting rewarded. But unlike other quick money making schemes at the cost of others , this business will yield desired result if done with utmost truth instead of luring. So the upline and team efforts matter here. Good team , high level of motivation, knowledge of products will help people to earn extra money in spare time. They are still growing and achieving targets year after year inspite of all odds

  3. I agree to this Amway is giving opprtunity to every user to become distributor & earn money as per his/her efforts & smart work.However in most of sessions artificial atmosphere is created by so called successful people which create confusion among new members.Also it is million dollar question that why every top leader advice to read books or see CDs?

    1. How is an atmosphere of successful people “artificial”? (assuming they’re not faking it)
      I’m not quite sure your “million dollar question” is serious? Pick virtually any arena of endeavour and the successful people in it will recommend learning from other successful people. Why do you think Amway is different?

  4. I just want to say 1 thing that if you love your country please don’t join Amway. My Reason for not buying Amway is simple. What ever you do for Amway, the money goes to America. And America is the biggest enemy of India.If You earn 1 crore from amway, by the time amway earns its double. The way of business may be ok. But let them do their business in their own country! And dont be so greedy 1 day every 1 has to die. But before dying make our country proud. Because the money earned through Amway will not come along with you! And yes Amway is definitely a intelligent company presently they are fooling people by selling low cost products at high cost. 1 day when people awake and this reality comes public Amways gonna be kicked out India soon. Be Indian Buy Indian. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

    1. sandeep, your comment is wrong on many fronts. (1) First of all, around 60-65% of the full retail price of Amway products is returned to Amway India Independent Business Owners. (2) Amway India has manufacturing facilities in India, employing hundreds of employees, putting more of the “profit” back in to the Indian economy, as well as purchasing raw materials from many other Indian companies (3) Amway India has business centers throughout the country, employing hundreds more staff (4) Amway India contracts out manufacturing of many products to other Indian companies, putting even more money back in to India (5) Amway United States has invested tens of millions of dollars into India to open these factories and business centers in India, as well as open the business generally. (5) To say America is the biggest enemy of India is absurd – and I say that as a non-American.

      The vast majority of the money spent on products purchase from Amway India Independent Business Owners is returned to the Indian economy. The concept of isolating India from the rest of the world, and neither importing nor exporting products and services is a recipe for economic disaster. If you truly cared about the future of India you would promote international trade.

      1. May I know where these Amway manufacturing units are located in India ? I will myself figure out the number of Indians employed there . . . . . . .

    2. Hai Sandeep I really happy with your countryship.which products we should those belong to pure india. I am not in Amway but all big FMCG co. belong to other countries. UK USA JAPAN CHINA GERMANY Etc. than but is the problum with Amway. Amway give the oppertunity to earn money to genral people not to Amitab Bachan. Sachin, Ddoni, Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Katrena, Ashwarya, Abhishek, allready rich people all hipocrate Telling lie to genral people & self not using the same products.

      Be Indian Buy Indian.

    3. Mr. sandeep, I was pretty wondered from your comments.You said, Dont do amway, because Money goes to America. Okay, Fine, Please don’t do Job, because the money is going to your boss. By giving 100% effort, your boss and manager becoming RICH. How about you my dear frind ???? Your boss having Mercedes, BMW, Audi. lot more.. How about you…..If you are really wanna know AMWAY business. Go and do GOOGLE. Bill gates said:– Only amway business can provide another bill gates in the world.
      Barack Obama:– Amway is one of the best opp on this planet.
      Warren buffet:- Network marketing is one of the best Asset in this world.

      So, All these people are fool ?? only you are smart…..
      Are you happy with your boss or going to office everyday and working as a slavery…. May be you like……

      First take complete information, then comment…..

      1. Kumar, while I agree with your sentiments it’s important IBOs also don’t over-enthusiastically spread myths about Amway. Bill Gates never said that about Amway, and neither did Barack Obama. Warren Buffett may have said something along the lines of “the best investment I ever made” – he does own a network marketing company, The Pampered Chef – but I’ve been unable to confirm the statement. So please, stick to the facts! Amway’s a great business without needing myths 🙂

  5. Dear Amway India – I can’t belive you guys selected Melbourne for your conference , after the way our Indian Students were treated there.

    You are either daft or an organisation without any self respect.

    All the best but don’t fly the Indian flag please.

  6. Hi all,
    I’m an young ABO I like the products very much and we are very satisfied with the products.I saw a lot of people giving their views A nice organisation like Britt world wide is a great boon to us all it collects only Rs.20 for open meetings and don’t fix any criteria to come to the meeting why can’t these fault finding friends go to such meetings and gather knowledge rather than dumping goods with no use.Please friends Where there is a Will There is a way visit Britt india’s website all open meetings informations are beautifully available in http://www.brittindia.com/home.aspx website please follow these meetings take knowledge and go Crown Ambassdor

    1. Prem,
      good to meet you. I am BWW Emerald with Amway Japan. I hope to start a second business in India. Get in touch with me by email address. Build a strong business.

  7. Amway has ben the best hope in my life. Message – Without Amway I am nothing. Kanti and Taru Gala, they are like my brother and sister.
    I Love Amway so much, that when I do it , I go ….
    Amway, Amway , Amway , Am…way, Am…way … AmwayAmwayAmwayAmwayAmwayAmway….. AAAAAAMMMMMMWAAAAYYY….yyyyy.

    Thanks Amway and all rubies, pearls, direct, Diamonds, Sapphires, Onyx, Amethyst, Platinum breaker, silver, bronze, Chromium, Boron, Argon, Bismuth, Strontium.
    I love you all, I am fired up and a go getter.

    Love you.

  8. my question is to mr.ibofightback…
    it is very evident that organisations or so called support system{supports the vendor alone} like teamone in kerala are meant for looting people.if amway supports these kind of organisation, what ethics does the company have??

    1. I have no idea how “teamone” in kerala operates so I am in no position to answer your question. On what basis do you make their claim they “are meant for looting people”?

    1. Hi Taru,
      I am sorry, but now a days the Product ” Buff-Up” is no more avilable.
      Instead for leather cleaning and ppolishing you can use “Leather and Vinyle”

  9. Dear Concern,

    Iam Charles from Bangalore, I have recently joined in Amway (3 months back) and iam really satisfied with the products and I have joined mainly for products and money making is secondary for me.
    I would like to bring some points for your notice and want to know it can be solved or not?
    1. Amway customer care service:
    For all customer care service like mobile, bank etc, are working 24 hours basis but Amway a leading profit earning company why cant it have a customer care of 24 hrs?
    Also two or three times when I called I got a reply sorry we are closed at 10.00 am Wednesday. Then I enquired the local directory to get the Amway office number and talked to Amway office directly. So regarding the timings of customer care to whom I should post my suggestions?

    2. Summer Meeting:
    I have attended a summer meeting held in Chennai 20-06 -2010 in Nehru indoor stadium.
    It was the very bad situation I had that day. Almost 20,000 people in the stadium but the A.C not working inside. I could not sit and watch anything and I cant concentrate anything.
    See I went from Bangalore to attend this meeting also every ticket of 750 rupees but the way they handle the persons who came for the meeting is really too bad.
    Also, total 20,000 people including ladies childs all were forced to be in hungry when the meeting starts at 10 and end at 6. Cant each one be provided by a water bottle and a mini lunch cost almost 30 rupees each?
    The above are my personnel feelings just I want to express and not iam not responsible it denotes any individual.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. hai,

      if u want to realy do this business u can.U should be focussed.All the multimillionares came up like this.So dont complain and follow the system what BWW says.then u can suceed.Otherwise u will find all sort of excuses like this.
      good luck

  10. In every business there are questions, problems and Hard Work. If you are not in amway business and building ur traditional business even you have to face everything and end of the day what you will get ??? Lots money without time or Lots of Tension. It is always batter to face everything and end of the day if i am getting money with time and tension free life. Make it Clear you want to be RICH or RIGHT ? if you want to be Right then keep complaining, your next generation will do this business :). I can Say you Best of Luck and if want to be RICH then come with us. God Bless us.

  11. Mr.Sammer,

    Really I cannot join with your opinion.Iam so happy to know you working hard in amway, We have no bad opinion on amway.But as Mr. Krishnamurty says,wheres the training expense goes? I suspect the diamonds of Winners inernational labelled Team one do amway business? or encashing downlines?
    Amway India must have an independant obervation on the so called pick pocketing training business. As you know its a clear cut violation of Amway Rules to make money in the name of Amway.
    Just think about amway official training? In my common sense its so enough for the distributors to build amway business.
    They need training on Business opportunity, products, sales marketing skills, health and beuty traing, all amway provides free of cost.
    Let and promote the distributors to attend these traing and it is the primary duty of the sponsor to equip them for doing amway business.
    Now the present situation is,one who join, will be pushed to the ~training~ ( some says training on tricks) just like putting them in lion cage. After many days i saw many examples of distributors run away from the business having an empty pocket.
    It is the fact, that I saw and experience and it is so clear cut cheating.
    Amway need SA8, LOC and pursue combination to wash out these training cheaters just like it did in USA during 90s


  12. This is all bullshit….Its no compulsion as such…it totally depends on you…..

    Initially we tend to do everything what the system says…but then we tend the only thing what the system says….I agree that the coaching/ trainings of the systems are sometimes costly…surely…what if the teachings and trainings are not converted into practicality…you will always remain where you are….

    System teaches you to grow…not to stay where you are…system never said to stay at the same levels for years….and there is nothing called dumping as such….you are taking about products worth 10,000 only…dear just calculate its products only of 200PV’s…

    If you are a regular user that 80-100PV’s are the average buy…and then if you are not able to retail products worth 100 PV then a big ????? on the leadership qualities….

    There is noting called dumping….people who don’t know about the power brand nutrilite, HC, PC, they call this as dumping

    I am working hard…in this business…I am attending the meetings trainings seminars and all these meetings are helping to groom….

    1. you are working hard in this business?????? But all Amways “Seniors” alwasy says that its a good business that you can do it in your part time.. the only key is to understand the business concept… why is that you have to put sooo hard in this so called business???

      may be another BIG “????????????” on the leadership qualities….

  13. The criteria is Star Performer 150 pv
    Emerald club/ 250 pv club
    Diamond club/500 pv club

    No entry in Team ones training below that level so that many distributors purchase and dump in shelf in fear of expellying from the team. Finally it became no business and no team, happening to major part of Distributors. Even the platinums were squeezed by the diamonds and now the statistical condition is that One `Doube pocket` diamond and 6 single Pocket diamonds and 1000s of empty pocketed distributors in Team one

    1. Well … part of the problem their Kumar is that it’s really the IBOs buying stuff and dumping it on the shelf that are doing the wrong thing. We have meetings that include being “core” as part of the qualification, and core includes doing certain amounts of personal volume. It’s supposed to be a combination of legitimate personal use and customer sales. Anyone inventory loading (dumping on the shelf) is faking there way into a meeting to qualify. The simple solution is this – if you don’t qualify, be honest and don’t go! What is a concern though is that you say there is NO training apart from those “qualifiers” meetings? Nothing from Amway nor upline? Sponsors (not, sponsors, not upline Diamonds) are contractually obligated to help and train those who ask for it.

  14. Dear Krishnamurthi,
    What you said is exactly right, I was in Amway business 4 years back.As you mentioned Team one is a `training business` organisation which slowly empty the pockets of the distributors. The major income of the diamonds in that organisation is not from Amway But from the training business and the distribution of CDs.
    I was a Platinum Distributor and now act simply as a distributor.
    I just work out my early income for information.
    When I was platinum I got average Rs.30000 /- per month, In that Rs.10000/- was spent for the purchase of products to maintain the criteria to attend the Team ones functions which i had to use the products personally and dumping in my shelf.Rs.10000 will spent as the travellying expense and fucntion ticket charges and usually Rs.10000/- will be with my hand usually,
    which the Team one diamonds will catch the balance Rs.10000/- by conducting some Said Platinum training/Family reunion. So as net I had nothing in my hand except some unfulfilled dreams. Diamonds become rich and distributors become poor.Its another side of accumulation of Money. Unfortunately there is no agency for auditing the finacial accounts of Team one like organisations either from amway or government. Also the distributors and tuned in a special thumb rule made by the fraud diamonds that never question Upline leaders and whatever the upline say obey it.
    Sorry for Amway.Amway India should have much more strength to their back bone to control these fraud organisation and its diamonds
    Wish Amway all the Best to cross 3000 crores by 2013.

    1. Thanks for the post Kumar – that’s horrendous to hear. You say you were spending Rs.10000 on products per month and putting them on your shelf? And this kind of purchasing was a criteria to attend Team One functions? Can you elaborate?


    Iam really shock to tell that many Amway Independant Business owners are quitting from business only because of the money oriented persons led supporting organisations like TEAM ONE in Kerala, Thamilnadu, Karnataka, Nagaland and some other states of India.
    Actually the above organisations didnt take any accreditation to amway under Global Amway conduct rules. Actually Team One Globally accredited by Kim and Brad Dehaven and the present organisation in India has no right to adopt that name according to amway rules. The winners International in India is an imaginary idea formulated in the Brains of some money oriented diamonds and the Amway should monitor its activities.
    The present tricks of the diamonds are
    1. Make big purchase plans and compell downlines to purchase bulk products. Amway can check up the recent year acheivements of many diamonds. Products worth even 10 lacks are accumulated in some of the platinums for their uplines diamondships in Kerala itself.
    2.Threatening distributers tellying that they will not be admitted to the meatings if dont purchase the heavy targets fixed by the diamonds . If they tell anything against this, they will be defamed and expelled. Recently some elegant platinum aboves were treated like this in Kerala.
    3. No money auditing and accountability. Heavy amounts were charging from the distributers for functions and tapes.Actually 30 % of the collected amount will be spent for the expenses and 70% will be divided among diamonds and some portion upto the platinum above
    4. Un ethical heavy purchase of products and sellying of then even in value lower than the DAP price. It created a lot of problem in the new distributers. All the diamondships are happened in Kerala following this fraud method.
    If Amway care these factors seriously and take control on supporting organisations, the business will sustain and flourish. otherwise India will be first failure country for amway.

    1. krishnamoorthy – to the best of my knowledge there is not yet any “accreditation” outside of the US, though different markets have always had various rules relating to BSM. If there are Diamonds indeed doing what you suggest, then it’s no wonder people like shyam think Amway is a scam. Operating the business in such a manner is not only a violation of Amway’s rules, it also does make it a scam – but it’s those people, not Amway. Please ensure you register your complaints with Amway India. If enough people do so, and it can be shown to be true, then action will be taken.

      1. well going through krishnamoorthy comments i feel he said only a part of it. there is no use filing complaints against organisations like teamone.infact in kerala amway has shut down due to people loosing money. though the police say it falls under price chits and money circulation the real reason for ppl loosing money is deceitful organisations like teamone. now pls dont tell amway is unaware about all this system money.and y not ban it? cos amway is succesful in countries where these systems are not there..systems drains the money of poor distributors. company fears these system owners or supports unethical business.watever it is, its shameful. amway in it rule books say its zero tolereance policy but these owners still do business wich is out o the rule book. better dont print the rule book and deceive innocent people. if company is not a fly by night company and is for long term y not restrict such activities.??

        1. gd, not complaining to Amway about some problem is a recipe for ensuring no problems are fixed. Every time a complaint is registered it strengthens any future complaints against that person/team. So I suggest registering a complaint if you have one! Can you explain what you think it is “teamone” is doing deceitfully? What rules are they breaking?

          1. section 7 of amway Rule of conduct as well as section 9. if i were to type the subrules this page would be filled with it. basically promoting own resorts and books and useless BSM to make money.that too at exorbitant prices ,without any bill .
            also there is no refund policy.the distributors who buy excess tickets suffers.
            printing tickets for example 4000 when there is oly 3500 seats but the 500 seriel numbers will remain the same as the first and the hall get jam packed with people standing even when distributors have excess ticket in their hands. all these programme are with banquets so there another oppourtunity for makin money. there are around 14 programmes a month and a leader will have to attend all these or elses its sure questions arise from his downlines and uplines and he is trapped in this. i knw diamonds emeralds and platinums who are broke after joining this business .bulk purchase and bulk tickets and room bookings for programmes. hope is the bait.

            there somethin out o amway rules books .amway should consider creating rule boook for indians. funding money for qualification(as if its a financial institution).after all this what they say in public is ethics morals and values.god!!!

            well it goes on and on and on……..
            amway needs business. morals value and ethics are words nowhere near . but to be frank products are reallyy goood and worth the money u pay. but people like this makes the whole concept bad and the company has no mechanisms to correct these. and u dint tell me y amway china is growing or korea and russia are..simple cos they dont have systems. its my opinion and opinions can differ but truths got a single face.

        1. hi I also share almost same opinion . many of the functions are charged heavily . my suggestion is that y cant they make it free ? because if any one gets impressed by the function and join all the high level people(diamonds)also get the benefits . I am an ABO . but i didnt attend many functions . This is the main reason

  16. Just to clarify, I meant to write,

    You only get income from them, if they bring in sales.”

    Of course, in both the real estate business and the Amway business, you make money for your own personal sales.

  17. 102 persons to complete a cycle?

    I think, shyam you may be confused.

    If I sponsor 102 people and they buy and/or sell ZERO products, guess how much I make? ZERO DOLLARS.

    If I sponsor 10 people, and, as a group, we moved the same volume as in your “complete a cycle” example, then guess what? The same amount of money is given to our group, and split up according to each person’s productivity.

    In other words, it has nothing to do with the number of people you sponsor, and everything to do with the amount of product volume is moved in an organization.

    I don’t know if you have real estate offices in India or how they work. But here, in the States, if you own a real estate firm, and you have brokers working in your office, then you get a % of their commissions on the sale of homes. You don’t get one red cent for bringing them in to your office. You only get income if they bring in sales. And how you help and mentor and train them, and what supplies/tools you offer them with, will have a major impact on how successful they are at doing that. So the better you train, the more successful they are, and the more profitable you’ll be.

    Like the Amway Business, the amount of money you make has nothing to do with the number of “bodies” you have in your office. It has to do with the amount of house sales are being generated by your group of people. And not all individuals are going to produce the same amount of volume as each other, for various reasons.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

    1. Hi bridgit ,
      I hav joined Amway with Britt w.w.
      At the time of regestrition upline show his suportvity.
      But my upline do not tell me any thing about system n any money making trick . I have tried alot but alway he says their lots things U just give me 20 names with mob. Numbes, give him a list etc. Attand the function 100s of kms away.
      Make me think this some time why i join thi fcuk ..
      HELP ME (SOS) Y .

      1. Hello Farhan,
        I’m very sorry to hear about your situation. I am just a fellow Amway ABO/IBO from North America, so I am not an expert by any means.
        Having said that, if I were you, I would contact Amway India.
        I am not familiar with all the different LOAs (line of affiliations) in India associated with Amway, nor with how Amway India assists those IBOs/ABOs/Distributors who would like to be “independent” from such LOAs.
        Let them know that you are looking to build the Amway Business, and would like to do so in a different manner than how your sponsor and LOA are training you.
        Let them know that you feel you were misled about what the Amway opportunity was.
        From that point, you can either decide to build your Amway Business with Amway India’s guidance, or you can resign your Amway Business (ask Amway India how to go about doing that, since it’s different procedures in every country).
        If there is a misrepresentation of the Amway Business, and if Amway ABOs are breaking the rules of conduct, then Amway India needs to know about it.
        Good luck to you, and again, I am sorry for your situation.

          1. Good words Sandeep…The business will always work for those who will learn to treat their business as a “real business” and abide by the rules and philosophy of the founders Rich DVos and Jay VanAndel. People helping people to help themselves. If you corrupt this foundation you will corrupt the business. I look forward to hearing of your great success for you because you made your business about helping others to succeed along with you.

  18. Few people would agree that it is inherently deceitful business. Because they are trained to nod whatever they are told by the upline members. The scheme itself is mathematically impossible. It is impossible for every person to find 102 persons to complete one cycle and that it is called mathematical impossibility. Knowing fully well that it would not work forever, these fraudsters continue to woo gullible to join the scheme. Later, they blame them for not working hard and not reaching the target. These gullible believe it to be true.
    That is why Amway is the mother of all scams.

    1. Shyam, I see you’re still under the same illusion about how Amway operates as you are on your blog – you think the business is about recruiting people! It’s not, it’s about product volume. Recruiting other business partners is no different here as to any other business – you get them because you think you can build a bigger business with help. Of course, you’ll have to share profits with them, so they’ll “cost” money, but if you develop a big enough business, then you’ll all make more money. What you’re doing at the same time though is recruiting customers – again, just like any other business. You can buy burgers from McDonald’s – or you can be McDonald’s franchise owner. If everyone owned a McDonald’s franchise, then there’d be nobody to buy the burgers, the business wouldn’t work. Does that make McDonald’s a scam? Because it’s impossbile for everyone to own a McDonald’s franchise?

      I suspect you’re saying something like “but it’s not the same …. you don’t make money by recruiting other McDonald’s francishees!”

      Guess again Shyam – it’s is the same – because you don’t make money by recruiting other Amway members either!

      It’s not about recruiting people, Shyam, it’s not what we get paid for. Until you understand that, you’ll never understand the Amway business.

      1. ha ha ha!!! I think Amway should start paying McDonald for using their name.. I’m Amazed to see that people from all over the “world” give same “McDonald’s” examples in all “Amway” meetings..

        This business is a crap.. they over charge you for the products and after taking out there product money, which is on higher side as compare to other branded products, they distribute rest of the money among the people those who are above you in the list..

        so they are taking money out of your pockect and give it to other people.. and you’ll get money when you’ll bring some people under you in the list, ofcourse, from their pocket.. and this loop will continue..

        1. hi friend
          whatever product u buy u r not paying the original price.for example if u buy pepsi the original product may be less than 30% but the have to pay for advertisement and distributers.
          in amway they give that amount to the real distributors that means u and me.
          try to understand it

          1. O’right, so to give that amount to the real distributors, people should pay around 450 Rs for a tooth brush. . . . lol.

  19. They are opening around 250 distribution centers all over the country, so now the challenge is to find ABO’s.

    The question of getting Indian items into this ambit will arise only for those items that are not sold over the counter in Retail stores, as this never was the Amway philosophy. Why would an ABO do mouth-marketing and sell Quality Products which he himself buys and uses, if he is to sell products easily available all over the country in Retail outlets.

    What is very badly needed in India is to learn and understand the concept of Networked Layered Marketing / Direct selling, what is the transaction, what is the size and value of the transaction, why stocking and hoarding is not an ethical practise, Organically prepared Food Supplements and how they complement Indian diets by providing Vital proteins, Vitamins, Minerals etc. to bring down Diabetes and other syndromes, low calcium – low iron elements, etc.

    For a democratic set-up which claims high levels of education that fuels Western economies, it was draconian and criminal and absolutely stupid the manner in which the AP Government went about against Food Supplements.

    Indian products already exist, e.g. ICICI credit, BPCL petro cards, Park Avenue ties and accessories, Kohinoor Basmati, Amla and Coconut oil, Dried fruit, fruit jams with Indian style tastes are already in and that too at Indian MRP prices. So it is a good idea to be a part of the set-up after finding a good local ABO with a good network in your locality who could coach you and replicate his success.

  20. Looking to the way the Indian psyche and the Indian market is changing, Amway India will reach their target earlier than expected!

    To breast the tape ahead of schedule, they will have to open more offices, enhance web ordering and subtly, but surely, bring more ‘Indian’ products into the gambit.

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