Cutting edge Alticor technology eCoupled to make public debut

{mosimage} The public in general is probably unaware of the huge investment in research and development by Alticor and it's daughter companies such as Quixtar and Amway. According to, the Alticor family has been granted more than 6 patents worldwide, with a further 45 pending. This isn't surprising when you realise Alticor employs more than 5 Research & Development and Quality Insurance scientists.

One of the many cutting edge technologies Alticor has developed is eCoupled wireless electrical power technology. Anyone with an eSpring water filter is using this technology every day. What is it? Well, it allows transfer of electricity and data without wires. In eSpring, this allows the power unit to be fully sealed, yet still transfer electricity to the Ultraviolet light unit – all without risk of water intruding.

eCoupled technology is being developed by Alticor subsidiary Fulton Innovation LLC. Fulton Innovation is partnering with companies like Visteon, Motorola, Herman Miller and Mobility Electronics to further commercialise the technology. Think for example of being able to charge your mobile phone by simply placing it in the right spot – no more cables!

The technology is to be publicly demonstrated at The 27 International Consumer Electronics Show

Here's a fascinating video I found created by Alticor to promote eCoupled to potential industry partners –


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FACT: one of the top ranked sites for Consumer Satisfaction

A survey of Consumer Satistfaction of the Top 4 retail websites ranked equal 5th with Apple.Com and OldNavy.Com. The three sites scored a Customer Satisfaction rating of 79%. Topping the survey was DVD rental site at 86%, followed by at 84% and and at equal 3rd with 8%.

The 4 sites covered by the survey were those with the top sales volume in the Internet Retailer Top 5 Guide. Between Thanksgiving and December 19, 26 survey firm Forsee Results asked 1,5 people how satisfied they were overall, how well the site met their
expectations, and how well it compared to what they thought an ideal
site would be.


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Quixtar and Amway IBOs – How you can help Fight Back!

If you're an active IBO, you've no doubt noticed that a number of sites critical of Amway and Quixtar are ranked very highly on the search engines. Indeed, on Google six of the links that show on the first page of a search for Quixtar are to sites critical of Quixtar, and four critical sites appear for a search on Amway. How do they get so high? Well, google has a number of algorithms for deciding search engine rankings, many of them secret. However, it is known that having other sites link to your site will increase your ranking, particular if those sites and those links are directly relevant to the search term. So for example, a link like this – go here to get the Facts about Quixtar will help pagerank more than a link like this – go here to get the Facts about Quixtar, since the link includes the keyword "Quixtar".

Researching around the 'net I've discovered that Amway and Quixtar critics are quite good at this. This site for example actively encourages people to setup "link farms" to anti-amway anti-quixtar websites. The "anti-mlm anti-amway" webring tries to do the same thing. If you review anti-quixtar and anti-amway websites, you'll also see they have link lists linking to each other, but sites such as Get The Facts – the Truth About Amway and Quixtar are not linked, indeed, some of them even go out of their way to remove links to this site if it's used in their comments (ironically one site doing this censorship is run by a fellow using the moniker "Truth"!)

So, what can we do to fightback? The same! Anywhere you might engage in talk about Amway or Quixtar, on your own websites, or on other blogs or forums, link to pro Amway and Quixtar sites, including this one, wherever it is relevant. If possible, include the terms "Amway" or "Quixtar" in the link itself. if you're linking to this site and discussing Amway, you might want to use, if discussing Quixtar, use If an article directly addresses the issue you are talking about, link straight to it. You can get the appropriate link code by clicking on the "permalink/more" link at the bottom of each article and then cutting the URL from the Address bar of your browser.

For example, the URL for the article FACT: Nutrilite/Nutriway tops survey in customer satisfaction is –,en/ 

You may want to remove the lang,en/ part at the end. If the link is like this instead –

The second link will automatically direct the visitor to a page translated into their language, if it is available.

Don't just setup meaningless link farms as the "critics" do, link to whatever site or article is relevant to what you are talking about, and promote useful sites that you'd like your prospects seeing on the search engines that aren't already there. Sites like the Quixtar Inc home page, ThisBizNow, which has lots of great statistics about the Amway and Quixtar business and Quixtar Facts which has lots of great facts about Quixtar.

See, it's easy! Cool

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QBlog aka Eric Janssen Propaganda

Eric Janssen over at his Webraw forum “Quixtar Blog” has been obsessing recently over this video on the Quixtar Facts website. In the video, Quixtar’s Rob Davidson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says about web-based critics of Quixtar

“most of the people have never contacted us, many of them have never even been active in our business”

Janssen takes exception to this claiming –

The point is that Rob Davidson is saying that many of Quixtar’s critics are inexperienced whiners when the reality is that many of them have years of experience and know what they’re talking about. And to illustrate that reality I’m publishing a list of “critics” along with their experience in Quixtar (or Amway).

He then proceeds to list a small number of contributors to his Quixtar Blog forums. Janssen thinks Davidson’s claim is so “absurd” and just “propoganda” that he has now posted a video where Davidson’s speech is childishly slowed down to sound like a drunk and screenshots of the websites of three “experienced” critics are shown.

Janssen needs a dictionary. He seems to think that Rob Davidson says  “all” critics have never been active IBOs. What does he say?

many of them have never even been active in our business”

Propoganda? Or true? I just did a quick google on “Quixtar” and “Amway” and found a number of vocal web “critics” who have never been IBOs but nevertheless run websites criticising Amway/Quixtar and are regularly quoted by the anti-amway/anti-quixtar crowd –

Dean Van Druff – never an IBO
Robert Fitzpatrick – never an IBO
David Touretzky  – never an IBO
Steve Hassan – never an IBO
Rick Ross – never an IBO
Robert Todd Carroll – never an IBO
Tim Williams – never an IBO
Peter Bowditch – never an IBO
Russel Glasser – never an IBO

Janssen seems to be so arrogant as to think Davidson is only talking about his site! Though we could add to the above list of inexperienced critics –

Eric Janssen – never an active IBO (wife was an IBO for a short time)
Scott Larsen – IBO in Amway for less than a year

and some vocal “anonymous” folk from the quixtarblog forums and elsewhere –

“lawdawg” – joined for 6 months to teach his father-in-law, a sapphire, how it should be done. uhuh.
“dmm” – never an IBO
“Porkchopjim” – never an IBO
“judes” – never an IBO
“don incognito” – never an IBO
“perceptive” – never an IBO

There’s more I’m sure.

Amway Australia and Amway New Zealand shutting down websites for a week!

A2K - Amway Australia and New ZealandAmway Australia's and Amway New Zealand's website and shopping portals, and are being shutdown for an entire week! From the a2k website –

Our computer systems will be undergoing a major upgrade and will require a planned closedown from 5pm Friday 22nd December 26 through to midnight Saturday 3th December 26.
This means there will be no processing (via a2k Amway Online or the Amway Regional Contact Centre) of product orders, applications and other business transactions.

Last week a2k unexpectedly released a new version of their website frontend, but it's performance was so poor they reverted to the old site for Australia. The new site layout can be seen on Amway New Zealand's site .

Personally I MUCH prefer the old site . This looks like change just for the sake of change. Still, they run a multi-billion dollar company and I don't – so what would I know? Smile

I've heard  that next weeks shutdown is unrelated to the website changes, so there appears to be a lot of things happening at the same time. One interesting bit of news is that the a2k websites themselves are apparently being moved from servers in Australia to servers in the United States. I wonder if this is happening with other Amway markets?

Amway Australia advises they'll be processing orders the first week of January and allowing IBOs to transfer PV to December if necessary, so it won't be as big a disruption as it could have been – still, a week is a long time in internet land!

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Blog updates in the Amway Quixtar world

Quixtar's Beth DornanAs you might know, Quixtar's Robin Luymes (Manager-PR & Editorial), and Beth Dornan , (Director of Communications – pictured to the right) have been blogging for some time. As they have promised, both their blogs have now moved to new sites and been updated, Beth's today. Both blogs allow commenting, so this is fairly unprecedented access to staff in a major corporation. Their sites are at –

I'll be pulling down their RSS feeds and you'll be able to see their new posts listed under "Latest from Corporate Blogs" in the links on the left side of this page, but I recommend you bookmark their sites and visit regularly. Curiously, Beth Dornan says in her latest post

You’ll see that my blog is located in what we’re calling the Opportunity Zone.  It’s a place to learn and talk about our business.  More to come on that, but look for others to move in over the next few months.

So it appears some more blogs may be on the way. Robin Luymes also has some news which will undoubtedly delight Quixtar IBO's –

the Facts About Quixtar DVD (coming soon to the Web in its entirety).

As I'm not in the United States and am an Amway, not Quixtar IBO, I'm very much looking forward to that, as I haven't seen the DVD. What I can  say is that in the process of developing this site, Get the Facts – The Truth About Amway and Quixtar , I've been absolutely astounded at the incredible amount of positive information I've found on the 'net about Amway and Quixtar and Amway and Quixtar IBOs. This is truly a remarkable business. Unfortunately this information has been somewhat difficult to access, something I'm trying to address with this site.

One plea I have is for Alticor not to forget the rest of us. Quixtar is but one part of the Amway world. This site has been running now just over four months. I didn't start tracking statistics until the second week in October, but in the 1 weeks from October 8 to December 16 we've received nearly 12 visits from over 9 "unique visitors". And it's growing fast. Two weeks ago we broke 2 visitors in a day for the first time, and last week we broke 3 and are now averaging around 25 visitors a day. More than 15 people have registered for access to the forums, everybody from prospects through to Founder's Emeralds (no Diamonds yet as far as I know!) It took Eric Jansen's QuixtarBlog forums, populated primarily by "critics" nearly nine months to hit 15 members. Those 9+ individual visitors have come from 96 different countries around the world, including every single Amway market. I've received emails of thanks for doing this site from the Netherlands, India, US, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Indonesia, Norway, Czech Republic and more. As one IBO wrote "I've been waiting for a site like this for years". Already we have volunteers translating into other languages.

So Alticor, don't forget the rest of your world. We are proud of Quixtar and we love what you are doing with the blogs and the DVDs and the television ads. But most of our prospects use google too. And they google Amway, not Quixtar. I have heard through the grapevine that Alticor is looking at centralizing more of it's global internet operations in the United States. Hopefully this will allow for some synergistic coordination of web marketing. We shall see!

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NUTRILITE FACT: Nutrilite film wins award for “making positive contributions towards society”

Nutrilite’s film Perfect Balance this year won multiple awards from The International Visual Communication Association (IVCA). IVCA Awards are recognised internationally as marks of excellence for effective business communication in corporate video, live events, interactive media projects, business television and websites. In March 26, Nutrilite’s Perfect Balance won a Bronze Award in the Events and Public Display category.

On September 29, at the IVCA Clarion Awards ceremony, held at the The British Film of Academy and Television Arts (the organization that awards the British version of the Oscars), Nutrilite – Perfect Balance won the International Trade Award. From the IVCA website

The IVCA‘s Clarion Awards identify the very best communications, celebrate their achievements and promote their reach and impact. They look for examples of communication content – whatever its delivery platform – which make positive contributions towards society. Thirty outstanding examples of such work were featured at the recent ceremony presented at BAFTA before a capacity audience. Leading figures from both the mainstream and corporate media industries attended the event which was endorsed by both Ian Pearson The Minister of State and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. IVCA Champion Awards were presented to Gary Withers the Chairman of Imagination, Julia Cleverdon the Chief Executive of Business in the Community and Vernon Ellis, The International Chair of Accenture.

These awards continue a golden run for Alticor and Quixtar and Amway IBOs in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. In September, Amway China won a Corporate Social Responsibility Innovation Award from the Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce and IBO Organization Network TwentyOne received a World Vision Achievement Award. In 25, Alticor was awarded a 25 Corporate Citizenship Award by the US Chamber of Commerce and Amway Europe was honoured by UNICEF Goodwell Ambassador and actor Roger Moore for their contribution to UNICEF’s child immunization programs as part of Alticor’s One by One campaign.

Nutrilite – Perfect Balance is screened at the recently opened Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health and is also available on DVD through some Amway affiliates. The film is 17 minutes long, here are four minutes of highlights for your enjoyment.

Nutrilite products, marketed as Nutriway in some markets, are exclusively available from Amway and Quixtar Independent Business Owners.

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