Why Nutrilite?

In recent months Quixtar has truly begun to engage the internet and take advantage of some of the techonologies available for promoting Amway/Quixtar brands and the Amway/Quixtar business opportunity. Quixtar has launched sites like The Facts About Quixtar and has multiple Quixtar staff engaging the internet community on the Quixtar Opportunity Zone. QuixtarPR has also been quietly posting videos up on YouTube.

Now, Quixtar's sister company, Amway is getting in the game. Since January, AmwayBrandComms has been officially posting Amway Corporation videos on YouTube. A recent one addresses an issue close to my heart – the Nutrilite (Nutriway) supplement brand. One of my early posts on this blog was titled The Nutrilite Difference, talking about some of the factors I believe make Nutrilite (Nutriway) simply the best nutritional supplement available. Amway has recently posted a superb short film Why Nutrilite? featuring Dr Sam Rehnborg addressing the same issue. Here it is for your enjoyment –

They've posted some other videos which I'll highlight over the next few weeks. 


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IBOs: You’re in business – act like it

One of the strengths and weaknesses of the Amway and Quixtar businesses is that Independent Business Owners (IBOs) really do have a great deal of independence. It's a strength because, within some guidelines, we have a great deal of latitude about how we approach and build our businesses.

A weakness is that what IBOs do and say ultimately reflects on all Amway and Quixtar IBOs and the Amway Corporation and Quixtar, Inc. IBOs are ultimately responsible for the brand image. We should at all times act as if everything we say and everything we do is being recorded. 

Some Amway/Quixtar IBOs are learning that today, since what they said was recorded. In a case going back more than a decade, Proctor & Gamble (P&G), a company which produces many competitor products to Amway, finally prevailed in a defamation case against four (then) Amway distributors in the Yager Organization – Diamond Randy Haugen, Steven E. Brady, Stephen L. Bybee and Ted Randal Walker. For years, there have been rumours spread around the United States that P&G's president had told a television talk show that his company was affiliated with the Church of Satan. The rumours were patently ridiculous (at least to me), however these distributors thought to share the rumour through their voicemail systems. 

Not surprisingly, P&G sued Amway and the distributors. The case against Amway was eventually, and correctly in my view, dismissed. Amway does not control what IBOs say. Today however, the case against the distributors culminated in them being found guilty of spreading false rumours, and damages of US$19,25, were awarded to P&G.

The fact these rumours were spread through recorded voice messages does not make what these IBOs did wrong, it just made it easier to prove they did it. We IBOs, myself included, need to always act as if everything we are doing is recorded. Don't gossip. Don't spread rumours. Don't exaggerate. Don't say things that aren't true. Don't claim things you don't know are true. Everything we do reflects on every other IBO and on the corporations and their employees.

UPDATE: Just found a Randy Haugen Website that has a response to the lawsuit. I should clarify my comments above a little – I think what Randy Haugen and his downline did was wrong, and I'm sure in hindsight, even without this case, they agree. We all make mistakes, and when we do we should admit to them. That doesn't mean we shouldn't endeavour not to make the mistakes in the first place!

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Group Gossip

Ty Tribble over on MLM blog reported last week that he'd noticed a number of  google searches regarding Quixtar Double Diamond John Crowe breaking from Founders' Crown Ambassador Bill Britt's Britt WorldWide (BWW) . Now, Ty is a former IBO now involved with running a competitor to Quixtar, so his posts regarding Quixtar need to be taken with a small grain of salt – however, I'd noticed the same thing here on Get the Facts – The Truth About Amway and Quixtar. A spike in searches about John Crowe and Britt, some even with terms like "break". People start searching for things for a reason, and it seems in this case there is indeed a reason.

I recently received some anonymous tips confirming that the Crowe team has indeed broken away from Britt WorldWide and no longer appears on the BWW website. Crowe downline, son-in-law and daughter and Founders Diamonds David & Kristin Dussault have apparently already plugged much of their organization into Larry Winters' Leadership Team Development system (LTD), as have some elements of the Gala and WWG organizations. LTD broke away from BWW last year.

Frontline Crowe Executive Diamond's Jack and Magee Spencer have moved along with the Crowes, though some other Crowe Diamonds apaprently remain with BWW. As you can imagine this is causing some turmoil. Both the new Crowe Organization and LTD are apparently pursuing Quixtar Accreditation. Other BWW IBOs have told me their upline enquiries as to whether BWW will pursue accreditation have gone unanswered.

Do you have any more information? Let me know!

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I’m talkin’ Amway ….

Thank's to the Alticor Media Blog for the heads up on this! I'm talkin' Quixtar doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it? Cool

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factsaboutquixtar.com launched!!!

Last year Quixtar launched a special DVD – Facts About Quixtar which was apparently well received by IBOs. As an Amway IBO internationally I've not seen the DVD but have been very keen to.

Well, now I, and anyone else who is interested, can – factsaboutquixtar.com has been launched today. I haven't been through it yet, I'll give some further commentary in the next couple of days. In the meantime – Get The Facts, straight from the proverbial horse's mouth 🙂

In conjunction with the new Opportunity Zone where anyone can discuss issues and interact with senior Quixtar executives – well, it's obvious the corp. is serious about helping IBOs deal with internet myths and half-truths.

I do however note one thing about the site. Read this post and you'll see what I mean. Well done Quixtar!

Now we just need some sites dedicated site to us Amway folk 🙂 

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Product Comparison: Tolsom vs Gillette

Tolsom Shave Gel from Amway and QuixtarOver on another blog, “xbeliever”, an Australian IBO who has apparently been a platinum for many years, but is currently thinking of quitting due to issues with his upline, said the following –

A couple of years ago amway brought out the tolsom mens skin care range. One of the products is a shaving gel. I thought it was terrific. Much better than the previous shave foam we carried. Last week I finished a can of it and thought that before I order another one maybe I should have a look at other shave gels on the market as I had not used a gel before the tolsom one was released so I was ignorant of what else was available.

I purchased a 195g can of gillette shave gel for $6.95 (on special admittedly, I believe the normal price was about $8.). I was amazed to realized that it was almost exactly the same as the tolsom product.

However, I was more amazed at the price comparison:

Amway tolsom shave gel 2g = $31.75 retail and $28.86 ibo price (BV = $21.4 – even at the 21% bonus level this product had been costing me $24.37).

Oh but wait! Now I see why it is so much more expensive – “It’s a bigger can”!

Hymm for Men, from AmwayThat’s interesting, I thought. I actually only recently tried Amway and Quixtar’s Tolsom Shave Gel, and to be honest I prefer the Hymm Shave Foam from Amway, however, after reading the above post I thought I’d do some research. Xbeliever said –

I was amazed to realized (sic) that it was almost exactly the same as the tolsom product.

Almost the same? Well … those of you who have been following my posts know that I love to fact check. So let’s have a look at the ingredients. Those that are the same in both products are marked with a *.

Gillette Shave Gel

*Palmitic Acid
Glyceryl Oleate
Stearic Acid
*Propylene Glycol
*Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
butylated hydroxytoluene
*Blue 1
(16 ingredients)

Tolsom Shave Gel

*Water (Aqua)
*Palmitic Acid
Propylene Glycol Isostearate
Myristamine Oxide
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
Lauryl Alcohol
Tocopheryl Acetate
Lanolin Oil
*Aloe Barbadensis Gel
Lemon (Citrus Medica Limonum) Extract
Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus) Extract
Yeast Extract (Glycoproteins)
Hops Extract
Chamomile (Anthemis Noblis) Extract
Sodium Hyaluronate
Wheat Germ Lipids (Cephalins)
Sodium Citrate
Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate
Butylene Glycol
*Propylene Glycol
*Blue #1
Yellow #5
(36 ingredients)

BHT interested me in the Gillette ingredients list. I’m always curious when they give abbreviations. What is it? Well it’s short for Butylated Hydroxytoluene – an antioxidant. Sounds okay. Antioxidants should be good for the skin. Except for one thing. According to Wikipedia

Concerns have been raised about the use of BHT in food products. The compound has been banned for use in food in Japan (1958), Romania, Sweden, and Australia. The US has barred it from being used in infant foods. However, some food industries have voluntarily eliminated it from their products, including McDonald’s as of 1986.

Ouch. That doesn’t sound good. You can’t eat it because it’s poisonous, but you can rub it in to your skin? Hmmm … I think I might just give it a miss …

The Tolsom Shave Gel also has an antioxidant – Tocopheryl Acetate, it’s a “proform” of Vitamin E. Your skin converts it to an active form of Vitamin E, one your body can use. Studies have shown that application of Tocopheryl Acetate help protect against the harmful effects of sunlight (source). I was unable to find any products in Tolsom that might give concern for health or the environment.

So, Tolsom Shave Gel has 36 ingredients and Gillette Shave Gel has 16 ingredients – “almost exactly the same”? I don’t think so. Tolsom is a skin care product not just a shaving gel. It contains numerous other compounds, including the T-1 Complex of eight moisturizing and two oil-controlling ingredients. If all you’re interested in is shaving, then fine, go for the cheaper product. But if you actually want the largest organ of your body to be healthier as well, then maybe you’ll want to consider Tolsom.

But don’t let anybody tell you they’re “almost exactly the same”.

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Nutrilite/Nutriway – used and endorsed by 2004 Olympic champion, Liu Xiang

Athens’ 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist and former world record holder in the 110m hurdles, Liu Xiang, has joined multiple world record holder in the 100m, Asafa Powell, as a global spokesperson for Nutrilite and Nutriway products.

Nutrilite (sold as Nutriway in some countries), a leader in research and development on health and nutrition, is working closely with the China Track and Field Association to provide nutritional support and consulting services tailored to fit Xiang’s specific athletic needs.

Prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which he unfortunately withdraw from due to injury, Liu Xiang revealed in interviews that he had been using Nutrilite products since he was a child.

Along with the endorsements of top athletes such as Liu Xiang and Asafa Powell, Nutrilite , the world’s best selling brand of nutritional supplement , continues to top independent surveys for Consumer Satisfaction.

Nutrilite and Nutriway products are available exclusively from Quixtar and Amway Independent Business Owners