New Nutrilite Advertisement featuring Asafa Powell

Great new Nutrilite/Nutriway video featuring Asafa Powell

A sensational comment was recently added by user pedrosolfier to one of the Asafa Powell/Double X videos I have up on youtube. It deserves repeating here –

I've got to tell you all my story. I am seventeen and I am a sprinter for Chapin High School, SC. Last season, my results where just awful – I had an 11.5 in the 1meter dahs and 23.8 in the 2meter dash, then I saw this video and decided to buy this stuff. That was amazing. In my work outs, my coach has timed myself and I got a 1.6 in the 1m and track season hasn't even started yet. I mean, I even fell better daily and I really can train for longer and give my full potential, etc.

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Network 21 vs the competition: a price comparison

subscribe to mailing lists from all sorts of network marketing and personal development companies. I like to know what’s going on, and I regularly purchase materials from these other companies, in addition to materials from Network TwentyOne, the BSM organization I use with my Amway business.

professor_charles_kingToday I received an invitation to a fantastic looking seminar in Oslo, Norway. Hosted by a company called Quality Seminars, it’s called a Network Marketing Leadership event, and there are two featured speakers – Tim Sales and Professor Charles King. Tim Sales, of, is a professional network marketer and trainer. Professor Charles King of the University of Illinois, is a marketing expert and more than a decade ago launched the first academic certification program about the industry.

Two fantastic speakers over two days in November. It’s been a while since I’ve visited Oslo, and quite frankly this sounds like an excellent seminar. The cost? The cheapest standard tickets (there is a discount if purchased early) are 3812 Norwegian Crowns (around US$603) for the two day seminar. Throw in airfares and accomodation, it’s still actually a pretty reasonable price for a professional business seminar. A tax deductable expense of course, too. Continue reading Network 21 vs the competition: a price comparison

Quixtar Video: First Circle

Quixtar PR have uploaded a bunch of new videos to YouTube. I'll highlight them over the next week or so. Here's the first one, entitled "First Circle", obviously about the idea that IBOs, and IBO leaders, need to focus on getting each new IBO, their "first circle", profitable. Kind of obvious really!

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BIG NEWS coming down the pipe

Some of you may have missed the letter from Ben Woodward to Amway UK leaders of May 15 (thanks to for the copy) Here it is again –

Please note this communication has been sent in the following order to all Diamonds, Emeralds and Platinums.

Dear Leader

During this week we are changing our AMIVO website, as part of the plan to offer our Independent Business Owners and Members even more reason to buy our great Amway products online.

We will be taking the opportunity to accelerate our programme to move towards ‘Amway’ branding for our e-commerce websites, in line with existing European strategy. ‘Amway’ branding of websites has already been successfully achieved in 11 European countries, and will ultimately roll-out to all European markets.

In the meantime, when visiting you will be displayed a holding page, informing you about these changes to the Amivo website. On this page, you will be able to click on the link to be redirected to the Amway UK website ( where you will be able to log-in to Amivo and find all of the support you have been enjoying as normal.

In coming weeks, we look forward to sharing our new plans for our websites, and what will be offered to all who want access to our fantastic product range and business opportunity.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Woodward 

Several years ago, Amway launched the Amivo and Vebso web brands to promote the ecommerce side of the Amway opportunity in Europe, somewhat parallel to Quixtar in the US. For some time now Amway has been rolling back those brands and reverting the various Amivo and Vebso brands back to the Amway brand.

Reliable sources are telling me the decision has been made to do the same thing in a certain other rather important market. The decision has been announced to major leaders. I'll leave you to speculate  ….

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Amway UK & Ireland update

The Amway Media Blog has a new post up giving more information on the situation in the United Kingdom. What we now know is that the parties involved in the DTI investigation are Network TwentyOne, Britt World Wide, and Amway. Amway saysthat it's their understanding that –

The heart of the DTI’s position, as we understand it, is that the business opportunity is promoted by incorporated and unincorporated organizations in a manner that does not reflect the financial rewards people are likely to earn when they participate in the Amway business.

The DTI also objects to the manner and frequency in which meetings and BSMs are promoted by the sales organizations in conjunction with the Amway business opportunity.

My first thought is that to the best of my knowledge, objecting to how often somebody markets something doesn't have much of a legal basis :-). Interestingly, at the court hearing on Monday, the court –

ordered DTI to set out its case in more detail so that Amway, Network 21 and Britt know precisely what is being alleged. Each company will have the opportunity to respond to the claims and to submit evidence.

So apparently the court didn't think the DTI had done this clearly to date. My guess is the DTI probably repeated many of the critics talking points about "average income" and "negative sum game" and such. These are very simplified and naive criticisms of the business and given access to decent statistics, which hopefully Amway and the systems have, such concerns may be alleviated.

From the perspective of the individual IBO, the following points are probably what matters most. Amway has undertaken to –

  • Prohibiting business support materials that are not authorized and distributed by Amway.
  • Prohibiting meetings where an entry fee is charged, unless Amway has approved the meeting and its content.
  • Imposing a moratorium on the registration of new IBOs for 12 days, then introducing a revised registration policy.
  • Providing the DTI 21 days’ notice before restarting the registration of IBOs.
  • Amway will not implement any policy that requires payment of a registration fee prior to the hearing of the petition.
  • Amway has also volunteered to inform the DTI of any violations of the corrective measures, and the action that Amway will take in response to the violations.

Quite obviously this dramatically changes the "independence" of IBOs, especially given the extremely broad definition of Business Support Materials.

The definition of Business Support Materials 'BSMs') is intended to be interpreted broadly and includes, by way of example:
printed materials, audio-video and multimedia productions, internet-based products and services, extra Amway recognition and award systems, meetings and other events, and other materials or equipment used to support information or sale of Amway products or services, as ell as coupons, vouchers, tickets or standing order/subscription programs relating to any of the foregoing.

Over on, Demetrius has an update on a letter from Amway UK –

From: []
Sent: 22 May 27 11:52
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Cancellation of Open Meetings/Seminars and Events

Please note this communication has been sent in the following order to all Diamonds, Emeralds and Platinums.

Dear Leaders

Re: Cancellation of Open Meetings/Seminars and Events

Further to Amway’s recent communications issued on the 4th May 27, we kindly request that you provide us with the following information:
· A list of all Open Meetings, Seminars and any other form of meeting that have been scheduled and/or cancelled.
· Time, location and date of past, present and future Open Meetings, Seminars and any other form of meeting that has been scheduled.
· Confirmation in writing that all scheduled future meetings have been cancelled and all money has been refunded.

Further to the above we are aware that some IBOs wish to hold product training events in replace of Open Meetings. Please be advised that such an event must be authorized prior to being carried out. In compliance with Amway’s current ban on Prospecting and Promotion, Sale and Distribution of BSM we confirm that under no circumstances can non-IBOs attend this event, nor can you show or make any reference to the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan or Promote, Sell or Distribute BSM. Also no entry fee or other form of attendance charge can be made.

Should you wish to carry out a Product Training Event please email with all relevant information in connection with the proposed event. The above information will allow us to speed up the authorization process in the future.

We expect your response to this request no later than Monday 28th May 27.

Yours Sincerely

Julie Dodd
Business Conduct Co-ordinator
European Business Conduct 

Aside from the sponsoring moratorium being extended to 4 months, this means an IBO can't even recommend a good business book to their group, or hold a meeting somewhere and just share the costs with their downline. All would be "illegal" according to the new Amway rules. This isn't just a UK issue, similar strict policies are being implemented elsewhere.

This is not the Amway I signed up for. 

Now, there are things that I think need to be changed, and I've been working on some suggestions which I think would be relatively simple to implement but would make a dramatic difference to how our business is perceived, in particular in regards to IBO profitability, apparently the major concern of the DTI. After nearly a decade of discussing, analyzing, researching, and debating the business on the 'net, I think I have a pretty good understanding of what's right and wrong with what we do. That, and the promised comments from "System Balance" coming soon. There's so much going on it's hard to know what to focus on! 

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Amway/Quixtar/Systems – things are getting interesting

As I mentioned last week, I've been receiving some interesting correspondence from someone going by the name of "system balance", more on that later today. In other developments though, a poster by the name of n21guy has started contributing to the forums both here on The Truth About Amway and Quixtar and also on the Amway Media Blog. The poster has a confirmed email address with Network TwentyOne the corporation, ie he is not an IBO, but a representative of the system company.

This is a very important development. It's taken years for Amway/Quixtar to start opening up on the 'net and talking to the rank-and-file IBO, it appears that one system company is dipping it's toes in the water as well. I strongly encourage IBOs to engage in the conversation.

N21guy's first post here was a request for me not to post the first letter from Jim Dornan, a letter which caused a bit of a dispute with Amway. I honoured that request as I believe that the "owners" of private correspondence such as that have that right. N21guy's second post was a response to another uses comments on How can critics, with a straight face, claim loss? The post gave some interesting insight into Network 21's refund policy.

Now n21guy has surfaced on the Amway Media Blog, where IBOs both for and against "the systems" have been engaging in spirited debate. He responded to a comment from "Tex" about whether dropping prices would increase participation and success rates. N21guy claimed that price controls in India did not have that affect and gave some statistics on N21's success around the world.

Amway seemed a little surprised by n21guys posting. Posts there are moderated, but in my experience they normally get "approved" pretty quick. From my monitoring of the comments, it looks if it took at least 8 hours before n21guy's comments were approved and appeared. The blog admins admitted they first checked out whether the poster was "real" or not and included some responses from Amway legal. One part of their response I thought was very provocative. In response to n21guys claims that Network TwentyOne's offerings in India had suffered because of price controls, they stated –

The pricing in the BSM policies reflect market based pricing. If the products/meetings are now sub-standard in is because N21 insists on maintaining its high margins and reducing product/training quality.

Interesting indeed. I wonder what Network 21's margins are? Are they high? For that matter, what are Amway's margins? As both are private companies they're under no obligation to reveal this information, and they don't. Now, according to a tools rebate schedule for the Yager IDA organization in Australia, a $7 tape wholesales to IBOs for $4 (ie after maximum rebate). So the Yager system company pays for production and duplication, and one assumes, makes a profit, from this $4. A 2% profit margin would leave $2.6 per tape to cover all of this. Is that enough? I don't know. Is it similar to N21? I don't know that either. This article says the profit margins for the recording industry is around 12-15%. This report gives the profit margins of the education industry at typically around 15-2%. This article gives margins for the events industry of around 23%-28%. So it would appear that a profit margin of around 2% would be a reasonable one for a company like Network 21, which is essentially in the education/recording/events industries.

What about Amway? Well, Amway Malaysia reports an overall before tax profit of around 16% of revenues. i would assume however that Amway Corporation back in Michigan is also recieving a profit on sales to Amway Malaysia, so 16% is just the minimum we can safely state as Amway's margins

I've asked about Amway's and N21's profit margins on the Amway Media Blog, but to be perfectly honest I don't expect either will answer.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to get on the forums and the corporate blogs and ask questions. We are in a new era – this level of corporate communication is virtually unheard of in any industry. Let's take advantage of it and build a better business opportunity for all of us.

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Quixtar True IBO stories – first story is up

Some time back on the Quixtar Corporate Blogs, a new blog was announced – True IBO Stories. I've been telling Amway and Quixtar for some time they had to get more of the good stories and experiences about Amway and Quixtar out on the Internet. At the moment there's pretty much corporate websites, critics of our opportunity, and apart from this website, not much else. IBOs can read positive stories on the password protected IBO websites and in Achieve, Amagram and similar, but prospects searching the 'net will come up short. True IBO Stories is a response to that problem, as is the Testimonials section on my own site.

Well, amongst all the intrigue of the situation in Amway UK & Ireland, True IBO Stories quietly posted their first story this week. And frankly I'm disappointed. Why? Well, the story is from Steve & Liz Spiro, and they tell a nice anecdote of how they got introduced to the opportunity whilst on a business trip to Ireland. After the trip, Steve explains –

When I got back, I didn't check with my broke friends or some loser on the web.

While I agree with the wisdom of not getting business advice from those without success in the field, years ago Rich De Vos had quite a bit to say about IBOs (then distributors) calling other people losers, and he was not impressed. Yet here we have our very first "true IBO story" spreading the very meme Rich De Vos spoke against. While there are undoubtedly some complainers and whiners on the 'net that don't deserve much respect, most of the folk who have complained have done so after some real experience that soured them against our business. I'll let Rich DeVos' words speak for themselves –

From "Directly Speaking I" – 

I hear that very often. “There’s winners and losers. Are you a winner? Are you a loser?” Almost insulting people who don’t sign up. You even got bad terminology. “We’re the winners. Over here are the losers in life.” They’re not losers. They may have a richer, fuller life than those of you that got fancy cars and new clothes or big rings have got. You know, they — Life is not geared by materialism. You do not decide who’s a winner or a loser. There’s too — Life is too complicated for that. We must make sure we always speak of everybody being a winner, even though they may have different goals. My plea here is that when you have a program, you make sure you have people on there who are making $1. and thrilled with it, as well as those who make more. Present it as a plan so that everybody can realize their goal, whatever it is

From "Directly Speaking II" –

You know, when you became a Direct, we offered you a chance to be free and independent; and then I read your mail, and I find out you’ve lost your freedom. And all we want to do is give it back to you, to be as big or as small in Amway as you want to, to make as much or as little as you like in the Amway Plan by working it, and to go to whichever meetings you want to, and to feel comfortable to stay home if you don’t want to, without being branded a loser. Winners go to the meetings; losers stay home. Would you help me get rid of such terminology?

There are no losers in Amway. There are people who choose not to do it; but who are you to tell some teacher that chooses to spend the rest of his life as a dedicated teacher that he’s a loser? Who are you to tell a truck driver that chooses to spend more of his time doing things other than Amway, and maybe just drivin’ his truck, that he’s a loser? Whoever gave you a license to brand people? This business was designed to make everybody a winner, to do as much or as little as they wanted to; and if they chose to do nothing, to make them feel better for having had the experience. We only have winners in this business; and then we have some other winners who choose not to do the business. They just might be bigger winners in life than some of you that have branded them losers. I stand in awe of all people, and I hope you do, too.

Steve and Liz, while I wish you all success in the pursuit of your dreams, please remember in that pursuit that you contribute to the image and reputation of all IBOs. Branding those who disagree with us or who don't chose our path as "losers" does not, in my opinion, contribute positively to that image.

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