New blog on the OpportunityZone – Sales Speak

A new blog has been launched on the Quixtar Opportunity Zone. It's called "Sales Speak ". There's not much info up on the role of blog yet, but it's pretty obvious it will be about … selling! The blogger, Susan Julien-Willson , mentions in her first post that she's been in advertising for 3 years and the "About" says she is currently Copy Director of Communications for Quixtar Inc. Welcome to the internet, Susan.

I'll be feeding updates into the "Lastest from Corporate Blogs" listing down the left side of this website.

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Tolsom: Guys – Here’s how it’s done!

Amway and Quixtar latched on to a great trend in the marketplace a while back – men’s skincare. But let’s face it, most of us fellas really don’t have a clue how to do it do we? Here’s a great video from Amway Australia to help us out. Continue reading Tolsom: Guys – Here’s how it’s done!

Amway UK & Ireland – Update from the Corp

Here's the latest communique from Amway to leaders in the UK & Ireland. Some interesting points, I've highlighted a few. In particular note the way the corp is handling bonus payouts for Platinums, with an income guarantee, as well as reinviting all of last years qualifiers on LTS – well done Amway. We still have to wait to see exactly what the "new business model" is.

Dear Platinums and above in the UK and the Republic of Ireland,

I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the many constructive and positive developments that have taken place over the last 3 weeks since our meeting at Whittlebury Hall. Before I do though, I would like to thank all of you who attended that meeting, for your support. Similarly we thank those of you who have supported our roadshow events throughout the region over the past 2 weeks. It is our hope that through our efforts to be absolutely transparent with you and your groups, that we can build a foundation of trust going forward. Granted some of this information-sharing has not been encouraging, but rather this than no communication at all. Your collective feedback has been understandably passionate and underscores the deep commitment that many of you have to this business.

We recognise the need for Amway to be as supportive as it can to you, our leaders, over this challenging period. For this reason, I am pleased to announce the following additional "relief measures" for you until the end of this fiscal period:

  • Platinum Income Guarantee: we will take the average monthly earning of each Platinum over the months of January, February and March 27, and apply this as a minimum guarantee over the months of June, July and August 27.
  • LTS: In addition to inviting all last years qualifiers to this year's event, we will remove entirely the New Sponsored Volume requirement for new qualifiers in this fiscal year.

The UK Affiliate Management will provide confirmation and detail of these measures and their implications, by separate mail to each of you.

I am also pleased to inform you that we have established a clear working model for a new mode of operations for the UK and Republic of Ireland business going forward. This model has been developed over the past 6 weeks in conjunction with some senior international leaders, a UK Interim Advisory Council, and senior Amway executives from Europe and the USA. We returned yesterday from a meeting of the Office of the Chief Executive, in Ada, and received full endorsement for our proposal. We firmly believe that this new mode of operations will address the concerns of the DTI on the one hand. On the other, it will build on the best part of what Amway has to offer namely, the talented people in our network organisation. By the same token we will retain identity as a multi-level marketing business and as a business opportunity business.

During the month of August we will seek to engage with each and every one of you to go through the new model in detail, before launching anything into the market. This will be followed, as promised, by another group Platinum meeting at Whittlebury Hall probaly in late August or early September. This time we will take an additional day to allow for discussion with yourselves on how the business could be presented, promotional opportunities, SIP Programs, training requirements and so on.

During mid to late September, we plan to relaunch our new mode of operation in the UK and Republic of Ireland. This date may change, but we are currently working to a September deadline and will confirm this with you in the next weeks. The idea is for this relaunch to take the form of an major Exposition over a number of days in a central location. Thus we will be able to provide people the flexibility to attend at their leisure and for us to be able to accommodate many people. Over a period of a few days, we will seek to provide mainly an opportunity for existing IBOs to be re-certified into the new mode of business. In addition we also be training in different aspects of the business, offering special promotions, gifts for people, hosting expert speakers from around the world of Amway and so on. Naturally, we will look for a way to subsidize those people who have to travel a distance to attend.

I must conclude by reiterating the support from all of us at Amway, both in Europe and in Ada, to you and your groups in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Resolving this crisis and coming out on the other end with a stronger, sounder business for all stakeholders, including the consumer, is a priority for the corporation. Right now, we believe there is cause for optimism and excitement for the future and we look forward to sharing more details with you in the coming weeks. Your support for the achievement of a successful outcome is crucial.

Sincere thanks to you all.

Peter Strydom

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Amway Video – LOC Wipes

Following on from The Salesman and SA8- Go on, Get Dirty, here's another video from the new Amway  Europe public video site, this one about the LOC wipes product –

I love the SA8 video, but personally I think this LOC video suffers from the same problem as The Salesman video – it's takes way too long to get the point. It's good to see some effort going in to this type of marketing, though the date on the video suggests it's 2 years old now. I think though the internet in particular has a role to play here – I've been loading up various Amway and Quixtar videos on to my youtube channel for just under a year now, and so far the videos have been viewed a total of more than 17, times – that's nearly15, a month!

Do any UK IBOs know if this video appeared on Television, or was it for IBO consumption only? 

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Blogstar blows a gasket!

Some of you will be aware of a blog by a Quixtar IBO going by the name Javert – A Quixtar Blog about the Quixtar Experience: Blogstar.

Javert has an interesting story to tell. A little more than a year ago, in June 26, one well know Amway Quixtar critic, Rocket of RocketsRants said this in the comments on Blogstar

This "business" sucks, and you won't succeeed at it. And you need to understand your "leaders" don't care that you won't succeed, as long as you keep buying their motivation.

 Javert's response? Well, a few more posts and then he went quiet, until April 27 when he posted Back, Not with a vengeance. Which included this little tidbit –

Since my last post a year ago, we've had numerous family emergencies and situations. I won't mention them here for two reasons: 1) They may bore you, and 2) They're none of your business…

But… despite these, we've managed to qualify as Quixtar Platinums, break a Quixtar platinum, and maintain Platinum+ volume outside of that! To tally it, our income from our Quixtar business has jumped over $3 monthly since my first post on the Blogstar! Am I excited? Hell yeah!

Great response huh? Cool

So … Javert is someone who has talked the talk and walked the walk. He's a Quixtar IBO through and through. Well, a warning for the faint of heart, Javert lets fly in his latest post about the name change from Quixtar to Amway, and he's not happy! In Transform This! Javert doesn't hold back. Here's just one quote –

My real question is, who is the Chachi who came up with this shit-for-brains idea and what rock has he been hiding under for the past 2 years?

Next time, let us know how you really feel, Javert! It's a great post and whether you  agree with him or not, I  encourage you to read it. One area with which I definitely agree with him is his concerns about who the corp. is listening to. Is it the right people?

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Amway Europe launches new public video website

Hot on the heals of the new Salesman video, Amway Europe has launched a public new video website. It's got a number of new videos I haven't seen before, including this great one below from the UK promoting SA8 – Go Ahead, Get Dirty!

I've so far found the site launched for two markets – for Amway UK & Ireland with the site in English

and   for Amway Sweden (Amway Sverige) in Swedish and English

Things still seem a little confused though, under "Amway Corporate" on the UK website I found a video with the title "Amways extrema åtgärder" – which is Swedish! 

I'm sure there's plans to launch the site in other markets soon.

Well done Amway Europe!


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Amway UK Video – The Salesman

Here's a new video produced by Amway UK –

I have to say this one doesn't really grab me. It's a kind of play on the "this is not your father's Amway" type of thing discussed a couple of weeks ago on Inside Quixtar, but I feel the "old-time" part is too long (I lost interest) and the "new" part is too fast and too short to make a real impact.

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