Crown Ambassadors Janz and Schmidt move to Network TwentyOne

I’ve now received confirmed news from multiple sources that Canadian Crown Ambassadors Jim & Sharon Janz and their downline, Crown Ambassadors Bob & Joyce Schmidt, as well as at least one other Diamond have moved their organisations from Jim & Margee Floor’s International Network Associates (INA) to Jim & Nancy Dornan’s Network TwentyOne. The move from INA is apparently amicable and with Jim Floor’s best wishes.

This follows the merger of International Connection into Network TwentyOne back in September and is probably just the start of more mergers between now and Quixtar’s August 28 deadline for BSM companies to become accredited or risk their affiliated IBOs not receiving the discretionary QBI bonuses.

While hugely successful in international Amway markets, Network TwentyOne has been a relatively small player in the North American market. These mergers and the development of “second generation” leaders in North America (such as Jim & Nancy Dornan’s son and daughter-in-law, Emerald’s David & Jules Dornan and Crowns Bob & Terry Andrews’ son and daughter-in-law Cale & Aura Andrews) indicates that Network TwentyOne North America is headed for some exciting times.

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Amway Product Reviews

A while back on one of the Quixtar Opportunity Zone blogs a commentator suggested that Quixtar should allow product reviews and ratings on the Quixtar site, as happens on many other e-commerce websites.

I thought at the time that this was a good idea, but more recently the idea has been given a boost. Checking the search statistics of this website and Amway Wiki I’ve noticed that there’s quite a lot of folk searching for information and reviews about Amway and Quixtar products.

So I figure – let’s give it to them! What do you think? I’ve already checked out what’s necessary to get it up and running and I think I could have it going in a week or two. There’s some software I’m going to need which costs a couple of hundred bucks, so if you feel inclined and can afford to support the project, I’d appreciate a click on the “Support This Site” item to the left. Other than that it’s just going to need the contribution of people to write up products and give their reviews and ratings. It will probably take a year or so to become a really good resource, but assuming my experience with Amway’s products is similar to everyone else’s, it should be a very positive addition to the internet mileau.

And of course, if there’s some crappy products being promoted, the corp will hopefully get to read about it from us folk on the ground!

Let me know what you think!

Amway Myth: If the products are so good, why do so few new IBOs renew?

One of the superficially reasonable questions that some Amway/Quixtar critics have espoused is “If the products are so good, then why is it that so few new IBOs renew their businesses?”

On the face of it this seems a reasonable question. According to statistics revealed in the recent disputes between Quixtar and TEAM, only 30.8% of new IBOs renew their Quixtar businesses at the end of their first year.

You would think that even if they decided that the business wasn’t for them, that they would at least renew and continue to purchase the products at IBO price and enjoy other benefits of being an IBO. Yet a very large percentage don’t.

A reasonable conclusion would be that these new IBOs have decided that the products aren’t worth buying, even at IBO price, so they don’t renew.

The facts tell another story.

Another statistic was revealed in the Quixtar/TEAM dispute – only 50% of IBOs place any order after joining! This figure is quite stunning – only half of people who register with Quixtar ever even test the website and order products!

Now, granted many of those IBOs would have received some products when they registered, but Quixtar (and Amway elsewhere) has literally thousands of products available. What this figure tells us is that IBOs are doing a very poor job of helping new IBOs they sponsor try out the various products and the website.

It also tells us something else. 50% of IBOs place an order. 30.8% of IBOs renew. I think it’s safe to assume that IBOs renewing who never placed an order a few and far between, so the renewing IBOs are those that actually tried out Quixtar and the products.

Indeed, nearly 2 out of 3 IBOs who place orders after registering renew their business.

The message from this is clear – contrary to critics claims, the majority of people who actually try what we have to offer like what they find!

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Amway UK v BERR: What’s next?

I’ve been getting quite a few emails from nervous and curious IBOs/ABOs about the status of the BERR case in the UK, hopeful I might have some inside information. Well, alas, not much. As reported a few days ago, hearings finished last Thursday, so I’m guessing we’re simply awaiting the Judge’s decision.

In order to understand what he may be considering I did some research and discovered the following –

  1. The function of the court on a petition under section 124A is summarised in the judgment of Lord Justice Nicholls in Re Walter L Jacob Ltd [1989] BCLC 345 at page 353 in this way:-
  2. "The court’s task, in the case of so called "public interest" petitions, as in the case of all other petitions invoking the courts winding up jurisdiction under section 122(1)(g), is to carry out the balancing exercise described above, having regard to all the circumstances as disclosed by the totality of the evidence before the court. In respect of all such petitions, whoever may be the petitioner, the court has to weigh the factors which point to the conclusion that it would be just and equitable to wind up the company against those which point to the opposite conclusion. It is to the court that Parliament has entrusted this task in all cases. Thus where the reasons put forward by the petitioner are founded on considerations of public interest, the court, if it is to discharge its obligation to carry out the balancing exercise, must itself evaluate those reasons to the extent necessary for it to form a view on whether they do afford sufficient reason for making a winding up order in the particular case.

    In the case of "public interest" petitions, the court will, of course, carry out that evaluation with the assistance of evidence and submissions from the Secretary of State and from other parties. When doing so the court will take note that the source of the submissions that the company should be wound up is a government department charged by Parliament with wide ranging responsibilities in relation to the affairs of companies. The department has considerable expertise in these matters and can be expected to act with the proper sense of responsibility when seeking a winding up order. But the cogency of the submissions made on behalf of the Secretary of State will fall to be considered and tested in the same way as any other submissions. His submissions are not ipso facto endowed with such weight that those resisting a winding up petition presented by him will find the scales loaded against them. "

It would seem then that this isn’t a simple matter of whether any laws have been broken and a great deal of responsibility rests with the judge to make a fair and equitable decision. I’m told that if the decision does happen to go against Amway that the story is a long way from over, with two further avenues of appeal available.

I’ve been trying to find and read as many similar cases as I can to see what kind of precedent’s apply. It has been a little difficult to get a good idea however, as from what I can tell, it appears that if BERR fails in it’s petition to wind-up a company, then the findings are generally not publicised in order to try to prevent any damage to the companies reputation. Similar reasoning is behind BERR making no public statements while investigating and prosecuting the case.

From the cases I have read I would think that perhaps the largest factor not in Amway UK’s favour is their failure to provide statistics on the numbers of people who "succeed" in Amway and average incomes and such, similar to that provided to all prospects in the US. I myself have tried without luck in the past to get this information from Amway Europe. This lack of disclosure is I think a major negative for Amway and something that should be rectified in all Amway markets as soon as possible.

On a bright note, the court has indicated in a number of cases that they do consider what changes a company may have made in reaction to any investigation. That should hopefully weigh in Amway’s favour.

Hopefully we’ll have a positive answer soon. If not, there’s a long road still to travel!

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Profiles of the American Dream: Amway

A decade ago a documentary was produced entitled Profiles of the American dream: Rich DeVos, Jay Van Andel and the remarkable beginnings of Amway. You can occasionally pick up a copy of it on video on ebay, but these days it’s generally hard to come by. Well, by the wonders of the internet, it showed up recently on Google Video. From the description – Continue reading Profiles of the American Dream: Amway

Amway v BERR Court Case Finished Yesterday 6th Dec

DEMO in the forums is reporting

Fresh from the horses mouth. Just to let you know that the Amway v BERR court case finished yesterday 6th December. The judgement is expected in the next couple of weeks. The comments from the defense Amway "is that the case was very strongly defended, the Amway legal team were really on the ball and the judge was a very fair man. ……so lets hope and pray this mess is sorted, so we can get on with our business.

Thanks for the updates DEMO! Sounds like things went reasonably well. Let’s hope UK IBOs get a nice Christmas Present this year.

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Dr. Peter and Eva Mueller-Meerkatz have a blog!

While googling around doing some research for AmwayWiki I happened upon a blog operated by Amway Germany’s Founders Crown Ambassadors Dr. Peter & Eva Müller-Meerkatz.

The Müller-Meerkatz business is one of the largest in the Amway world, reportedly approaching 300 Diamonds and nearly 7000 platinums. They were the first Crown Ambassadors outside of North America (qualifying in 1979) and achieved the level in just 34 months!

Their business today includes multiple other Crown Ambassadors, including FAA 54 Founders Crown Ambassador Max Schwarz.

The blog is at (Peter and Eva MM) and was started on August 1, 2007. Every post is available in German, English, Russian, Italian, and Spanish, obviously to cater for their many IBOs around the world. Interestingly, the logo for their blog includes both their own organizations name, World Wide Diamonds, but also Top 4.