Artistry signs Sandra Bullock

Back in October I (again) posted the below message, which I had originally posted in September. I’d removed it at Amway Europe’s request as it wasn’t supposed be public knowledge. I reposted it after reading about it in Amagrams, on Amway websites, and hearing about it at seminars with non-IBOs in attendance. I again received correspondence from Amway Europe asking that I remove it as it wasn’t supposed to be public knowledge. Given by this time it had now been "revealed" to hundreds of thousands of people (it was even in a Romanian newspaper), I’m not quite sure what strange definition of "public" Amway has!

Well, now the news is even on public Amway websites, so this time it’s going up and staying up! Even six months later.still great news.

From Amway UK & Ireland

Artistry signs Sandra Bullock We are very proud to announce you that preparations are underway for the May European launch of the most advanced, luxurious, anti-aging moisturizer we’ve ever created, ARTISTRY Creme LuXury.

Because you are an integral part of the company’s success, we would like to take the opportunity to share an unprecedented development surrounding this premier product. In support of the Creme LuXury launch, we are pleased to announce that we have signed a 3-year contract formalizing an endorsement relationship with the talented, awardwinning, A-list actress and producer, Sandra Bullock.

ARTISTRY Creme LuXury will launch in Japan in December this year, and will beintroduced globally, with the exception of North America, over the next two years. The launch in Europe will happen end of May 28 followed by Russia beginning of June 28. Ms. Bullock’s image will appear in a series of advertisements for Creme LuXury. Her endorsement of ARTISTRY Creme LuXury also includes video footage and limited personal appearances in a few selected markets. Her web appearances though will be limited to our intranet websites.

Celebrities have long been used to generate awareness, align brands with recognizable personalities and create excitement. It has become a sign of legitimacy in the industry to have at least one celebrity associated with your brand. While this will be the first time ARTISTRY has leveraged a celebrity, the timing could not be better. More than ever, consumers continue to be drawn to the excitement and glamour that an “A” list celebrity provides. In the beauty category, celebrities are the “sizzle”—which pulls consumers in.

It is our sincere hope that ARTISTRY Creme LuXury and the partnership with Ms. Bullock will elevate excitement and awareness around the globe for the ongoing success and distinction of the company and our premier brands.

(hat tip to cmfitzg in the forums for the news)

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New Team Nutrilite Videos – Jenn Stuczynski

Over on the Team Nutrilite corporate blog, Melissa Charles has announced the posting of two new videos to Youtube. These are the first on the new Team Nutrilite youtube channel and I expect there’s more to come. The first two feature American pole vault record holder, Jenn Stuczynski. Continue reading New Team Nutrilite Videos – Jenn Stuczynski

Hello??? Amway?!?!? Is anybody home?

As time goes on Amway Business Owner’s in the United Kingdom are becoming increasingly frustrated with a lack of communication from Amway Headquarters. The BERR vs Amway case finished hearings on December 6th, 27. Two weeks ago, I posted about how I’d received a number of emails from Amway UK ABOs asking what was going on.

Well, it’s now nearly 8 weeks and ABOs have heard exactly nothing out of Amway regarding the status of the case. Readers of this website have been at least fortunate enough to learn that UK courts recessed over Christmas, so no result could even have been expected until after January 14.

As posted by DEMO in the forums, Amway UK did give an update revealing that over 1, Amway UK ABOs had renewed with the transitional contracts. This is a great vote of confidence by ABOs, but still, no word from Amway UK about the case. Are they even aware how anxious Amway ABOs are about this? Even letting them know about the court recess would undoubtedly have calmed the minds of many people. Yet, nothing.

Speculation does of course abound, including one theory that Amway and BERR have been directed to sit down and sort out a settlement. Another poster on the Amway Media Blog suggests the judge advised he wanted 3 weeks to review the case, with an answer expected around January 2th.

Past experience tells me Amway’s response to this would be along the lines of “speculation is not helpful”. Well, guess what Amway, this case doesn’t just affect you. It directly affects more than 1, Amway UK business owners and indirectly millions more around the world. A complete failure to communicate in any organization is a recipe for declining confidence. In a business which depends so much on attitude, it can be deadly.

We not only have a right to speculate about the future of our business, we should be expected to. Even a “we’ve heard nothing as yet” would be of great assistance to Amway ABO’s. Please, Amway – communicate.

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UPDATE: Friday, 25th – Alticor media blog has a new post with updates on various issues. With regards the UK, they’re apparently just waiting like the rest of us.
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The JoeCool Threat Story Pt.2.

In order to try and keep the “standard” of this site at a reasonable level, I’ve now made The JoeCool Threat Story only available to registered users who have logged in to the site, something which in hindsight I probably should have done initially.

It seems to me there are a number of folk commenting on this saga that are taking “JoeCools” posts at face value, and have not actually read what he himself has written on the other websites. Given the nature of those sites that is understandable.

JoeCool himself has admitted these are his postings, so the veracity of their content is not in dispute. If anyone cares to do so they can read those postings and see for themselves that his “defence” on this issue is clearly a lie. He is obviously hoping, and it seems correctly, that people will not bother to read them for themselves and simply believe what he says about them.

Again, I reiterate –

1. Nobody has posted anything that was not already public.
2. Nobody has made public any unsubstantiated allegations against JoeCool.
3. JoeCool was the one who raised this topic publicly, nobody else.

Frankly I’m quite disgusted at the way various people have continued to defend this “man” and in doing so implied that the so-called “cyber-bullying” is somehow worse than his behaviour and he should be given sympathy.

I’ll leave this post up for 48hrs and then revert it too to a “registered users only” post.

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Be Smart with Amway!

Last year while throwing around ideas for how to improve the Amway business, one of the bloggers on the Opportunity Zone mentioned the possibility of using the "car incentive", as many other direct selling companies too. One example is of course the famous Mary Kay "pink caddilacs".

Well, Amway in Austria has been doing exactly that. As part of the Amway Europe Sales Incentive Program (SIP), qualified Q-12 Platinums have a choice of how to receive their Annual bonus

Alternative 1: 1, EURO
Alternative 2: 8,5 EURO + 1 year lease contract for an Amway Smart coupe
Alternative 3: 7,5 EURO + 1 year lease contract for an Amway Smart Cabrio

It’s great to see Amway continuing with its well known environmental awareness and choosing the Smart cars.

Would a "car incentive" help motivate you? A Smart car? Or perhaps something a little more "flashy"?

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Quixtar to allow Event sales

I heard about this awhile back but have now received official "confirmation". From March, Quixtar is to allow IBOs to do "event sales", for example selling Nutrilite products at Health Expos, Artistry at Bridal Shows, XS at a football match, that type of thing. In the Event Sales Rule Change FAQ, Quixtar says –

1. Why does Quixtar want to allow retail sales at booths and temporary sporting events?

* It is Quixtar’s goal to create an environment that fosters and encourages product selling as a integral part of a healthy business. This includes removing barriers to selling, and providing tools, training, and support related to product selling.

* This aligns with the First Circle goal of helping IBOs at all levels make more money sooner as well as providing easy access to products by consumers.

* This sends a message to all IBOs that selling product to non-IBO customers is encouraged and is the healthiest and most sure way of earning money earlier.

* Allowing product sales at approved venues will provide greater exposure of Quixtar exclusive branded products, making it easier for IBOs to sell these recognized brands.

* Many of our growing competitors offer a similar program.

The program is currently limited to Health & Beauty products, and IBOs must apply for approval. IBOs with approval must display the Quixtar approval at their booth, so that other IBOs may know it is authorized. Interestingly, the FAQ does note that IBOs may sell at whichever price they choose, and that Quixtar itself will not limit the number of partipants at any particular event, instead choosing to leave that concern to the event organizers.
In my opinion this change is well overdue. It provides further exposure of the business and products to the market place, as well of course making it easier to be profitable earlier. I could imagine that teams of IBOs may be able to join together to staff such events, sharing the profit and PV and benefiting all.

Read the FAQ here (pdf)

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The JoeCool Threat Story

JoeCool18 is a prolific anti-amway/anti-quixtar blogger. This Saturday is the 4 year anniversary of his registration on the mostly anti-Quixtar QuixtarBlog, and in that time he has made over 5,000 posts there. In addition he has his own anti-Quixtar blog and contributes posts to two other anti-Quixtar blogs as well as posting commentary on literally hundreds of other sites where the topic of Quixtar arises. A google search for “JoeCool18 Quixtar” returns over 1600 pages. Clearly this man is causing untold damage to the businesses of Quixtar and Amway IBOs.

When I started this site, a poster called Steve registered soon after. Steve’s posts regularly defended positions taken by JoeCool18. After about 6 months I noticed that JoeCool18 on QuixtarBlog and Steve on this blog seemed to post at very similar times. Checking JoeCool18’s public profile on QuixtarBlog I saw his email was none other than Steve12301. I challenged Steve and asked if he was JoeCool, and he admitted he was.

NOTE: The rest of the post includes some quite sordid details about Steve aka JoeCool18. He has now admitted, at least partly to these so they are “in the public domain”. Do not continue reading below if you are easily offended.

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