On the Cover of the Amagram

From Amway Sweden Amagram, March 28. One to remember –

A number of folk have been working hard uploading Amagrams to Amway Wiki. If you have any PDF files of Achieve/Amagram/Arriba/Because etc, please register on Amway Wiki and upload them, or alternatively email them to me – ibofightback@mlmfacts.net

Similarly, if you can help out with editing articles on Amway Wiki, please do! We’re particularly light on information from Amway Latin America at the moment.

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Ronaldinho Press Conference for Nutrilite and Amway

Here’s footage from yesterday’s press conference where Ronaldinho was announced as the new Team Nutrilite spokesperson. It includes the handing over of a €7, cheque to UNICEF on behalf of Amway One by One. The video is about 2 minutes long, the second half is journalists questions, mostly about Ronaldinho’s football. He’s been injured for much of the past year and obviously not performing at his best. Looking forward to 28 being a great year for Ronaldinho and Nutrilite!


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Now it’s Official: Ronaldinho joins Team Nutrilite



World’s Leading Brand of Vitamin, Mineral and Dietary Supplements Taps International Icon for Global Marketing Campaign and Cause-Related Initiative

Ada, MI (February 28, 28) – Amway Corporation announced today that it has signed two-time FIFA Player of the Year and soccer phenomenon Ronaldinho to a multi-year, global endorsement agreement to represent Nutrilite, the world’s leading brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements.*

The endorsement, the largest platform in the 74-year history of the Nutrilite brand, aligns Ronaldinho with other world-class athletes who endorse the Nutrilite brand, including 1-meter world record holder Asafa Powell, 11-meter hurdles world record holder Liu Xiang, and 4-meter American record holder Sanya Richards.
As part of the partnership, Ronaldinho will be featured in a multi-national marketing campaign that spans 58 countries on six continents, which was unveiled at a press conference in Barcelona. In addition, the company named him as a Nutrilite Global Spokesperson for the Amway One by One campaign for children.

Quixtar North America, Amway’s sister company, will leverage the relationship with Ronaldinho to excite and inspire Quixtar Independent Business Owners, who are the exclusive providers of Nutrilite products in the U.S. and Canada.
“Not only is he a great fit for the Nutrilite brand, he aligns perfectly with our company values,” said Candace Matthews, Chief Marketing Officer. “Like the people in our company, he’s committed to achieving optimal health and encourages others to do the same. He is the consummate team player making others around him better and has fun in the process.”

Ronaldinho will endorse the Nutrilite brand exclusively within the vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements as well as the protein categories. “It makes sense for me because we both believe that everyone should get the most out of what nature has given them,” said Ronaldinho.

New Campaign

The star power of Ronaldinho jump starts the brand’s early efforts of consumer marketing with a cadre of touch-points ranging from broadcast spots and print advertising to internet promotions and local market appearances.
As early as March, Ronaldinho will be featured on merchandising materials in the pan-European region, followed by eye-catching print and broadcast campaigns throughout Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia.

The ads, created by Kantor + Wassink, were shot by award-winning cinematographer Guillermo Navarro (Pans Labyrinth) and directed by Scott Harris. Versions of the new television spots and print advertisements are available at Nutrilite.com, along with a webcast of today’s press conference.

Helping Children Goal-By-Goal

A cornerstone of the partnership includes Ronaldinho’s appointment as the Nutrilite Global Spokesperson for the Amway One by One campaign for children, which was celebrated with a €7, donation by Amway Europe to UNICEF. At the end of 27, the global campaign has generated $5,, (USD) and 8, volunteer hours to children’s programs by harnessing the power of Amway global employees and three million Amway Business Owners (ABOs).
“We are very grateful for the generosity of Amway and its direct sellers, and equally thankful that Ronaldinho has such a strong interest in ensuring that children worldwide have the right to live, learn and play,” said John Winston, Chief, Corporate & Foundation Fundraising for UNICEF.

For every goal that Ronaldinho scores, Nutrilite will make a donation to the Amway One by One program in all 58 countries where Amway conducts business. “Throughout my career I’ve been a strong advocate for children. Thanks to Nutrilite, every goal I score over the next three years will directly benefit children in need,” said Ronaldinho.

About Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho – who has been awarded the FIFA World Player of the Year award twice (24, 25), as well as the European Footballer of the Year award (25) and the FIFPro World Player of the Year award twice (25, 26) – is the latest addition to the elite Team NutriliteTM roster which currently includes sprinter Asafa Powell, hurdler Liu Xiang and sprinter Sanya Richards.

About the Nutrilite Brand

Nutrilite is the world’s leading brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements (based on 26 sales). The company is so committed to total quality control of its plant concentrates from seed to tablet, it is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on their own certified organic farms. Nutrilite farms are located in California, Washington, Mexico, and Brazil.

About Quixtar

Based in Ada, Mich., Quixtar Inc. is part of the Alticor group of companies, founded by the DeVos and Van Andel families. Alticor is led by Steve Van Andel, Chairman, and Doug DeVos, President. Global sales for the Alticor group of companies, which include Amway, Access Business Group, Alticor Corporate Enterprises (ACE), and Quixtar, exceeded $7.1 billion in fiscal 27.

Quixtar currently supports independent businesses in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and various trust territories and independent island nations in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and Caribbean Sea. Quixtar Canada Corp. headquarters are located in London, Ont., Canada.

About Amway

Amway is one of the leaders in the US$8 billion global direct-selling industry. Established in 1959 as a seller of household cleaners, Amway expanded and diversified over the years and today sees its sales led by Nutrilite vitamin and mineral supplements and ArtistryTM skin care and cosmetics. In North America, the Amway Global opportunity operates as Quixtar North America. Amway has helped millions of people lead better lives through consumer products, business opportunities and generous sharing with the One by One campaign for children.
*Based on 26 sales.
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Nutrilite 1

Nutrilite 1 is a new product to be launched in several Amway Europe affiliates in March, 28. (Nutriway 1 in Scandinavia). I’ve learned that it’s a comibantion of L-carnitine, caffeine, and B- Vitamins.

L-carnitine is involved in the metabolism of fat in the body. Along with B-Vitamins, essential for energy metabolism, and caffeine, Nutrilite 1 promises to be one heck of an "energy shot". Indeed, it will reportedly sell as 1 small bottles of only 15ml.

It will be interesting to see if Nutrilite provides some research backing up the effects and benefits of Nutrilite 1.


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Quixtar takes MonaVie to Court

Following on from various Team leaders announcing they were to being promoting MonaVie, a multi-level marketing company based on promotion of a concentrated fruit juice, Quixtar has filed a "motion to compel" (corrected from "lawsuit") against MonaVie itself.

I’ve no details yet – anyone have a PACER account and care to share? Personally I’m not excited by the news.

UPDATE: As discussed in the forums, I was wrong about this being a lawsuit – this is apparently a "motion to compel" and not related to TEAM, but to some unrelated dispute with another former IBO.

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Ronaldinho joins Team Nutrilite

I’ve known about this for a while but thought I’d be nice and withhold it until Nutrilite made the official announcement on Thursday, February 28. However, as pointed out by aliveone, it’s already made the papers nearly 2 months ago!

Brazil and Barcelona footballer Ronaldinho is the new spokesperson for Nutrilite and Nutriway, joining world class athletes Asafa Powell, Sanya Richards, Liu Xiang, and Jenn Stuczynski.

Ronaldinho While perhaps not so well known to American audiences, Ronaldinho is a superstar in much of the rest of the world, widely regarded as one of the best footballers of his generation. Ronaldinho first came to public attention as a 13 year old, when he scored all 23 goals in a 23- drubbing of a local team in his hometown! Since then he has won all of the major awards football has to offer.

Some of his individual awards –

  • FIFA World Player of the year 24
  • FIFA World Player of the year 25
  • European Footballer of the year 25
  • FIFPro World Player of the year 25
  • European Footballer of the year 26
  • FIFPro World Player of the year 26

Some of the Team championships Ronaldinho has been involved in –

  • 1999 Copa America champions, Brazil
  • 22 World Cup Champions, Brazil
  • 25 Confederation Cup champions, Brazil
  • 26 World Cup Runners Up, Brazil
  • 26 European Champions, Barcelona

Interestingly, the spanish newspaper article talking about the sponsorship mentions him filming an advertisement for "isotonic drinks" as well as nutritional supplements. It appears there’s some new Nutrilite products about to be launched in Europe! Is this the hyped "Nutrilite 1" product?

UPDATE: Nutrilite 1 is apparently some type of caffeine "shot" drink, so Ronaldinho would appear to be promoting some other drink. I’m guessing it may be this –

Nutrilite Sport Drink

IBOs got to try this drink out at the OC Marathon. If you’ve had a taste, let me know!

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Fred Harteis Resigns?

In a statement dated January 3, 28, now posted on his blog, Double Diamond Fred Harteis had the following to say –

Statement From Fred Harteis: 1/3/28

As an IBO I have entered into many discussions concerning issues I have had with Quixtar i.e.: product pricing, the IBO compensation plan, negative on the web. I have been open about my opinions. When the DTI situation became public, I became very concerned about our future, in the USA based on the DTI complaint. I discussed these issues with several people including my attorneys, my leaders, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady. However I never talked to D.J. Poyfair or anyone from his firm.

In July of 27 I along with many others were very concerned about our future in business with Quixtar as was consistent in August of 27.

Although I agree with the issues I would have hoped Orrin and Chris and the others were not terminated on August 9th of 27 and the lawsuit would have not been served.

I do not have any question of the character of Orrin Woodward or Chris Brady, or doubt their motive to help people. I see them as leaders with a vision and passion to do great things for America and people on their Team.

I have resigned from Quixtar and I am working with Team Leadership. I would like to see Quixtar and Team resolve their differences soon, so everyone can get on with their lives and focus on the future.

Fred Harteis

While this may have come as a surprise to some I’ve been expecting this announcement for a while. Much of his downline, including close family members, had already aligned with TEAM. Others, such as in the IBS organization in the United Kingdom, had been forced out of Amway.

It’s interesting that Fred Harteis mentions "the negative on the internet" as one of the issues of concern he had discussed with Quixtar. For the past 6 years perhaps the worst of the "negative on the internet" has been the book Merchants of Deception and the ongoing campaign to discredit Amway and Quixtar by it’s author, former Emerald Eric Scheibler. While I find many of Scheibler’s claims disingenous, and he recently admitted to being misleading in his dealings with newspapers, there was also little doubt in my mind that many of Scheibler’s issues had the root in legitimately negative experiences with his upline. As TEAM founder Orrin Woodward once said –

"It’s not the negative lies online that are killing us, but the negative truths.”

Ironically, Scheibler’s upline was none other than Fred Harteis.

(hat tip to UKIBO in the forums for picking up on this announcement)

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