New Amway UK & ROI Blog

Many of you have already discovered this one, but RW1, a regular contributor on the TTAA forums has started a new blog – Amway UK & Ireland Facts & Comments.

He’s already got a bunch of posts up, go check it out!

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Hello. My Name is … Quixtar/Amway Global launches national marketing campaign

Today, March 28, 28, Quixtar (Amway Global in North America) launched the "Now you Know" campaign, phase I of a three phase campaign to increase awareness of the company and create positive impression about the brand. The first public component is a full page add in today’s USA Today.

The ad states –

We thought you should know a little about who we are today.
We’re Amway Global. In North America, we proudly operate as Quixtar.

We started as the dream of two men and now operate in 5 countries. We have $6.8 billion in annual sales from the efforts of over 3 million people who own their own businesses.

We hold more than 7 patents, employ more than 3 scientists, and have developed more than 45 quality products. We also marketed the first multivitamin and multimineral in North America. We even own our own organic farms.

Our NUTRILITE products are the number-one selling vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplements in the world.* Together with our ARTISTRY skin care, we’re the number-one online health and beauty retailer in America.**

That’s why we’re proud to be a longtime, accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and a recongnized industry leader in direct selling.

We created the One by One Campaing ot improve the lives of children. To date, we’ve donated more than $5 million and volunteered over 8, hours of time to this worthy cause.

We believe that success is about helping people live better lives. Now you know.

To get better acquainted, contaft a QUIXTAR Independent Business Owner, visit, or call 8-95-7732
*Based on 26 sales **Data compiled by Internet Retailer magazine

download the PDF here

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Great News for all Network Marketers

As many North American readers would know, in 2006 the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed a new Business Opportunity Rule which, as written, would require multi-level marketing opportunity promoters to provide prospects with a whole range of new information, such as names of other local participants, lawsuits, etc etc etc. It also imposed a mandatory 7-day waiting period before a person could join.

The MLM and Direct Selling Industry argued that the requirements were not only unduly burdensome on legitimate companies, they would in fact have little effect on illegitimate companies. The FTC has agreed, and MLMs are effectively exempt from the proposed new rule.

There is some very interesting information in the full FTC discussion paper. One area of discussion was the problem of declaring average incomes, when many people join purely for the purpose of receiving “wholesale pricing”. Shaklee for example, revealed that 85% of folk who join that company do so for that reason.

The FTC included summaries of the claims of the bogus “consumer advocates” Pyramid Scheme Alert (Robert FitzPatrick) and Consumer Awareness Institute (Jon Taylor) but appeared unswayed by their arguments that MLM are effectively all illegal pyramids. One particular line from the Jon Taylor’s CAI which always makes me laugh –

“[i]t is extremely rare for MLM victims to recognize the fraud in an MLM program without intensive de-programming by a knowledgeable consumer advocate”

Good grief, get a life Jon.

Folk have argued that the UK BERR and the FTC have recently been in regular contact regarding MLMs. In particular a number of critics have claimed the BERR case has put MLM, and in particular, Amway, under strong FTC scrutiny. If this paper is any reflection of what the FTC and BERR have discussed, then it augurs well for that case.

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Amway UK launches interactive online catalogues

Amway UK & ROI has made their 3 customer catalogues available online as interactive brochures. You can flip pages, zoom in and zoom out, even select an area and send a copy of it to a friend or save to disk. You can also save the whole pages or the whole catalogue. There’s three separate catalogues – Home & Living, Beauty & Grooming, and Health and Wellbeing

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Rumour has it ….

(or rumor for you Americans!)

that a certain former diamond (or above) is no longer a former diamond (or above) ….

What an interesting development.

Can anyone confirm?

Update: For those faint of heart and others impatient, has been restored to it’s former pro-Quixtar glory, sans TEAM-love and Quixtar resignation. A web hosting error? It seems not, since others tell me Double Diamonds Fred & Linda Harteis have indeed been welcomed back to the Amway Global family.

P.S. someone really needs to write a good Amway Wiki article on the trials and tribulations of the Harteis business. It seems an … uhh … interesting story.

Update II: Another well place source indicates this is indeed a simple hosting error, my other source is wrong, and Fred will never be back!

Am I or my sources being used to mess with the minds of Team?

Dive into the forums and discuss this most interesting news!

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New Blog on the Block – Speaking of Amway

There’s a great new Amway related blog on the net, Speaking of Amway, what are your thoughts on…? I don’t know much about the author, Chuck Lia, but his posts so far are very intelligent, thoughtful, and extremely well written.

I recommend you check it out –

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Prague conference update

Well, back home after participating in the blogging panel at the Alticor Global Communications conference in Prague. Frankly – I’m exhausted! … and I only had a 2 hour flight home, I feel for my blogging colleagues all having to fly back to the US. And I have *no idea* how Robin Luymes has managed to do so many Prague Blog updates!

Meeting the other bloggers and commenters – Bridgett, Big Apple, Tex, and Dave Robison (as well as a brief surprise guest apperance from Prague local, SP75!) – was a great experience, as was the chance to meet many of the corporate staff.

They’re all truly good people and I was honoured to be invited to spend time with them. But I think we also discovered an interesting phenomenon …. you know how sometimes these sites can just suck your time away? You just end up in a conversation and before you know it, hours have past?

Guess what? It happens in real life too!

Put people with a passion for a topic in a room, or a hotel lobby or a restaurant or even walking down the street (Big Apple and Bridgett in particular!) – it doesn’t matter if they’ve never met “in real life” before, the conversation flows and the minutes and hours disappear until you have to make yourself walk away, just like pressing the elusive “sleep” button on your computer.

I’ve actually been ill for a couple of weeks, so that failure to find the sleep button on myself the last few days have taken their toll this afternoon and evening, so I’ll be resting up for a few days before I update some more on the conference.

In the meantime, for those of you who celebrate easter, may you and your families have a great weekend!

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