Letter from Amway Australia to Platinums

The following letter was reportedly sent this week to Amway Australia Platinums who are part of organizations that had reportedly been targeted by Mona Vie.

Hello Platinums,

As Emeralds and Diamonds across our Region do the last minute things they must to pack and prepare for their journey from Istanbul to Venice on the fabulous Seabourn Spirit I’m reflecting on some of the fantastic things I’ll be able to share with them as we cruise the Agean and Mediterranean seas. It will be a great forum for sharing exciting business news and our plans for the future with your leaders. Normally, this would occur simply as a matter of course but recent events in the UK and the US have created a sense of uncertainty amongst some. Also, competitive organisations, and sadly some IBOs associated with them, are building on that uncertainty to encourage IBOs to give up their place in their line of sponsorship and to leave Amway. Fortunately for all of us this activity is confined to a limited number of organisations.

I’d like to take this opportunity to make sure you have the facts at your disposal and not simply misinformation and untrue statements traceable back to a small group of leaders. Here are answers to some of the questions that have been asked of me in the last couple of weeks:

Q: Will Amway be introducing the English business model in Australia?

A: We have no intention of implementing ‘UK like’ decisions on the business in Australia. We are keen to see what the consumer marketplace is demanding of us in Australia and then meet those needs. Of course the fact that a government anywhere in the world would threaten to close Amway’s operations, which is what happened in the UK prior to the favourable High Court outcome in May this year, is of huge concern to all of us and something that we need to protect against ever happening again. We can do this by promoting transparency in the business, and by ensuring a market presence where IBOs have an opportunity to earn a reasonable income through both their performance bonus and retail commissions.

Q: Is Amway opening Business Centres as ‘shops’ to bypass IBOs

A: We are and will remain a business opportunity company. Our Business Centre strategy is NOT about opening “shops” and bypassing you, it’s about improving Amway’s image and reputation with a bricks and mortar presence and building a sense of local community across all lines of sponsorship.

Q: I’ve been told Amway is going to ban all tools. Is this true?

A: No, this is not true. BSMs have a role in the business but they must be aligned with the direction of the company, supporting the overall business and transparent to the marketplace. We recognise the value of tools and meetings as contributors to the growth and well-being of the business.

Q: What is Amway’s plan for the future?

A: This is one of the most exciting times ever to be part of this fabulous business opportunity. We’ve been challenged by Doug DeVos and Steve Van Andel to transform the business, not into something different, but to transform it from the US$7 billion business it is today to a US$12 billion business in the future. We’re incredibly excited to be a part of bold plans to grow the business and already we see the fruits of their vision.

• Major sponsorships to reinforce key Amway brands including Asafa Powell, the World’s Fastest Man, Ronaldinho, the No. 1 Footballer in the World, Liu Xiang, China’s No. 1 hurdler AND watch this space for a major announcement about local sponsorship of an incredibly popular sporting celebrity whose name is well known to all of you.

• Exciting new product developments like Artistry Essentials and Simply Nutrilite. These launches have proven incredibly exciting in Amway North America and we’re working hard, now, to bring them down-under.

• At a local level we have some really exciting things to share with your leadership on the Seabourn Spirit. Those plans include the introduction of a new product with exciting celebrity endorsement, the sponsorship I’ve already mentioned, changes to some of our product pricing that you will be excited about, and a whole raft of other initiatives for the short, medium and long terms. We are conscious of the need to constructively consult on any change, and your leadership will be instrumental in developing our joint plans for the future so that together we can ensure the things we do will help take this business to even greater heights.

The future is exciting as the Amway Business Opportunity approaches its 5th Anniversary; its size, it’s history and values combine with the many millions of people around the world who are IBOs to ensure that while other businesses come and go Amway will still be around to celebrate its 1th anniversary in 259.

Best wishes,

Michial Coldwell

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Amway clean out moves Down Under

It may be autumn downunder, but Amway’s spring cleanout of Diamonds continues. Last week a source told me that qualifiers for Amway Australia & New Zealand’s Emerald Plus cruise of the Mediterranean were asked to sign statutory declarations that neither they, nor their spouses, nor children, were to join any other MLM companies.

Three Diamonds reportedly refused to sign the declaration and will thus not be on the cruise. Amway apparently made the move after learning that several Diamond’s already had family members involved in a competitor, namely Mona Vie, the juice MLM that attracted former Quixtar Executive Diamond Orrin Woodward and his TEAM associates.

Some days afterwards another contact informed me that a Mona Vie Black Diamond had told them that a number of Amway Australia Diamond’s, have being angered by Amway’s request, had earlier this week joined the Mona Vie team of former Amway Double Diamond Brig Hart.

The Mona Vie Black Diamond apparently gave the impression that they had left Amway due to anger at Amway’s request to sign the declaration. Now, I personally find it a little farfetched to believe that these Diamonds, having been “angered” by Amway, could have investigated and evaluated all the opportunities out there and decided in the space of only a few days to join Mona Vie. Clearly Amway Australia had legitimate reasons to be concerned.

The Diamonds involved are very well known in Australia and this may cause some shockwaves through their Amway groups. However, another source tells me that while some Australian groups were breaking new Emerald’s and Diamonds regularly these Diamonds groups had shrunk considerably over the past decade, so they may have had little to lose.

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Now you know – here’s the Amway Global/Quixtar TV advertisements

Launched yesterday, here’s the three television spots promoting Amway Global and Quixtar on US TV.




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Quixtar Television Ad campaign starts tonight

Quixtar’s new “Now you know” television campaign begins tonight in the United States, on a range of both local and national challenges. According to a comment in the forums , the ads are a variant of the video I posted earlier this month, reproduced below.

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A win for TEAM

Quixtar has suffered a legal setback in their dispute with TEAM. A Texas district court judge has declared that earlier Fifth Circuit reasoning in Morrison et al vs Amway et al that Amway’s contract was “illusory and unenforceable” also applies to current Quixtar contracts.

In essence the Courts declared that because the contract could be unilaterally changed by Quixtar, then they are not valid contracts. One immediate result is that Quixtar is unable to enfoce arbitration in the  Simmons et al vs Quixtar Inc case.

It will be interesting to see if there is any response on the Alticor Media Blog. Back in February, the blog stated that the Morrison decisions effect on current cases was “virtually zero”. As it happens, I agreed with them, as the Morrison decision seemed to hinge on the fact that the issues in the case occurred before the relevant changes to the Quixtar and Amway contracts.

It seems we were both wrong.

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Volunteers needed

I’ll soon be launching a new Amway-related website and I need some volunteers to help! In particular we need some more Amway-interested folk from outside North America, though Canadians and Americans are also welcome. If you can spare an hour (or even less) a week, drop me a line – ibofightback@ttaa.biz.

Oh – and if any of you are reading, Amway or BSM Organization staff may be interested in contributing to this as well – you might even be able to do it on your work time 🙂

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Network TwentyOne International Announces Quixtar Accreditation in North America

Network 21 press release –

Network TwentyOne is proud to announce that it has recently passed the Quixtar Professional Development Accreditation Program for North America having satisfied all requirements laid out in the Quixtar Accreditation process. Organizations who have achieved accreditation have satisfied all program criteria, including providing a professional development curriculum that includes product training and business-building components. They engage in communications that comply with the IBO Communications Platform, which can be summed up as: focus on business and “treat others as you would like to be treated.” They demonstrate a commitment to best practices and ongoing education. They offer professional development compensation plans that are transparent, written, and contractual. And, Organizations who achieve accreditation are in good standing and compliance with Quixtar.

“The leadership is proud to have successfully achieved accreditation with Quixtar and to be one of the early participants in this important program,” said Jim Dornan, founder of Network TwentyOne International. “As a global organization with a presence in more than 35 separate international markets, we feel this sends an important signal that we intend to be a valuable partner of the corporation in best practices wherever we operate.”

The Quixtar Professional Development Accreditation Program recognizes organizations that set an example in the field of professional development programs. Accreditation is a recognized and proven way that many businesses and organizations ensure their products, programs, or services possess specific attributes (adhere to specific guidelines?) .

For more information on the Quixtar Accreditation program visit http://www.quixtaraccreditation.com/us-en/accredited.html

About Network TwentyOne

Network TwentyOne International offers training and support to individuals whose businesses are powered by the Alticor family of direct marketing companies. The company has a systemized approach to business ownership and offers a simple, but highly sophisticated method for supporting, training, and equipping people for success in independent business ownership.

The Network TwentyOne system has evolved based on the experience of working with tens of thousands of people in over 35 countries around the world. The principles are based upon decades of training and mentoring in leadership development and observing the success principles most effective for long-term results.

Network TwentyOne founder, Jim Dornan often says that there is nothing new or invented in what we teach… Network TwentyOne has simply learned which business principles work consistently, and are duplicatable.

Network TwentyOne is privately owned and operated, and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Countries of operation include:

  • Europe: Austria, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the UK.
  • Asia Pacific: Australia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. • Africa: South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana.
  • North America: USA and Canada.

Corporate Headquarters:
Network TwentyOne International
355 Corporate Way
Duluth GA 396 USA

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