I’ve been awaiting the official sales data which are due out next week, but Amway founder Rich DeVos has let the cat of the bag today – Alticor/Amway sales for 2008 were $8.2 billion, a 15% rise of 2007.


Amway UK & ROI – Letter to Leaders

It is a pleasure to be able to tell you that the Government’s legal action against us is over. The Court of Appeal has ruled today that we are clear to continue the business in the UK and that the High Court was correct to validate our new business model in its ruling last May.

This means the uncertainty that was hanging over us in the UK has finally been removed. It also means that the judges have endorsed the business model we are now operating and the opportunity we are offering our ABOs. Continue reading Amway UK & ROI – Letter to Leaders

BERR vs Amway UK – Appeals dismissed

Great breaking news out of the UK – BERR’s appeals against their loss in BERR vs Amway UK have been dismissed. More info as it comes to hand. Hat tip to cmfitzg on Amway Talk for the news.

Amway Global/San Jose Earthquakes Slideshow

The Earthquakes have a great slideshow up of yesterday’s press conference announcing their new partnership with Amway Global. The new jersey’s look great … check out the giant 30ft inflatable version!

Click image for slideshow

According to a post by David Vanderveen on Facebook, XS Energy is also now the official energy drink of the San Jose Earthquakes!

Quakes, Amway Global reach sponsorship deal

Amway Global to sponsor Earthquakes jerseys as part of agreement

source: http://web.mlsnet.com/news/team_news.jsp?ymd=20090127&content_id=214090&vkey=pr_sje&fext=.jsp&team=t110

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The San Jose Earthquakes and Amway Global announced a historic three-year partnership agreement Tuesday that will include Amway Global’s name on the front of the Earthquakes jerseys beginning in 2009. The partnership also features a number of in-stadium, community and grassroots components that will provide greater visibility for both the Earthquakes and Amway Global. Continue reading Quakes, Amway Global reach sponsorship deal

Amway Global sponsors San Jose Earthquakes

Amway has increased it’s partnership with the world of football (soccer). Following on from the sponsorship deal with superstar Ronaldinho, and then the Nutrilite partnership with AC Milan, the world’s most successful football club, Amway Global in the US today announced they’re sponsoring the San Jose Earthquakes Major League Soccer team.

Much like Amway, the San Jose Earthquakes have a great history, defeating DC United in the very first Major League Soccer game in 1995. They won the competition in 2001 and 2003 but hit hard times and closed operations in 2005, with the coach and most of the team moving to make up the Houston Dynamo.

In 2008 the San Jose Earthquakes made a return to MLS under the ownership of Lewis Wolff, owner of the Oalkand A’s baseball team.

Amway spreads its wings on the net

Amway has been slowly delving into elements of social networking on the internet. A while ago Amway Euope quietly started posting links to sites of interest on there own Amway Europe Delicious bookmark site. More recently they’ve started promoting (and regularly updating) an Amway Europe feed on Twitter.

Amway Global in North America has been on Twitter for a while. There’s now a Nutrilite Health Twitter, an Artistry Beauty Twitter, an Amway Canada Twitter, and an Amway Global Twitter and as of a couple of days ago, a Ribbon Gift Twitter. I’ve not delved much into Twitter before, not really being sure of where it might be useful. Indeed, my initial experiences have not been good, with attempts to update my profile resulting in “twitter is over capacity” and “something is technically wrong” errors. Still, it has me intrigued, and the error messages are a clear indication it has plenty of other folk intrigued as well!

As “microblogs”, twitters are much simpler and easier for corporate staff to quickly keep Amway business owners up-to-date. One tweet of interest –

Looking at an IBO Facebook page promising “prosperity guaranteed.” Perfect example of why Social Media Guidebook for IBOs coming out soon!

Ten new followers overnight! Probably thanks to @BWW, also Tweeting great stuff about their LOA & Amway Global. We move forward together!

Amway has always been about “social networking”, technologies like FaceBook and Twitter are tools that can transform how we do it. But how to effectively and efficently use them is something I don’t think we’ve really learned how to do just yet.

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