One of our friends from the UK has posted some photographs of their visit to the Amway UK Flagship Experience Centre over on Amway Talk. All I can say is …. wow!

Check out the new photos on Amway Talk!

Amway Europe joins the Opportunity Zone

Cindy Droog, web PR specialist for Amway Global (yes, Amway has a “web PR specialist!) revealed on twitter earlier today that Amway Europe was about to join the blogging world, with a new blog on the Amway Global Opportunity Zone.

The blog is now up. It’s author is Andrew Rhodes, Offline Communications Manager for Amway Europe. Is he going to need a new title now he’s joined the online community?

It’s great to see Amway expanding the blogs outside of North America and I look forward to seeing what Andrew has to contribute. I encourage ABOs throughout Europe to join the conversation! The first thing they might want to talk about is why most of the Amway western europe websites have been up and down for several days!  🙂

Amway UK Flagship Centre – First Look

One of the innovations Amway has been launching around the world is more “brick and mortar” locations to help promote Amway and Amway brands. While there have been Amway Experience Centre’s for ABOs in some countries for some time, these were primarily targetted to the ABOs, not their customers and prospects. By contrast the new business centres seem to have been designed with the idea that ABOs can take their prospective clients and business partners along to get a better idea about Amway, as well as simply providing a visible location to increase credibility and provide a product pickup location. From what I understand the impetus for their introduction came out of their success in the Chinese market, where the government banned direct sales for several years, forcing Amway into changes.

It’s my belief the product pickup location idea may be an underestimated benefit of the new locations. People today love the convenience of internet shopping, but they also want things fast. One of my favourite computer stores allows me to order anything online (and pay for it if I choose) and then drop down to one of their pickup centers to get my order immediately. It makes for very fast and convenient shopping. I’d love to do the same with my Amway orders, alas there doesn’t appear to be any plans to introduce them in my corner of the world any time soon.

Amway UK has had a few challenges the past couple of years and their new “flagship centre” will be a welcome boost to the company there. I’m not sure when it’s due to open, but the design agency responsible for it’s construction, Mynt, today posted a blog with some shots of the interior and it looks sensational.

Check out the other pics on the Mynt Blog

Update: Amway apparently asked Mynt to pull the pics until the official launch. Guess I’ll just have to show them here then 🙂 – click below Continue reading Amway UK Flagship Centre – First Look