This is hilarious …

Anti-Amway zealot JoeCool has posted various responses to my Anatomy of Deceit – an Amway Critic’s Price Comparison post accusing me of being a liar and wrong etc etc. One particular post is absolutely hilarious and is truly indicative of what we’re dealing with here – Continue reading This is hilarious …

Anatomy of Deceit – an Amway Critic’s price comparisons

I was having a discussion about Amway products and to my surprise the other party cited “JoeCool’s website” as evidence that Amway’s products were overpriced and not competitive – in other words, a scam. JoeCool is of course a well known anti-Amway zealot. So I thought I’d have a look at JoeCool’s price comparisons, and he was his usual dishonest self. This is JoeCool’s comparisons Continue reading Anatomy of Deceit – an Amway Critic’s price comparisons

Amway Welcome Center Dedication Ceremony

For those who love statistics, like me, 544 (Founders?) EDC and above iboships in attendance.

Amway Australia and New Zealand launches a blog

Following on from the recent new Amway Europe blog, Amway Australia and New Zealand has now launched one as well, at

The site author, Kevin Lowe, is currently in Grand Rapids following the Amway 50th celebrations and has a couple of videos up on the blog, including video of Australian Founders Crown Ambassadors Mitch & Deidre Sala.

UPDATE: Kevin’s now added a great video of Australian Founders Crown Ambassador Peter Cox, which I’ve embedded below

The Amway Phenomenon

I just came across a great blog post by someone who appears to be a new Amway business owner and thought it deserved some publicity. It’s called The Amway Phenomenon and talks about his experiences when first introduced to the Amway business. It’s very well written, indeed check out the authors others posts as well -he’s quite a poet! 

Check it out – The Amway Phenomenon

Network 21 launches a public podcast

Amway IBO support company Network 21 has officially launched a public podcast at A brief “intro” podcast was posted last month, but this week has seen the first “real” podcast, featuring an interview with Network TwentyOne founder, US Founders Crown Ambassador Jim Dornan. The podcasts can be listened to directly, or downloaded from the site or itunes (search for n21guy).

What I find most fascinating about this step is that the podcast is public. Numerous IBO organisations, including N21, had various online facilities for their IBOs, but little that is available for the prospect or other interested party surfing the ‘net to get a feel for life behind the scenes of a large Amway organisation. German Founders Crown Ambassadors Dr Peter & Eva Müller-Meerkatz have led the way with their regularly updated personal blog,, this N21 podcast site takes an innovative new approach. While both sites are obviously targeted to an IBO audience, I think it’s great that leaders are getting more and more proactive with getting a real, positive perspective on Amway on the ‘net for the googling public.

Have a listen and tell me what you think.

Anatomy of Deceit – Analysis of an Amway Critic

Prolific anti-Amway blogger JoeCool recently did a post claiming to analyse “a platinum group” and prove using “simple math” that it’s impossible for an Amway business to be profitable overall. Let’s have a look at what he says, and what happens in the real world.

Amway Global – Analysis Of A Platinum Group

Many people who are in Amway, or were in Amway at one time is very likely to have seen the 6-4-2 plan. I understand some modifications may have been made in certain groups but the basic premise of this post will still hold true. An IBO who sponsors 6 who sponsor 4 who sponsor 2 would have a group of 78 IBOs. All told, this group would allow the platinum to earn about $47,000 (before expenses).

Here is where JoeCool begins his deceit. The “6-4-2 plan” is a model used to explain how the bonuses work. It is not reflective of a real Amway business, as is obvious with only a moments thought. So he claims to be analysing a platinum group, but in reality he’s analysising a simplified model used for explanation purposes! If the actual reailty was to sponsor 6 who sponsor 4 who sponsor2 – what happens when the “6” decide they want to be platinum? Are they not allowed to sponsor 6 themselves? What about the “4” and the “2”? Does the Amway plan stop there? Of course not. 6-4-2 in no way reflects a real platinum business. Oh – and even then this model has 79 IBOs, not 78. Continue reading Anatomy of Deceit – Analysis of an Amway Critic