Amway UK Price Comparisons

I gave Amway Scandinavia a bit of a slam the other day for some of their partner store pricing and it provoked some interesting comments. What seems clear is some markets seem to do a good job of setting up good deals for ABOs, others are not so good at it. I’m curious as to how these deals are setup and who is consulted. My feeling is if it’s not obviously a good deal when a new ABO or prospect looks at it, then the deal shouldn’t be done at all. It matters – I’m sure I’m not alone amongst ABOs in having had prospects return waving printouts of supposed “price comparisons” done by anti-Amway zealots and claiming the whole thing was a rip-off. I’m fundamentally lazy – why make Amway harder than it has to be?

So, in the interests of making it easier, and a more positive note for Amway Europe, here’s a price comparison I did recently (2009-08-20) of a range of Amway products in the UK. I did the comparison after a critic I was engaged in debate with claimed that with outlets like Tesco and ADSA –

“(the price of) Amway products (in the UK) are so out of kilter as to be ludicrous.”

I had no idea if he was right or wrong, so I thought I’d go and look. Here is what I found, and my response …. Continue reading Amway UK Price Comparisons

Amway Scandinavia – Scandalous! What are they thinking?

One of the things Amway is often criticised for is “overpriced products”. Often the criticism is unfounded or unfair (see my earlier post Anatomy of Deceit – an Amway Critic’s price comparisons), but one common thread is that when people criticise Amway’s prices they more often than not don’t mention Amway products, but rather 3rd party products available through Amway. Usually though, when you actually go and compare the same or similar quality of product elsewhere, Amway is price competitive. Still, this isn’t always obvious. Who knew there were so many different types of toilet paper? How many people actually care? Continue reading Amway Scandinavia – Scandalous! What are they thinking?

Alticor, Amway’s parent company, buys another genetics company

Metagenics logoAlticor, Amway’s parent company, has announced today it is buying a controlling stake in Metagenics, a leader in the field of nutrigenomics – the science of nutrition and genes. Alticor already controls Interleukin Genetics, the creators of the Gensona personal genetics tests marketed through Amway Global.

These purchases further strengthen Alticor as a global leader in nutrigenomics research and appear to be part of a clear strategy to make Alticor an unquestioned giant in the fields of Health & Beauty. Several years ago Alticor purchased Gurwitch Products and the leading Laura Mercier cosmetics range.

Personally I think Amway IBOs, and Amway, missed a great opportunity with the Gensona tests. Until recently they were exclusive to Amway Global, however both the corp and the field never showed much leadership in developing an appropriate marketing strategy for the products. Alticor has now agreed to let Interleukin market them through other channels, and I suspect Metagenics will be a part of that strategy, as they currently distribute their products through medical professionals – an ideal channel for Gensona-like products.

Amway UK advertises for ABOs

Amway in the UK has launched a print ad campaign promoting the Amway Business Opportunity. The advertisement below is included in Jump magazine, a publication of the UKs largest parenting community Bounty. 100,000 print issues are distrubed via Toys R’ Us and a further 450,000 copies are circulated to members online. You can see the online magazine with the Amway ad on page 41 here.

Continue reading Amway UK advertises for ABOs

Amway: Part of the green movement. Before there was one.


One of the regulars on AmwayTalk, MichMan, often passes Amway world headquarters in Ada, Michigan. He sent me this photo of a great billboard that’s up nearby. When he first mentioned it in the AmwayTalk forums, another poster, Deb, mentioned that Amway introduced the word “biodegradable” to the world with it’s first product, L.O.C. – Liquid Organic Concentrate. L.O.C. was one of the first commercially marketed biodegradeable cleaning products, meaning it’s components break down safely without damaging the environment.

I thought that sounded a little hyperbolic, Amway introduced “biodegradable” to the world? I know they’ve been “green” since the beginning, but that seemed a stretch. Then I started digging. I found this source that says the first known use of the word “biodegradable” was in a scientific text in 1961, barely a year or so after the founding of Amway. I then found sources from 1962, 1963, and 1964 (link broken) that all mentioned Amway marketing biodegradable products – that’s within a year of the first known use of the wordContinue reading Amway: Part of the green movement. Before there was one.