A new path for SuperDu – a tribute to Robin Luymes

superduA few weeks ago I learned that Robin Luymes had moved on from his employment at Amway Global as Manager – PR & Editorial. I don’t know the circumstances of his leaving Amway, but I do get the impression the move wasn’t in Robin’s plans, and like so many others around the world these past few years, Robin unexpectedly found himself without a job. Not being an American IBO I really don’t know much about Robin’s role within Amway and Quixtar, but I have followed his work on the internet for some years, and last year I had the pleasure of meeting Robin in Prague. Now Robin has taken the decision to do what new IBOs and other entrepreneurs around the world decide to do everyday – have the courage to go into business for themselves . This week Robin launched luymes.com, a blog, and his new business Luymes Public Relations, LLC. For those that don’t know much about Robin’s contributions to Amway on the internet, I thought I’d give a little background. David Robison over on On the Road with Dave has done something similar, with what I think is a great tribute to Robin. Continue reading A new path for SuperDu – a tribute to Robin Luymes

Amway critics and credibility – another one bites the dust

When you read stuff on the internet, it’s difficult to know what’s true and what’s not – generally all one can do is assess an authors credibility by what they say and how accurate it is. Everyone makes mistakes occasionally, but if people are making major errors of fact in their posts … well, it damages their credibility. If those errors are about what their entire post and/or blog is about, it damages the credibility of everything they post. Amway critics regularly try to damage the credibility of this site by attacking me (with often wildly inaccurate claims) rather than what I say and the information I present. It doesn’t matter, this site isn’t about me, I don’t care what you think about me – judge the credibility of what I write. Is it generally accurate? Do I backed it up by sources when I can? Judge what I write, not me. When someone resorts to ad hominem what it really does is reveal how little logical and factual basis the attacker has to try to discredit the other person – if you can’t attack the argument, attack the person. Continue reading Amway critics and credibility – another one bites the dust

Amway is a US Environmental Protection Agency Climate Leader

amway_climate_leaderNorth America readers are probably aware that many of Amway’s cleaning products have been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as being Designed for the Environment. What readers may not be aware of is that Amway is also a part of the EPA’s Climate Leader program. The EPA says about the program – Continue reading Amway is a US Environmental Protection Agency Climate Leader

How many colors are you getting?

In recent times we’ve seen Amway opening high street stores in London and running billboards with move stars in Sydney. Today we’re seeing a really interesting promotion smack in the middle of New York City with the Nutrilite Farmers’ Market.

Nutrilite Streetscape installation NYC on Twitpic Get your #phytonutrients in NYC with #Nutrilite on Twitpic #Nutrilite Pop-up Farmers Market in NYC #phytonutrients on Twitpic

Nutrilite Phytonutrient truck is headed to Times Square #phyt... on Twitpic NYers filling their #phytonutrient gap with Nutrilite on Twitpic Nutrilite Color truck #phytonutrients on Twitpic

Along with the market, where they’re giving away hundreds of fruits & vegetables to passersby, Nutrilite has launched a new website at http://www.nutrilite.com/color promoting the need to get a wide spectrum of different phytonutrients in your diet. Why color? Well, it’s known that the different colors in fruit and vegetables are a sign of the different plant substances, or phytonutrients, that exist in the plants. Purple colors, like resveratrol in grapes is known to have strong cardiovascular benefits. The red lycopene in tomatoes helps with DNA health.

The farmer’s market and new website is complemented by a new blog – The Coloring Book (also on Twitter) and all are designed to encourage people to ensure they’re getting a wide range of phytonutrients. In research reported on the The Coloring Book today it was found that fewer than 20% of American’s get the recommend phytonutrient intake daily. How many colors are you getting?

Amway ranked one of China’s top consumer brands

Amway has been listed as one of China’s top consumer brands in the inaugural CLSA China Brands index. Of all brands, Amway was ranked 72nd, outranking companies such as Nestle (75), Apple (77), Panasonic (83), Toshiba (84), and Whirlpool (96).

Amway was listed within the skincare category, where it ranked 3rd after mass market brands OLay and L’Oreal.

This recognition follows only a short time after Amway was ranked one of Korea’s favourite foreign companies.

Amway Europe Average Incomes


Amway Europe has apparently finally calculated and released some average monthly income statistics for various levels of the business in Europe. These figures were for September 2007 to August 2008 and it’s of note that for 2009/10 (and perhaps ongoing) Amway has raised many bonuses 25%-100% for most platinums and above. Note: afaik they don’t include any profit from personal retailing nor additional incentives such as free trips.

  • Founders’ Platinum €2,434
  • Founders’ Emerald  €4,668
  • Founders’ Diamond €11,271

Not bad money for a part-time business! I’ve heard reports other Amway markets have started to report this kind of information as well. Amway North America has done it for years, though I haven’t seen updated statistics for a long time. If anyone has updated statistics for their market, I’d love to see them.

John Tesh – The Amway Global Rap

As most North American IBOs know, television, radio, and music personality John Tesh is the voice of Amway Global in a series of television ads in the US. Tesh was apparently booked to perform at a recent Network 21 convention but couldn’t attend due to urgent surgery. He sent this video as an apology, and it includes The Amway Global Rap. Enjoy!