Amway’s spring cleaning – tough decisions and smart decisions

A couple of interesting changes reported out of Amway this week. The first was the opening of the new Amway Insider blog site – Amway was a bit of a pioneer in the corporate blogging world when they launched first Robin Luymes Real Quixtar blog and then Beth Dornan’s Quixtar Insider blog. In December 2006 they however made what I began to think of as a strategic mistake – they launched The OpportunityZone and progressively added more and more blogs from more and more contributors.

On the face of it you might think that was a good idea, however there’s two reasons why it’s generally a bad idea to have so many blogs! First of all it’s a burden on your staff. Blog posting essentially became yet another task for what were already busy staff – and not surprisingly after various initial flurries of activity, most of the postings started to trail off in frequency. Continue reading Amway’s spring cleaning – tough decisions and smart decisions

Amway Jamaica!

Just saw this news on the Efinity Blog. Asafa Powell and his countrymen will no longer have to smuggle in the best nutritional products in the world! Welcome to Amway, Jamaica!

Amway Global is pleased to announce that the Amway Global business opportunity will be available in Jamaica beginning September 1, 2010. It’s exciting to see the expansion of the flagship market of North America with the authorization of this Caribbean island. Jamaica will be an extension of the existing island markets in the Miscellaneous Atlantic and Caribbean (M.A.C.) region, authorized under the U.S. Sales and Marketing Plan.

Please note: there will be no Amway office, employees, or warehouse space in Jamaica. Therefore, the product ordering will be the same as the U.S., with coreline products shipped from the Southeast Service Center (SESC) in Georgia, and available catalog merchandise shipped from the Spaulding Product Service Center (SPSC) in Ada, Michigan. For all product orders with the final destination being Jamaica, the ordering IBO shall be the “importer of record” and it will be his/her responsibility (through a freight forwarder or broker) to complete the required customs paperwork and, if applicable, pay duties when importing products into Jamaica. The name and U.S. address of the selected freight forwarder or broker must be provided to Amway by the ordering IBO where the freight forwarder or broker has agreed to act as the “importer of record.”,Freight forward orders are exempt from U.S. taxation. Continue reading Amway Jamaica!

Those jerseys are pretty cool!

Nice branding and name recognition getting built by Amway and the San Jose Earthquakes. I have to say the jersey’s look great! I might have to pick one up 🙂

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