Coming up on TTAA ….

I’ve been unable to post much recently due to some other priorities, but I thought I’d give TTAA readers an idea of the posts I have in draft for the near future, as well as some additional Amway related projects in the works. If you happen to have something you’d like me to address or find out – let me know!

Ok, on the coming soon list –

  • Amway Andhra Pradesh – what’s the real story?
  • Do Diamonds really make all their money from “tools”?
  • The Perils of Amway? A response to Russell Glasser
  • Amway @ The movies! Is that a bottle of dish drops or are you just glad to see me?

In addition I’ve plans to renew and start updating AmwayWatch again (any joomla gurus want to help?) as well as some software updates to AmwayWiki (any mediawiki gurus out there?), and a new project in the works – Amway Price Comparisons (joomla again!).

The latter is intended to be a real community project, where people from around the world can post (retail) price comparisons between Amway products and their local competitors. I have two aims for that – the first is to show that the vast majority of Amway products are great value for money. The second aim is to help Amway know which products are not competitive – and hopefully incentivise them to do something about it!

Bye, bye Amway Global ….

…. Hello Amway! It’s been more than 3 years since I revealed (or at least hinted!) that Amway was going to be retiring the Quixtar name and more than 2 years since the transition to Amway Global became public. It seemed clear to me at the time that the “Global” suffix had been added to help placate IBOs who weren’t happy with the transition – to try to make them feel part of something “new” and “bigger” rather than stepping back into the bad old days. It seemed obvious to me the company would later transition to the simpler (and global!) “Amway” name. Still, there were IBOs who vehemently denied this and claimed Amway Global (which, ironically, was only ever Amway North America, not global) would never be called just “Amway”.

Well, they were wrong. In a message out to all IBOs this week, they’ve announced the transition from Amway Global to Amway.

Amway Global transitioning to Amway name in North America

Starting September 1, our name becomes Amway

Earlier this year, we let you know that our market research findings indicate our national advertising campaign has been successful, and the awareness and favorability of the Amway name continues to grow steadily in North America. Now is the right time to transition from Amway Global to Amway since:

• Net favorability for Amway has increased significantly since 2008.

• When consumers visit our website, 80% type

• Consumers who view our television advertising remember the name Amway.

Moving forward with the Amway name aligns us with all other affiliates. This will allow us to leverage the strong advantages of a single global brand.

Bye, bye Amway Global, hello Amway.

PS. My apologies for the dearth of posts lately, I’ve had a string of challenges in the offline world consuming my time.

What a great testimonial

Ryan Flaherty, an intern at Amway Corporation headquarters in Michigan, has written a beautiful post about his experiences with the company – The Icing on the Cake.

The post is a testimonial to the great people at Amway who make the Amway business opportunity possible. It gets at the heart of what Amway Corporation is about and, hopefully, what Amway independent business owners are about. Just this week an old friend asked a question about recommended nutritional products on Facebook. Naturally I pm’d her and promoted the unsurpassed Nutrilite products. Alas, somewhere along the line she’d gotten a view of Amway that was the diametric opposite to Ryan, explaining that she won’t buy Amway products because of the companies poor ethical standards. Unfortunately she’s not alone in that view, a view likely created not by Amway, but by the poor behaviour of  some of Amway’s independent reps.

My experience is more like Ryan’s –

The way they operate is the way that I would expect businesses to operate in an ideal society.

The more I’ve researched Amway over the years, the better and better they have looked. Thankfully in recent years Amway has finally become more proactive in monitoring and controlling field behaviour. It needed to be done and they’ve been guilty of a lack of action in this area in the past. As we move forward one can hope, and expect, that there will be far more people with opinions like Ryan, and fewer like my old friend.

Thanks for the post, Ryan, and thanks for your time contributing to the world of Amway. May your future be all you hope it to be!

The Icing on the Cake