Who is Amway?

AmwayVideos just posted this new video on their youtube channel. I couldn’t resist posting it as they’re using some of my favourite background music for the clip. Who is Amway? Enjoy –

Amway? A friend of mine tried that, it doesn’t work!

A friend of mine has been an Amway IBO for about 4 years.  She’s recently decided to stop with her goal to be Diamond, instead pursuing goals related to environmental change. That’s fine, people’s lives and ambitions change. The thing is, in that four years she was regularly attending major and minor seminars, weekly “open plans”, training sessions, team phone sessions, buying CDs and books. She was “plugged in”. Thousands of dollars spent, hundreds or thousands of hours. She never got past the 6% level. I’ve no doubt a large number of her friends and family have now formed the opinion, based on what they believe to be “evidence” that the Amway business doesn’t work. This friend spent so much time on it! And never made any money! It cost her thousands!

But is that really the truth? Continue reading Amway? A friend of mine tried that, it doesn’t work!