51 years and Amway continues to grow – $8.4 billion for 2009

Alticor, Amway’s parent company, has reported record sales of $8.4billion for 2009, a 2.3 percent increase of 2008. Real growth, accounting for currency fluctuations, was 5.9%.

Apart from Amway, the sales figures include revenue from other Alticor concerns such as Amway Hotel Corporation and recent acquisitions like Gurwitch Products and Metagenics, however the bulk of the sales is from the direct selling giant, Amway Corporation.

As noted with last years sales release, Amway is not providing breakdowns of particular markets, however they did note –

Strong regional sales in China, India, Southeast Asia, and Korea continued in 2009, while the 2008 relaunch of the Latin American market yielded a second year of more than 50% percent increase in volume in the region.

Over on AmwayTalk there’s been some discussion for a few weeks on Amway’s 2009 sales data and contributors have managed to track figures for a few countries thanks to local affiliates releasing their data.

Market Change
India +25%
Colombia +115%
Ukraine +18%
Taiwan +12.5%
Malaysia +2.9%
Romania -8% (first 9 months)
Thailand +15%
Russia 0%
China 4%

Other direct selling companies reported similar issues with currency fluctuations and continuing world financial challenges –

All in all a good result by Amway, but it’s going to be hard going to make it to sales of $12 billion by 2012, the companies stated goal. I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts on what Amway can do to help increase sales a further $3.6 billion in the next 3 years – come over and join the discussion on this on Amway Talk.

12 thoughts on “51 years and Amway continues to grow – $8.4 billion for 2009”

  1. Hey guys I just started my Amway business and I am young and also facing many challenges. I have only started like a month now and it is awesome. I was a person that never wanted to do any thing with business but when I saw this plan is change my mind. If your are young start now. All you need is your mind set.

  2. I am new in Amway,but I am very optimistic of the future of the company and of course of my future workiing and being part of that company makes me feel I have a second plan in life, not only my 2 weeks pay check.
    Maybe some day Amway will be my principal plan in life……….only time and work will tell.

  3. hey guys… Avon was started in 1886 and moreover is a public ltd company which means it owes money to the public. and if it can do $10 bn in 124 years imagine what Amway can do in the same time… so technically Amway is performing better in everyway…!

    we are catching up guys.. No doubt Amway is going to be in the top of America’s largest private companies…!!

  4. Will have to do something about that ha. They have less products then Amway but have a better imagine so i suppose it worked out that way. Still have to get number 1# in everything won’t we. Be network marketing pro’s!

  5. So does that mean also that “Avon” is technically the largest direst selling company? at over $10 million?

    1. Avon is the largest direct selling company, however it’s “multi-level” aspect is relatively new and still only a small part of their operations. Thus Amway is the largest network marketing company and the second largest direct sales company.

  6. When i converted in the dollar terms it was around $2.9 billion, contributing 25% of annual turnover of Amway global.(I am talking about amway china)

    Feels great that i am part of it and i am very optimistic that i am in India which I think the next biggest market in terms of potential!!!!

  7. What I love about this is even if it was a 200-300 million dollar increase from last year it was still an INCREASE which is hard to say for a lot of companies that were hit hard by the recession. And we are not even done yet, we are poised to hit another wave of the recession and yet Amway Global will continue to grow. Quite an amazing company to be able to do that with 0 stock and 0 debt. Pretty amazing.

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