A message to Quixtar, Inc from Amway Australia

The following video was produced by Amway Australia last year. It has a tag line –  “There are some things you should be ashamed of – Success is not one of them”

This is a lesson I think Quixtar needs to listen to. Why? Well, first, visit the Amway home page and scroll to the bottom – you will find a link titled Amway Sister Company : Quixtar Inc which links to the Quixtar-inc home page. Now, go to the home page of Quixtar – you’ll find a link Quixtar Sister Company. No mention of Amway. Visit Quixtar Facts – same thing. Quixtar News Room, Quixtar Easter Seals, Quixtar History, This Biz Now – same, same, same, same. Why is this, Quixtar? Are you ashamed to be associated with the most successful multi-level marketing company in the world ?

There is little doubt that part of the imperative for the launch of the Quixtar brand name in North America was some of the negative perceptions that have developed around the Amway brand. The Quixtar model is different to the way Amway has traditionally operated, and a new name for the new opportunity is a reasonable marketing choice to highlight the fact things have changed. IBOs are hopefully developing a positive brand around the Quixtar name, something I wrote about last month, but what message is sent by deliberately avoiding “Amway” on the Quixtar home page. Is Quixtar embarrassed to be connected with Amway? Is Quixtar ashamed?

It would appear that Quixtar executives and IBO leaders feel that having Amway named on the Quixtar home page might somehow negatively effect the Quixtar brand image. My friends, do you honestly think that anyone with an internet connection is not going to know of the Quixtar/Amway relationship within a few clicks? Ironically, I suspect that those who may have called loudest for the distancing of Quixtar from the Amway brand may have been those that contributed most to any Amway brand image problems in the first place. The link as it shows on Quixtar now looks, well, odd. I challenge Quixtar, Inc. to listen to Amway Australia –

There are some things you should be ashamed of – Success is not one of them

Quixtar, be proud of your heritage. Be proud of your elder sibling. Change the links on the Quixtar pages to what it should be – Quixtar Sister Company : Amway Corporation. Right now you are sending the wrong message – you are telling the world that Amway is something to be ashamed of. You are reinforcing the message of the critics. Don’t.
Quixtar IBOs, be proud.
Quixtar Inc, Be proud.

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