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Over on Amway Talk it was noted that Amway Global/Quixtar has extended the accreditation deadline until the end of September. In the meantime, a quick check on the Quixtar website reveals that Jim & Margee Floor’s INA organisation has now been accredited. The INA article on Amway Wiki is a little lacking on information, if anyone can help, particularly with information on INA US leaders, please feel free to register and contribute!

The Quixtar website also lists the following new individuals as accredited –

John & Lori Dipaola, Tom & Robin Joseph, Randy and Kathleen Wolfe, Charlotte Maaskant Trust, Bob & Mary Smiley, Phil & Kathleen Wolf, Bill & Myrna McDonald, PTM Enterprises LLC, DD-120 Ltd

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  1. Regarding religion and politics.

    It is quite the same with us. Leaders are very Christian, as am I. However, they explicitly separate the Sunday morning service. Stating clearly it is optional. They also offer several other religions a place to worship as well.

  2. I’ve had N21 CEP (SOT) from Australia, UK, Sweden, and the US and the training and speakers are the same. N21 has always had a policy of no religion/politics from stage and it’s part of the speakers guidelines. Many leaders (incl. the Dornans) are strong christians, and in US and Australia at least there is the “optional worship services”, but I’ve sat outside waiting for the main session to begin and seen Diamonds and above also arriving and awaiting – ie, they weren’t at the optional worship service.

    Other US groups *have* preached these kind of things in international markets. It’s one of the reasons they’ve crashed and burned badly in a number of countries in the past, and to a certain extent taken Amway with them. I know it was a problem with some other groups in Australia.

    1. Many times the Rubys and above, to include Diamonds, may hold a private worship aside from the Sunday morning worship where anyone can attend. This usually happens before the Open Service to allow some speak from the stage, sharing their experience.
      The Sunday morning service is something that attracted me to The Business.

  3. Thank you. I have updated the post on my site with a quote from the link.

    It’s possible that because you are in N21 and in an international group, that the message of right-wing politics and evangelical/fundamental Christianity has been toned down or non-existent.

    Here in the United States, however, I know for a fact that INA was not like N21. Other critics have pointed out that WWDB, BWW, and InterNet were also similar to INA regarding the heavy political and religious undertones.

    If accreditation really does what it is intended to do with respect to this issue, then there’ll be one less thing for me to debate with you 🙂

  4. I’ve written an article on AmwayWiki for you – Professional Development Accreditation Program

    To see what the accreditation rules are re religion and political ideology, check out the PDF file at the bottom of the article “IBO Communications Platform”.

    Re your second comment, there’s nothing in the PDAP Comm. platform that hasn’t pretty much already been my experience with N21 practices for a decade. I’m sure you’ll be able to find cases of it being violated, but the IBO Comms platform guidelines have pretty much been our modus operandi.

  5. Thank you for informing us of INA’s accreditation. I hope this leads to a better INA and not a continuation of the INA I used to know. I asked on my web site what the Rules of Conduct say about promoting a particular religion or political ideology. Since I don’t have the Rules anymore, anyone here care to enlighten me?

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