Alticor and Amway Sales Growth: 1960 to 2008

This is an update of a graph I did last year for AmwayWiki

Amway global sales were reported at “estimated retail” until 2000 when the holding company of Alticor was formed. This means they’re valued assuming that they were all sold at the full retail price, not at the price they were sold to distributors/IBOs. Alticor reports actual revenue – sales at the base IBO price. I’ve converted the figures so they can be properly compared. It’s important to be aware of this as many critics of the business (including some former Diamonds who you would think know about this) have in the past conveniently ignored the change in reporting standards and tried to claim Amway’s sales peaked in 1998. Note however that Alticor sales includes revenues from other sources such Access Business Group and Amway Grand Plaza. In 2007 this was reported as around $100 million, so by far the majority of the sales are through the Amway business opportunity.

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