Alticor Fact: Alticor a Deloitte “Global Power in Retailing”

According to the 26 Global Powers of Retailing report by world reknowned professional services firm Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and STORES magazine,  Alticor is the 18th largest retailer in the world, with estimated sales of US$6.2billion.

This ranks Alticor higher than other retailing powerhouses like Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster, South Africa and Australia's Pick n' Pay and Foodland, Scandinavia's Dansk Supermarket A/B (Netto), Radio Shack, France's LVMH and Galeries Lafayette, the United Kingdom's Woolworth's group and not far behind well known companies like Nordstrom's, Hennes & Mauritz, and

Around the world, over 32% of Alticor's turnover is paid out in bonuses and incentives to the Independent Business Owner's who generate the sales through their marketing efforts.

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