Alticor: It’s been another good day!

On September 25 Alticor kicked off the new campaign with full page ads in the Grand Rapids Press and USA Today. Full text below, or you can download a copy in PDF.

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intended to sail the Elizabeth around South America. But when it
slipped below the waters off Cuba, they reconsidered their options.
Childhood friends back from World War II, Jay and Rich knew they wanted
to go into business together. Today, more than fifty years after that
inauspicious start, their family-run businesses produce more than $6
billion in annual sales, employ thirteen thousand people, and fuel the
entrepreneurial spirit of more than three million Independent Business
Owners and sales representatives worldwide.

Beginning with
Amway in 1959, Rich and Jay developed businesses that ultimately led to
the three corporate entities that today form the Alticor family of
businesses: Amway, Quixtar, and Access Business Group.

AMWAY now operates in more than eighty countries and territories. From
our first overseas expansion to Australia in 1971, to our latest move
into Russia in 25, we have exported the American value of
entrepreneurialism around the globe.

QUIXTAR launched in 1999 and within three years, replaced Amway as
Alticor’s business opportunity in North America. Today, over a
half-million entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Canada are powered by
Quixtar and its compensation plan, infrastructure and proprietary
product brands. These brands include NUTRILITE, the world’s leading
brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, and ARTISTRY, which
stands among the world’s top five largest-selling prestige brands of
facial skin care and color cosmetics. For three years running, Quixtar
has been the number one online health and beauty retailer, based on
sales, according to Internet Retailer.

Finally, ACCESS BUSINESS GROUP provides product development, manufacturing and distribution in a broad range of categories.

These businesses thrive because every day we help people live better
lives. We offer economic freedom for anyone willing to work hard on
their own business, regardless of age, race, or gender. And we fund
charitable programs that literally span the globe. Under the banner of
“One by One,” Alticor focuses its philanthropic efforts on children.
We’ve shared more than $26 million to make life better for the world’s
kids, with millions more contributed by Independent Business Owners

Their boat may have disappeared, but the hard work and optimism Jay
and Rich embodied proved unsinkable, ultimately carrying them and their
businesses around the world. And we remain a family-run business today,
driven by those universal values of Freedom, Family, Hope and Reward
long honored by our fathers. With all of these blessings, no matter
what challenges arise, we know that at the end of each day, we can look
back and believe: IT’S BEEN ANOTHER GOOD DAY."

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