Alticor launches new venture: Fanista

I recall hearing rumours about this quite some time ago – well, it appears about to be true. Alticor is launching a new web venture dubbed Fanista. What is it? According to International Herald Tribune

The Web site, set to make its public debut this week, will initially sell DVDs and CDs. In the coming months it will add video games, digital downloads and books.

Interesting. Sounds a lot like The tribune continues –

The carrot: If a friend joins and buys something, identifying you as the reason for joining, you get 5 percent of the sale in cash or credit.

Well that sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Frankly it doesn’t sound too exciting. Affiliate marketing – which was pretty much "stolen" from the Amway model except it stops at one or two levels and is generally less profitable – has been around pretty much since the internet began. Amazon does it, Barnes & Noble does it. Heck, even Microsoft dabbled for a while (still does?).

So what’s the deal? No idea. I’ve signed up for the beta to have a better look. If anyone can shed more light, I’d love to hear about it. In the meantime the IHT article can be found here.

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