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As I’ve mentioned I’m a bit bored by the whole TEAM saga these days, so excuse my forthright language here. Alticor has a new post up that’s worth a read. Curiously, the Texas case where a judge issued an ex parte preliminary injunction that quite strangely included requirements for actual new actions by the party not present, (not just stopping what they were doing) is being heard by a new judge – gee, I wonder why that happened?

Of interest though is two delusional affidavits posted, one by TEAM CEO Robert Dickie III and the other by TEAM COO Thomas Maguire.

They read like something out of Kafka. Try this from Robert Dickie III –

Our loyal customer base is confused and many of them scared that the businesses they have worked a lifetime building with Quixtar will be lost if they continue to buy materials or attend Team functions

Right – and telling them their business is an illegal pyramid and pursuing this in court would have what effect exactly? And poor TEAM ….

Attendance to these functions has fallen and events have been canceled due to the confusion and apprehension of people to participate fearful that Quixtar may take their business away.

Mmmm …. and you claiming their business is illegal causes no confusion and apprehension at all? Mr Dickie, are you following what TEAM has been doing? And from Thomas Maguire about Quixtar’s emails to IBOs –

This email did not mention anything specific Team did but made broad, sweeping and unsubstantiated accusations. This email was troubling and outrageous because it came from the very organization that we support.

Ummm … Mr Maguire, I have some news for you. You’ve apparently been off on some tropical island for a while. You know that organization that "you support"? You’re suing it and claiming it’s an illegal pyramid!

Man, I’d hate to see what you do to organizations you don’t support!

Poor old TEAM, their sales has dropped 69% in just four weeks.

Cry me a river.

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