Alticor – there is one more contract you need to terminate, and fast

There is a fine line between displaying confidence and strength and displaying arrogance and hubris. Whoever is responsible for the official Alticor and Amway blogs has repeatedly demonstrated they do not know where that line is.

Some months ago, Founders’ Crown Ambassador Jim Dornan wrote a letter to his organization, Network TwentyOne, regarding the challenges Amway and it’s affiliated organizations are facing in the United Kingdom. I obtained a copy of the letter and published it on this website. Within a few hours came this response on the official Amway blog, accusing Dornan of spin. Frankly I was shocked. I could see little in the letter that would provoke such an extreme reaction, and pulled the letter from my site to consider what had caused the problem. Network 21 later contacted me and asked me not to republish. Later on that Amway blog, a poster calling themselves n21guy began providing some information about the situation in India from their perspective. A comment from Amway legal was posted that was quite frankly insulting and dismissive of the organization – internationally one of Amway’s largest IBO groups. I have since had confirmation from someone not associated with the corporation nor Network 21, and who has worked with the DTI in the case against Amway, that Jim Dornan’s letter was essentially correct. Alticor’s over the top reaction was exactly that – over the top. They were the ones spinning, not Network 21. You can read more about the whole story here.

Nevertheless, I dismissed this as an aberration – simply legal folk being legal folk.

It seems I was wrong.

This past week has seen the challenges regarding TEAM and TEAM’s leaders. No matter what the truth of the matter, and which side you support, Alticor’s response on their official blog has been nothing less than disgraceful. It is juvenile "trash-talking" of the worst kind – ironically, exactly what they accused Orrin Woodward of. It is not at all what one would expect from a corporation that I have long respected.

TEAM includes tens of thousands of IBOs throughout North America. Most of them have little knowledge about how or why the events of the past week have occurred. They have simply been following the leadership and teachings of their upline – upline that have repeatedly been acknowledged by Quixtar as some of the most successful in the business. Understandably, these IBOs will be shocked and confused. It would appear self-evident that it is in Alticor’s and Quixtar’s best interest for these IBOs and their remaining leaders to work together to solve the current concerns so that we may all grow and prosper together. Quixtar staff have been working hard contacting as many of these IBOs as possible to explain the situation and offer them support. The Alticor blogger’s response?

Just, go TEAM, go.

This man, or woman, is actively sabotaging the excellent and respectful work of Quixtar staff like Robin Luymes and Beth Dornan, who through their blogs have been dealing on a daily basis with the concerns of IBOs and other members of the internet community. No matter what the question or topic, they have constantly displayed respect and professionalism. They have brought nothing but honor to the corporation.

I wish I could say the same about the Amway/Alticor blogger.

Robin Luymes on the Real Quixtar Blog, has excused the Alticor blogger’s Just, Go, Team Go post on the grounds that when he was referring to TEAM he was addressing the TEAM leaders that had challenged Quixtar, not TEAM IBOs. This may be true, but if so it reveals a shocking level of ignorance about how the Amway and Quixtar businesses operate. IBOs, quite sensibly and predictably, identify with the leaders and organizations with which they work. There is TEAM, the Business Support Company, and there is TEAM, the tens of thousands of IBOs that use their system. Self-evidently, a person in such ignorance of the companies operations should not be representing the company.

Today, the Alticor blogger continued with their juvenile postings, this time treating journalists with condescension in a post Caveat Emptor. Read through the comments on that post and the earlier post, and you will see I am not the only one disappointed in this persons attitude.

In the earlier response to Jim Dornan’s letter, the Amway blogger and Amway legal was extremely disrespectful of Jim Dornan, one of Amway and Quixtar’s most respected and successful leaders, and Network TwentyOne, one of it’s largest distributor organizations. This past week, this Alticor blogger, whom i suspect may be one and the same, has expressed a complete lack of respect and nothing but disdain for the rank and file IBOs of TEAM. The blogger is either ignorant of the business he or she represents, or they have zero respect for the people who make it the success it is. Either way, they must go.

There is one other possibility. Does this blogger truly represent the views of Alticor about their Independent Business Owners? If so, I for one would not one to partner with this company. Many messages I have received from non-TEAM IBOs in the past week and many responses on the blogs have expressed the same opinion about this blogger’s writings. They are disgraceful.

In today’s post the blogger said, regarding the number of IBOs associated with TEAM –

The number might reach 15 percent — but that’s only if every single business owner they ever claimed affiliation with follows them out the door. Which we already know they won’t.

Well, sir or madam, you are doing your damndest to ensure it’s as close to every single one of them as can be, and I’m 11% certain there are non-TEAM IBOs that are so disgusted with your attitude and unprofessionalism that they too will be leaving.

Alticor – this is repeat behaviour, it cannot be excused as a one off misunderstanding. They are perhaps excellent at whatever job it is they do for the corporation, but they are a disgrace as the public internet face.

Terminate their contract before they damage the business we love even more than they have already.

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