Amway Australia, 40 years on and taking the lead

Amway Australia 40 yearsAmway Australia was the first Amway market to open outside of North America. The story goes that Rich DeVos said it was similar enough to America to try out Amway there, but far enough way that if it failed nobody would know! Well, last month Amway Australia celebrated 40 years in business, and while, like all businesses, it’s had its ups and downs, “failure” would not be close to an appropriate description!

I’m unfortunately not able to easily track most Amway Asia markets, but Amway Australia & New Zealand (the two markets merged several years ago)  is in my opinion leading english speaking markets in their use of both “old” and “new” media in the past year or so. They’ve been doing innovative videos for years, with many now available on the Amway Australia Youtube channel, but recently things have been going to a whole new level. In the last year or so they’ve launched social media channels such as –

On Facebook

On Twitter

as well as new blogs and websites

and updating some long forgotten ones

The best things about all these new resources though, especially the “social media” ones is that they are actively and relevantly updated, with not only news about Amway, but also things like offering specials, other discounts, and competitions. It’s a great example of what the internet is great at – communication.

Interestingly though, Amway Australia hasn’t just embraced the internet and social media, they’re also getting their word out in more traditional media. A while back someone at corporate reportedly made the astute observation that many people receiving Amagram magazines in the post weren’t actually reading them or being converted from inactive to active IBOs. By using instead a primarily electronic format through newsletters and the Amway websites, a lot of that marketing money could be freed up for other uses. And that’s what they did, with regular full page advertorials in major Australian newspapers like The Australian and The Courier Mail, as well as stories on TV shows like A Current Affair and interviews on major radio networks.

How’s it working? Well, Amway Australia doesn’t release sales figures, but it’s reported that 40% of all new Amway IBOs in Australia are under 30. Clearly the social media push is having an effect.

Happy Birthday Amway Australia, and keep up the good work!

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  1. It is all true. Trouble is with statistics – the untold story. 1 the under 30’s dont spend as much on PV as the older IBO’s , they turn over at much higher rates and the % is up because the 40+ have been burnt out! and left

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