Amway Australia and Amway New Zealand shutting down websites for a week!

A2K - Amway Australia and New ZealandAmway Australia's and Amway New Zealand's website and shopping portals, and are being shutdown for an entire week! From the a2k website –

Our computer systems will be undergoing a major upgrade and will require a planned closedown from 5pm Friday 22nd December 26 through to midnight Saturday 3th December 26.
This means there will be no processing (via a2k Amway Online or the Amway Regional Contact Centre) of product orders, applications and other business transactions.

Last week a2k unexpectedly released a new version of their website frontend, but it's performance was so poor they reverted to the old site for Australia. The new site layout can be seen on Amway New Zealand's site .

Personally I MUCH prefer the old site . This looks like change just for the sake of change. Still, they run a multi-billion dollar company and I don't – so what would I know? Smile

I've heard  that next weeks shutdown is unrelated to the website changes, so there appears to be a lot of things happening at the same time. One interesting bit of news is that the a2k websites themselves are apparently being moved from servers in Australia to servers in the United States. I wonder if this is happening with other Amway markets?

Amway Australia advises they'll be processing orders the first week of January and allowing IBOs to transfer PV to December if necessary, so it won't be as big a disruption as it could have been – still, a week is a long time in internet land!

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