Amway Australia fights back against MonaVie

Recently I revealed that I’d heard a number of Amway Australia Diamonds had “jumped ship” to MonaVie. One of those was Alan Decker . After a little bit of googling I found his “linkedin” profile, and it did indeed list him as “Owner at MonaVie International”. Surprisingly enough, within a short time that was removed from the profile! Fortunately google let’s us see when history is changed. Here’s Alan Decker’s linked in profile now and here’s what it looked like when I found it. What’s the significance of the change? Has Decker decided to stick with Amway, or does he no longer want people to know of his MonaVie involvement? I’ve no idea. Only thing it indicates is that Mr Decker or someone he knows must be reading my site! 🙂

Meanwhile, Amway Australia General Manager, Michial Coldwell sent to following letter out to a number of Australian LOAs –


In an environment where copycat business and hollow investment and income opportunities abound it’s good sometimes to just remind yourselves why you joined Amway. What are your dreams, your aspirations and what made you believe Amway was the right business for you?

These are not rhetorical questions.

I’m prompted to write to you as a consequence of learning that a competitive organisation has been targeting your line of sponsorship to build their business. What does this mean? It means that certain IBOs have been persuaded to join this competitive organisation and that they in turn have been prospecting for that organisation within their group, possibly your group.

While this is disturbing it does happen from time to time. As the biggest, best and brightest income opportunity in the world, Amway and Amway IBOs will always be targeted by competitors who want to build their businesses quickly.

We are used to these attacks and we stand by our plan, our products and you, the people who make Amway the best in the business. You are of course free to make whichever decision you would like in relation to your future but as you consider your options I ask that you keep some important points in mind.

  • Amway has been in business since 1959. We stand ready to celebrate our 5th Anniversary and we are already planning the next 5 years of business success.
  • There are more than 3.5 million IBOs engaged with the Amway opportunity all over the world.
  • Our collective sales continue to soar reaching US$7.2 billion during 27, our biggest year ever.
  • Amway has paid over US$27 billion in bonuses over the past 5 years. Add this figure to the cost of incentive trips and other awards and rewards and the total eclipses the combined payouts of other network marketing organisations.
  • We have over 7 patents already awarded and hundreds more pending, testimony to both our past achievements and our investment in future product and brand development.
  • Nutriway is the No. 1 vitamin and mineral supplement brand in the world. All claims associated with our products have been approved in Australia by the The TGA.
  • Amway only associates with the best. Rhonaldinho, the No. 1 footballer in the world, 1 metre sprint champion, Asafa Powell, China’s No. 1 hurdler Liu Xiang, and soon to be announced, an exciting new Nutriway sponsorship with someone who many believe to be Australia’s most popular athlete.

Consider all of this as and if you are ever approached by a competitive organisation claiming to be ‘just like Amway, only better’. Such organisations come and almost invariably go.

Here are some questions to ask to help you determine whether an organisation is likely to be around for the long term.

  • How many products do they have? The fewer the products, the less sustainable is their business opportunity, especially if their product is easily duplicated by others.
  • Are their products approved by government regulatory authorities like the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia? If they’re not, then any claims they make about the efficacy or consequences of consuming their product are unapproved, unproven and probably false.
  • How long has this organisation been around? Any company can achieve results in the short term but most organisations fail to go on and achieve those same results in the medium or longer term.
  • Can the organisation be trusted? Who are the senior officers and what is their background? People who have shown a lack honesty or integrity in their past business dealings are likely to repeat those behaviours.
  • Is the company a member of the Direct Selling Association and therefore a subscriber to the Association’s Code of Practices signed to protect the image and reputation of the industry?

If you’re not comfortable with the answers to any of these questions then I urge you to think long and hard before being tempted to any opportunity other than the Amway opportunity, indisputably the biggest, best and brightest in the world.

Your future is in your hands. Amway, like no other organisation, stands ready to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Best wishes,

Michial Coldwell
General Manager
Amway of Australia & New Zealand

In addition, this month to the following video was posed on the Amway Australia website –

The video confirms last weeks news that Amway Australia had signed Adam Gilchrist to a Team Nutriway sponsorship deal as well as Sandra Bullock’s endorsement of Artistry Creme LuXury.

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4 thoughts on “Amway Australia fights back against MonaVie”

  1. No, I was a pearl, products were to pay for petrol. 70% of money was tools and talking on stage. Can’t complain, did well, but we all knew: sell the tapes. Cost less than 50 cents all the rest profit and we all fed, diamonds off emeralds off pearls off directs off distributors

    Praise god for the tapes. Hundreds a week
    Added up

    1. Chris, were you requalifying as pearl? I suspect not, since if you were for 6 months, you’d have been an Emerald.

      Some organisation would pay tool rebates and speaking fees to IBOs who were not requalifying at high levels. This means their Amway income would drop significantly but their tool income not as much .Tape volume would normally drop somewhat, but if % didn’t change, not as dramatically as Amway income. Speaking income might not drop at all and even increase. This can (and did) clearly create a situation where “tool income” exceeds Amway income.

      As far as I’m aware no organisation does this anymore. In the organisation I was with a Pearl would be making about 25-50cents on a $7 CD in a downline Silver’s leg. That’s 3% to 7% on a product sale, compared to 4% for the Amway volume. Amway BV would *far* exceed tape BV, so tool income would dwarf Amway income. Indeed averages in our organisation show that, including speaking fees, a Diamond’s average system income is about 10-15% of what Amway was then reporting as average Diamond income from them. Since then Amway has dramatically increased bonuses.

      Since Amway launched their accreditation model some years back, all systems have had to agree to independently reviewed performance based tool rebate compensation schemes. No more “once a Diamond always a Diamond”.

  2. Paul – you don’t seem to know much about what you are talking about.

    1. Orrin Woodward joined MonaVie many many months ago, he’s a Black Diamond already. The news of his termination from Quixtar was first broken on this site. Numerous other former Diamond have also been terminated, many have gone to MonaVie, and it has been discussed at length on this website.

    2. According to “The millionaire next door”, the average US millionare has income of around $140,000. As you state, a Founders Diamonds income is around $160,000. So what type of “lifestlye” are you talking about exactly? Every time I’ve challenged people on this they’ve given examples of people with MUCH bigger businesses (and Amway incomes) than Diamond.

    3. Please back up your income claims re Yeager and Dornan incomes. I’d love to see the source.

    4. Even if true, so what? Both of those people own major international companies that supply training to far more than just *their* Amway businesses. Why shouldn’t they profit from it?

    5. Dornan is on record as saying his families lifestyle is funded by investments. What’s the problem here exactly?

    6. Please provide some evidence to back up your claim re where “the majority of the Emeralds and Diamonds income comes from”. I have the tools rebates schedules for several organisations, and even average payouts for one of them, and your claim simply isn’t true. Is it for some folk? Sure. But you’re making claims here about tens of thousands of people. Based on what evidence exactly?

    7. Have you ever run any other kind of business? Initial cost of production (eg cost of blank CDs) is one of the smallest expenses. You have further production costs including printing and packaging. You have legal fees, accounting fees, office space, staffing, taxes, etc etc etc etc. To even think about such a simple calculation as you suggest is to do nothing but display your extreme ignorance about business.

  3. Alan Decker is not the only Amway Diamond to join Monavie Brig Hart Double Diamond with IDA is now the top distributor with Monavie and former Diamond Orrin Woodward who was kicked out of Amway, has been invited by the owners of Monavie to join them, both of these Diamonds having been heavily involved with the tapes,books and meeting scams that operate within all the networks associated with Amway which is in breach of Amway’s own Rules of Conduct. For those who are unaware, the sale of CD’s, books & meetings is where the majority
    of the Emeralds and Diamonds income comes from, it is most definitely not from the sale of Amway products. For those interested check the internet for the past and current legal actions against Amway, by Amway and within the Networks. The average income for a Amway Diamond is around $90,000.00 per year, for a Founders Diamond it’s $160,000, a Founders Emerald is around $85,000.00 and Founders Platinum $55,000.00 before tax, as you can see not the millionaires lifestyle promoted. Just multiply the cost of the CD’s by the number of IBO’S in any network you will then see how their income is generated and remember it’s not just 1 CD per week, 2 leadership CD’s per week then the packs, it’s simple enough to work the cost of production of these support CD’s, imagine buying blank CD’s by the million you work out the cost, just a few cents and you probably believe what you are told , that they don’t make a profit from the CD’s. The estimated yearly profit several years ago from Business Support Materials for IDA (Yeager) and NW21 (Dornan) was in excess of $US40 million per year , no one has ever earned that from the sale of Amway products not a bad little earner.

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