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Following on from earlier posts – Amway clean out moves Down Under, Amway Australia update – and names, and Amway Australia fights back against MonaVie comes the following news from IDA Australia regarding the “retirement” of Tom & Caryn Avelsgaard

Hi, Everyone!

Well, this is a big month for a number of people who are achieving goals for the first time – especially those of you who are shooting for those bigger pins. Keep in mind that you are nearly there – just days away from achieving your goal!

This is a big month for us, too. After many months of thought, prayer and discussion with Bert and Jackie, we have decided to claim our dream. The first time we saw the plan, the word ”FREEDOM” was written in big letters on the white board and that was what we wanted – freedom from a boss and freedom to make more choices in our lives. As of 1st September, we will be stepping into that freedom fulltime, and it starts with an extended stay in the States with our families! When we first began building our business in 1981, that dream seemed so far off – really, quite unbelievable. However, with an incredible business plan, a proven system, and an amazing upline mentor to guide us along the way, we have achieved our dream.

Our main concern in reaching our decision to go “fulltime into freedom”, is being assured that those of you who have looked to us for guidance should not be left without a mentor. So, Bert and Jackie will be stepping in our place to provide you with the same leadership that they’ve offered to us over the years – a leadership of enthusiasm; of love for the business; of leading by example; and, above all, of love for the people.

Bert and Jackie, along with us, believe in each and every one of you, and encourage you to embrace your dreams, and build your future with passion – DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!

Much love,
Tom & Caryn

I’ve no comment but to sincerely with the Avelsgaard’s all the best in the future.

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3 thoughts on “Amway Australia – IDA update”

  1. Hi,

    I live on the Gold Coast, Australia and was approached by a class-mate from a TAFE course about getting involved in IDA – Amway. However he didn’t explain the business very well (he’s very shy and quiet spoken man). I listened to the cd’s he gave me and I must admit I am interested. The problem is that while he was open and honest about his business, which I greatly appreciate, thing is he had made $0.00 over 5years. He wants me to go to a meeting with him but I’m reluctant because he just doesn’t inspire much confidence in me and couldn’t see him being a mentor.

    I am interested in having this business explained to me by someone who has been successful with it. I’m 46yr old guy, divorced with a 3.5yr old daughter to provide for, so naturally I’m looking for another income stream.

    Can anyone out there on the Gold Coast help me?

    Sincerely, Roger

    1. Roger, speak to the guy who showed you the business. While he may not be successful he’s almost certainly connected to someone who is. That’s one of the beauties of the business model, no matter who you join with, you’re almost always able to connect with a successful mentor.

    2. Hi Roger i would agree with ibofghtback, maybe ask him if you can meet his support team. If that is unsuccessful you are more than welcome to contact my partner who is currently 21% silver in Australia & see if you can connect with him. All the best =)

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