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Amway_TheAustralianAmway Australia is continuing their marketing push in the mainstream media. Last year there was a huge Artistry billboard featuring Sandra Bullock in the middle of Sydney, and tomorrow there’s going to be a full page in The Australian – the country’s leading newspaper. According to Amway –

More than 1 million people will receive a copy of our stunning Amway advertorials, which will include IBO recognitions and product information.

One particularly exciting piece of the advertisement is the public endorsements of sporting superstars Libby Trickett and Adam Gilchrist. Libby is announced as the Amway Brand Ambassador and Adam the Nutriway Brand Ambassador. You could not get two more respected people in Australian sport.



6 thoughts on “Amway Australia – in The Australian”

  1. I am a long time reader, first time poster. I think The Australian advertising is ok, I would like to see more channels utilised to become more effective. Amway’s reputation is less than desirable which is expected, so does any one know the ROI of this? Maybe this will help lift the image of the business?

  2. Now thats what i called Smashing news, tis would be another add on to our company, its integrity, our prestige.

    Very simple thinking, Adam Gilchrist and Libby Trickett are well known sports person in their respective field and in Vodafone is one of the reputed brand name in telecom industry.

    good work Amway Australia !!!

    I doubt that This news is more than sufficient to silence Amway critics.

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