Amway Australia & New Zealand – a2k is now Amway Online

Amway Australia - a2kAmway Australia first launched an internet portal in 1998, dubbed ELVIS (Electronic Link Via Internet Services). The service was an instant success, but was always simply an ordering system targeted at Amway distributors. In April 2, 8 months after the launch of Quixtar in the United States, ELVIS was replaced by a2k in Australia and New Zealand and included the ability for Amway distributors, now known as Amway Independent Business Owners, to allow their clients to order directly of the website. Unlike in North America, where Quixtar was a whole new company, with literally thousands of products from "partner stores", a2k was still under the Amway umbrella, albeit with the addition of a small number of partner stores, ala Quixtar.

This week, as part of the "global transformation" being undertaken by Alticor, a2k quietly disappeared. While you can still access the site via, the a2k logo has now been replace with the Amway logo, and the main address for the website becomes

Similar moves have already happened in Amway Europe, with most of the old eastern european Vebso websites rebranded as Amway websites. While some have transitioned, a number Western European markets continue to use the Amivo brand, but one can safely assume they too will be phased out.

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