Amway Average Incomes 2012

Amway North America has a new Business Opportunity Brochure (BOB) out and it has some new statistics on average incomes.

Average Highest
Q12 Platinum $55,042 $190,264
Founders Emerald $135,664 $838,533
Founders Diamond $590,928 $2,945,820

One interesting thing is that the percentage of all IBOs reaching these levels has also increased –

2010 2012 Increase
Q12 Platinum 0.25% 0.32% 28%
Founders Emerald 0.08% 0.10% 25%
Founders Diamond 0.02% 0.03% 50%

That’s a great improvement in rates of achievement. It means that for every 222 IBOs, at least one (“sapphires” are missing from the statistics) is Q12 platinum or higher. What does this mean?

Let’s put it in context –

  • from the TEAM vs Quixtar lawsuit that about half of IBOs aren’t doing anything (even ordering)
  • from the BOB Amway says 54% aren’t “active”, which you can be categorised as by buying enough stuff to get a bonus, going to one meeting, or asking one person if they want to buy something.

So just by being “active” and do something, anything, your odds of being part of a group earning over $55K/yr are about 1 in 102.

  • We also know from statistics such as Network 21’s “Vital Signs” and BWW and WWDB “parameters” that at any given time fewer than 1 in 10 IBOs or so are exposing the business and products to even 10 or 15 people in a month. It’s safe to say the people who reach Q12 Platinum and above are part of this group

So just by doing that for one month, your odds of being part of a group earning over $55K/yr are about better than 1 in 22.


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What do you think your odds would be if you exposed the business and products to 15 people a month, every month, for say, 6 months in a row? Or 12 months?


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  1. Here’s some things to think about.

    1. Most top earners (in any MLM company) have personally sponsored 100 to 200 people, and sometimes more. Most of my friends who are at the top ranks average about 100 to 120.

    2. Most top earners have been with there company at least five to ten years, if not more.

    3. These numbers sound crazy, but if you break it down it’s very dobable. If you sponsored 2 people a month, every month for 10 years that would be 240 people. Do 4 a month for three years and you would sponsor 144.

    4. At the end of the day, the people who are persistent and consistent are the ones who succeed. Anyone can sponsor 2-4 people a month. You do not need to be mega talented, but you need to have mega discipline, day in and day out.

    5. I watched a great video online that revealed the stats with Nu Skin (no I am not affiliated with them) but they said the top earners in their company, on average, sponsored 151 people in a three year people. That’s just one new person a week. I think that’s doable.

    Just my thoughts. What do you think.

    1. The organisation I affiliate with has been tracking these statistics for many years. There’s variation between countries but typically in the N21 system you need to sponsor 20 to 30 people personally to build a solid platinum business and then grow it on to Emerald. Repeat for Diamond. The key is sponsoring has to be done consistently over a 6-12 month period. In other words 2-4 people a month. Of course as your network grows you’ll also be spending time helping other people sponsor their prospects.

  2. I want to ask a question. .ibofb u no how all the critdits say ibos don’t make money n most of there income comes from tapes.cds etc.well if dat was true coulnt amway get sued or shut down for giving ppl false incomes? Wouldn’t it be illegal for amway to put those incomes?

    1. I can attest to two things when I was in Amway: the books were sold at retail price when the Diamond distributor who bought them would have got a 40% discount just like bookshops do because he was buying in bulk. I seem to remember Think and Grow Rich costing us $16, and another title $15. But I didn’t know about the discount at the time. Then I looked at the tapes, which cost us $6 each. “These things are really cheap looking. They wouldn’t cost a dollar each if bought in bulk. It must cost a fortune to have the speeches recorded,” I told myself. And of course it didn’t. There was always some mug who’d do it free, or virtually free.

      1. And just like a bookshop, the Diamond would have been responsible for distribution and return, discounts to those who purchase of them in volume (eg Platinums) and of course bad debts. In our organization there are professional sound engineers at each major event doing the recording. You then have someone who has to edit it to ensure no violations of Amway’s rules, plus of course all the other support staff to support distribution, including admin, accounts, legal, marketing etc etc. In other words, just like any “normal” distribution, the cost of manufacture (eg tape duplication) is often one of the lesser costs of doing business.

    2. absolutely correct Amyay IBOs actually dont make any money by purchasing cds and audios. But consider that the average person receiving training for their career in an information aged society are paying thousands of dollars or more a year. They are not even business owners, they are employees working for someone else’s dream. And it is becoming increasingly mandatory for people to spend that money on that training. Most people that are negative towards MLMs need to look around them. Costco is a “network marketing” company that makes money by utilizing other peoples networks and the people don’t get paid. No hate there. Yes they are not an MLM but it does not matter. They are using peoples networks to bring in customers. People get frustrated about making money off their friends and family. I own a conventional business and I have employees that are family. If i charge the customer $80/hour and my employee makes $25/hour (in Canada). Say my expenses work out to be about $15/hour out of that (which takes some calculating), I make $40/hour without doing scrap. It’s called a differential. It makes sense, but because “MLMs” are “different” and successful people are negative towards it. Let me tell you something. “If someone is tearing you down that means you are above them.” People need to understand when they read these things that it is full of haters who have no place better to complain. On the web they know that someone somewhere will listen to them. I suggest reading a very important book called “www. stands for world. wide. whiners.: How the world is being manipulated by the MIFFED. ( As for the cds and audios. if you were to sell each one separately you would have to sell them at a lot higher price. That is why bulk makes sense. One comment said that they are cheap quality. My main question would be have you actually listened to them. I am going to assume by you’re comment that that is a no. Mainly because it should not matter what the outside of the CD looks like that is not what is important. What matters is whats on the CD.

    3. First of all, the tapes, CD’s, and other resources for IBO’s; is to help them to understand how the business works, and how to earn an income depending your sales, but most importantly helping others. Second, learn to spell because it could help the reader better to understand what your trying to imply. Lastly, the incomes are not false. It all depends on how much you want to succeeed within Amway.

    4. No it’s wrong actually incomes comes totally on monthly buisness volume or turnover basis as much your volume increase your income increase there is no income in cds and tapes thats goes to bww education system which helps to develop personalities in amway ibos earn only from total monthly volume no source of cds and tapes

  3. This question always have been in my mind, I want to know do FAA income is given every month when we have become FCA or was it every year?

  4. Good grief, proof that you can do anything with statistics!
    Your odds of being in a group earning $55 k is 1 /1 .. EVERYBODY is part of such a group somewhere!!
    As for growth in numbers of platinum a etc. that’s a useless use of statistics , there may well be .1% more Q12 qualifiers , there may not be anymore and maybe net less Q6 qualifiers. Re sapphires – they’re are not included but they would be in the platinum Q12 anyway

    1. “In a group” refers to the all qualified platinums (or whatever), not an Amway group headed by a platinum. Growth in numbers of Q-12 platinums does matter as it directly reflects growth in domestic business. Critics continue to claim that Amway North America is “dead” or “dying”. As for Sapphires, the fine print explicitly states they are not included in the Q12 Platinum statistics.

  5. Just reading this blog now – and I quote :

    “There was enough reason to celebrate: Next to 22 new Emeralds and Founders Emeralds were twelve new Diamonds, Founders Diamonds and Executive Diamonds were honored and Colombia’s new and first Crown ABO. ” – Whew! Go Latin America!

  6. If N21 stastitics show 1000 plans to make diamond , i can buy it. I was a bit above that using britt as a fact based assumption. To clarify britt stated he contacted 14000 people and stp to 1200. Even if some of this was downline it doesnt change much. You still have to stp that many times. What it does change is the profitabilty. As a principle the less downline, the more width and eventual profitability. But again, the message is showing the plan to a cousin or two wont get you far. You need a strong flow of new contacts. Like a pro golfer needs to hit 300 balls a day. Howards selection of leaders approach could be successful also but its a different approach. What i see on so called anti amway blogs are people disillusioned because they never realised what was needed to be done and hence find comfort in undermining the model. The model is what it is. Its not good or bad. The question is do people really realise what is needed. I have met many ibos as suppliers over the years. None of them had any idea what was involved and their initial excitement had disappeared when next order time came around.

    1. Vincent, from what you have been posting for the last month I must assume you are new to Amway/network marketing. Until you have walked the walk you can’t talk the talk. What I mean by that is: If you haven’t shown “The Plan” to 50 people in one month, you shouldn’t be advising others to do so.

      Think about it. If you are “working the business” 25 days a month, then you are proposing showing the plan twice a day to create a front line. How many interviews do you suppose one has to conduct to find those that are willing to listen to a presentation? Usually, if they are married, you should show it to both at the same time.

      Think about it! Your prospects don’t know you. So, they will probably be unwilling to trust you. That takes time. You have to sell them on the idea that they might want to listen to what you have to say. And then, that they might want do what you propose. An important question is: Are you someone they can relate to? By the way, how long does it take to present your version of “The Plan”? (Don’t answer.)

      Most people will be doing this in their free time; away from a job. What you are proposing (50 plans a month)is more of a full time recruiting job.

      Consider this: Once somebody agrees to join forces with you, you then assume the responsibility of training them. They shouldn’t be expected to retail product until you have taught them about their features and benefits and how to properly promote them. (If you are proposing to recruit a group of self-users, only, you are creating an illegal pyramid.) You will have to teach (show them) how to meet and greet the people who may wish to join them (and you). You should expect to show the plan for them until they can do it for themselves. ALL THIS TAKES TIME. And, there is a lot more to being a leader.

      You are totally correct, most people do not know what they don’t know. Quickly replace excitement with knowledge. Being totally upfront and honest with new partners is so important. Explain that your help comes free of charge. Loan them the books, CDs, and literature they need. That is part of relationship building and developing trust. Set the example and expect them to follow it (when they can afford to).

      My experience has been: If you don’t spend the time in the beginning building relationships with those you bring into the business you will be constantly replacing them with others that won’t do anything. If you love people you won’t use them. When you build a team, it is “our team”, not your team. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

      1. Howard, as I “newbie” IBO…I must say how very impressed I am by your straightforward, honest statement, truly you are a solid leader.

      2. Thanks for these comments Howard and apologies for the delay in getting back to you- I tend to take long vacation breaks these days;

        I think what you say makes good sense and can be useful for those building the business; Just to clarify I did not say show 50 plans a month as you misread; I suggested to show to 50 people a month say 20 plans to 2 or 3 at a time. That then fits in neatly with your onboarding guidance; and 20 plans is doable;
        Whats key is hitting as many peole as possible with the plan. Of course to do this you need to contact; Do so yourself and teach your downlines to contact also; Holy Chen says she contacts about 20 people a day ( cold contacting for the most part) eg in a supermarket line you have about 5 people in front and 5 behind at any moment; Same thing for waiting for a bus, a tube, airport , bank withdrawel etc. This is what the big pins do, thats why they are successful;Most people find it hard to do so, thats why they dont make it. Its a critical skill as is the motivation and leadership needed; Few have it and thats why I also say this is an almost impossible business as the low success/ high failure rates show;
        A good analogy is sports , say golf; Many would like to be where Tiger Woods is today. But to do so you would need his unique phyiscal talent to swing a club correctly; Not many have that; And if people had it would they be prepared to spend 11 hours a day in training over 30 years; Few would; Also few are prepared to do what is needed to build an amway business. So its logical so few become successful

      3. Excellent advice! Invest in people, genuinely. We recently met some IBOs that are phenomenal. I look forward to the journey. I want to become a philanthropist! I sincerely hope this will be the vehicle. I want to be around like minded people! Trust in our creator! I do not want any hidden agendas! All on the table! I want to ensure when I begin to share this opportunity I can be genuinely confident that venture holds true! I believe in the HELM ( Honest Ethical Legal Moral).

    2. I’m curious Vincent, where did you hear these Britt statistics? I’ve seen many times on the ‘net claims about Britt doing some interview on the 20/20 tv show where he said something like this, but I’m yet to find an authoritive source for it, just the oft repeated story.

      As for the anti-Amway bloggers who may be disillusioned because they never realised what was needed – they’re probably also complaining that their upline wanted them to attend meetings/listen to audios etc where all this stuff is explained! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the “1000 plans to Diamond” statistic, or the need to sponsor 20 to find 3 who take it seriously, or that most people do nothing, or that so many quit etc.

      None of this is kept secret, it’s all out there and explained. The problem seems to be the concept is so simple and obvious people seem to think there’s nothing to learn so (most) don’t bother doing the learning – and then get disillusioned when it’s not what they thought?

      1. The majority of the people aren’t willing to squeeze the lemon for some juice. It is an honor to choose your own business partners. Everyone should give leadership an effort; when it is successful, it is very rewarding. We are not just sponsoring people, we are showing them a way out of the Rat Race. Sharing this business should be a priority if you choose be an IBO. To be an owner of something in this country is a privilege and should be treated with the utmost respect.
        I look at all kinds of statistics about Amway and I see that they all have one thing in common – Growth. To become a leader you have to allow a leader come into your life. It is the same concept as a professional athlete having a coach. If a mentor chooses to invest their time in you, cherish that time…. you can never give it back to them. Common sense should be something one uses when allowing someone to give them guidance.
        Basically what I’m trying to say is that, “When someone gives you lemons and shows you how to squeeze them, do it. It allows you to make Lemon-aide, everyone likes lemon-aide”.

  7. Well, thanks for all the inputs. Here’s one that I saw some time back on Bill Britt. Some years ago, 20/20 did a feature story on his success.

    They spent 19 minutes interviewing whiners and complainers — several distributors who had failed and of course wanted to tell how you couldn’t make money in the industry.

    During the last minute of the show, Mr. Britt was interviewed in front of his palatial home. He was asked, “Mr. Britt, this business has obviously worked for you. What’s your secret?”

    He replied, “There is no secret. I simply showed the plan to 1200 people. 900 said, ‘No.’ and only 300 signed up. Out of those 300, only 85 did anything at all. Out of those 85 only 35 were serious, and out of those 35, 11 made me a millionaire.”


    1. So basically you can assume , as a respnse to the question on showing the plan to 15 people for 12 months say 180 people , you would get 1 leg maybe 2. Thats not going to get you rich. You would need to treble the numbers. So say 50 people per month.

      1. Rubbish. Depending on your strategy if you show 180 people you should personally sponsor at least 30 or 40, with at least 3 solid legs and some newer growing ones. I have several times seen informal surveys done of IBOs, seeing who were 15 planners for 12 months (and a few other recommended things) and *all of them* were Silver and above.

        1. Vince, David is correct. Bill set the example (in more ways than one) that more than 11 others chose to follow. Success breeds success. Being consistent and persistent pays off. One cannot put in maximum effort for a month or two and then sit back and wait for others to build their businesses. Been there, done that. (They’ll follow your example!) No business can survive under those conditions. Set the example – each and every month; like Bill Britt did. Persistence pays off.

          1. Thanks howard. Bill britt got 11 strong legs from 1200 shows. Thats 1% return and he was one of the best. With davids theory you wont get 3 strong legs. You may get to silver but thats not going to get you very far long term. This is not an easy business. But people need to realise whats needed to get real success. My advice to anyone reading considering this business is get in front of 50 people a month for a year or so ,,, and see what happens. Now the nature of the business is it may happen that the first 18 people you meet are all diamond material. Not likely but possible. I believe it more less happened in 2 cases.

          2. Vincent, I’m not reporting theoretical data. I’m reporting statistics. Network 21 collates this kind of stuff. What you seem to fail to understand is depth-building. Bill Britt’s 1200 “shows” wouldn’t have all been to frontline people, ie his contacts. He would have been in showing plans for downline as well. Indeed most of them were probably for downline. General rule of thumb is it takes around 1000 or so plans to go Diamond. 1200 plans for a strong Executive Diamond is a good result.

          3. Actually ibofightback, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill showed 1,200 personals. He showed anyone and everyone the Amway Business Opportunity. He didn’t “qualify” them as people do today with CDs or books, or even simple questions. It’s the “throw mud on the wall and see what sticks” method. This may work for some people, but for most, it’s highly labor intensive and you really have to have a thick skin to endure all that rejection.

          4. Even then it’s still a good deal! I recall from stats a few years back that Founders EDC and above in North America averaged over a million bucks a year. Take it over ten years and assume he spent all the money up to EDC on his business, and even the “no” plans were worth over $8000 a pop! 🙂

        2. well, you’re half right, my grandfather has always made sure that i knew to “never leave volume on the table”, so out of the 140 that said no to being an ibo you should have easily got between 60-100 clients.
          just because they say no to being a business owner doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to service them with some amazing products that are all guaranteed for 180 days, and he showed me how to show them how these products can actually save them money over the course of a year.

          all of our cleaning products are hyper concentrated and top quality, so you have to use less than you would if you bought from a competitor

      2. I agree with David here … If I am able to show 180 plans in a year then even if I do not get 30 – 40 sign-ups .. there will be so much momentum created in the group – with my downlines seeing what I am doing – – they will learn more and more about the business and the numbers … I recall listening to a tape by Joe Markovicz [Personal Momentum and Group Momentum] where he gave an example of the best US baseball players and their stats .. I bet most Diamonds and above have BETTER stats! Also, Vincent now as per the plan and the GIP – if you have Q12s in your depth then they too contribute towards FAA points – which is another incentive to work in building depth. I have not build actively over the past few years but now have set my targets to reach Silver by Aug 2014 and working along with my Upline towards that goal. I show a lot of plans [in a PDF] to my LinkedIn and FB contacts and have received positive feedback. I have also found it beneficial to show product demos of a few Nutrilite and HomeCare stuff right after the plan which builds beliefs in people. Today one friend has signed up as I write this. As Rich DeVos says “This business works when you work it!” –

        Ref: link to FAA –

        Just my 2 cents.

  8. I have been in this business now actively for 5 years and the last 3 years have made, $55k, $68k, and last year $86k. This is not a get rich deal, it takes a consistent effort like all income. I have averaged over the last 5 years 10 hours a week part time on the side. No other business in the world will you see a way to make money like we do running our Amway businesses. It’s mind blowing!

    The only people who continually don’t get it are those that are too scared to run a business of their own and rely on a job for 100% of their income. I have interviewed hundreds of people over the years and this is the root of the negative in my experience. Fear is also the root of poverty in my humble opinion as well. Just a different way of thinking I guess.

    1. Regarding “FEAR”:

      Rich DeVos suffered a heart attack the end of 1992. He was told he had a year to live. Rich had to wait five months for a heart transplant. The story he tells after receiving his new heart is fascinating. Rich is a master story teller. Storytelling is a teaching tool we should all master. He uses his experience to teach about the fear of rejection.

      The fear of rejection seems to be my biggest fear. I HATE to hear the word, “No”. Realize, “no” should be considered a favor. It is a stepping stone. Don’t let it be a stumbling stone. Sometimes it is the beginning of a meaningful conversation; a request for more information.

      If the answer is still, “no”, consider the “prospect” as having done you a favor. Your time has been saved.

      My problem has been: I like to finish what I start. My passion for what I believe in sometimes has been my greatest enemy. Just because Amway is for some doesn’t mean it is for all.

      Some will join us as “wholesale customers” – read that, fellow IBOs. If you are a smart business person, you will attempt to make the rest “retail customers”. Some will. Some won’t. Rich and Jay wanted us to turn retail customers into wholesale customers. That may take more time, but gives one a more solid business.

      Build solid businesses, my friends. Be smart about how you follow your passion. Finish what you start. You can do it!

    2. Regarding fear of failure:

      A relative once famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!” Coupled with the fear of rejection is the fear of failure.

      I don’t like the thought of setting myself up for failure. Therefore, I avoid situations where I “might” fail. I fail to try. To be successful at anything one must accept the risk of temporary failure. “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again.”

      Failure should be temporary; and should be expected and welcomed. Each “failure” is bringing you closer to success. But only if you will continue trying until you succeed. Learning from other’s struggles might be helpful; and less painful. There are many self-help books on the market that might be useful to you. Find somebody that is willing to mentor you and ask for suggestions.

      Seek and you will find. Ask and it will be given to you. What your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Have faith in yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to do. Believe! Believe you can do it! Do it now!
      YOU CAN DO IT!

      Humble yourself. Ask for advice from a business associate you trust and respect. It may take a lifetime to become the person you want to become. A journey of a thousand miles starts from the place you are at today. You may start with a lot of baggage. Be thankful, your burden will never be more than you can carry.
      YOU CAN DO IT!

      1. Thanks for the uplift, that’s what this is about.

        Good on you Howard, I believe it’s people like you who walk the walk and encourage others on the way that will be big pins in the business.
        Thanks for making my day 🙂

      1. Brad, the business is about talking to people. Find a need and fill it. See the people. Sell the product. Show the plan. Keep it simple. Remember when you were growing up? Crawl, walk, run.

        What do YOU want? Really, what do YOU want?

        Do you subscribe to, “According to Bridgett”? Her latest blog may be helpful to you.

      2. Brad- mostly helping my partners build their teams and expanding my personal team. Lots of one on one talks and meetings. Averages about 10 hours a week. Thinking about the business takes up a lot more time but actual work 10 hours a week.

        P.S just being normal works (unlike some of the people responding on this site lol) really well in the Amway business. Help people, be consistent and all works out. But it is a real business so rejection and sacrifice is normal, but nothing outside the scope of any business. Job people usually have problems with this, that’s why the turnover can be big.

        1. Thanks! When you say building teams I assume you mean finding more people who are interested in being business owners or buyers?

          Do you find it common that people reject Amway because of some former distributors who lied to prospets or maybe were deceptive about it? That used to be common but not so much lately (my own experience).

  9. I have a question. When the term Q12 or founders is used, that means they have qualified at the level for a full year – 12 straight mnths? Is that common or is that the exception?

    1. Hi,
      Technically, you can qualify at Founders Platinum with 10 or 11 months and 120% volume equivalency within an Amway performance year. Q12 means you have 12 qualified months within an Amway performance year.
      In the case of higher Founders’ pins, the same principle is applied to your qualified legs, i.e. if you have three Q10 or Q11 legs and each of them has a 120% volume equivalency, they are considered Q12 and you are Founders Emerald.
      Is that common or exception? It depends. Of course, the number of Q12’s will probably always be lower than that of Silvers, Golds or Platinums just because the qualification criteria are set higher. From that point of view, some people will consider Q12 to be an exception. On the other hand, if you are Founders Crown Ambassador earning 70 FAA points, it would be an exception to NOT qualify as Q12 (in fact it is impossible). 😉
      Of course, technically, you can be for example a Diamond (not Founders) and you don’t have to have enough months to qualify for Q12 because Diamond is a 6-months qualification. I think this happened to Patrick & Joyce Joe. But again, it is an exception. In the real business, some legs will be stronger than others. If you are an Emerald, you can have three Q6-Q9 legs, but I think in most cases even an Emerald will have at least one Q12 leg. If you are a Diamond, you will most probably have at least one Q12 leg (and most probably even more). Then, you are automatically qualified as Q12.

        1. Not so much. You just have to be consistent. We qualified as Q12 while doing the business part-time. Three of our downlines qualified as Q12’s and they also build the business part-time. Not as much work as it seems to be.
          In fact one of these downlines was active only a few months at the beginning and now he has been enjoying a very good income for almost ten years.
          Not sure about the work required for Founders Emerald or Founders Crown Ambassador though. Will let you know as soon as we qualify for these levels. 🙂

    2. Its very uncommon and almost impossible. You find a small number. Most people who reach platinum or other levels fail to hold it and fall back. Thats due to the high quit rates. When i saw the plan there were 30 diamonds in the uk while today there is only 1.

      1. When I saw the plan in Australia there were 6 or 7 Network 21 Diamonds. Now only one of them is a Diamond.

        The rest all moved on to higher pins.

        As far as I’m aware there has never been 30 Diamonds in UKROI *total*. Certainly not that many all qualifying at the same time.

      2. Most MLM’s have a fairly high turnover so that is plausible. I would think you really need a good plan to recruit and retain your downline or fall victim to attrition.

        1. Brad. Brigg Hart gave a good interview on that point stating a key is to recruit vigourously to beat attrition. He built a large amway network then moved to monavie and did the same. This shows that you need this type of talent but few have it.

          1. “Talent” is the excuse used by those who have failed. No, you don’t need to have a talent. You can LEARN how to do it and then you will be “the one with talent”.

          2. Brig built a large Amway network that had pretty much fallen apart by the time he got kicked out of Amway. I’m not sure if what he did is the model you wouldn’t want to emulate.

        2. Brad, you should have enough information by this date to make an intelligent, informed decision as to whether or not you want to get involved in building an independent business, like Amway. Are you interested or still just curious? If you decide it is something you might want to do, the next step is to discover somebody, locally, you would feel comfortable having for a sponsor. Somebody you would be willing to be mentored by. Always remember, this is supposed to be a people helping people business. Are you teachable? Are you willing to humble yourself and follow somebody else’s advice? If you are only curious, that is okay. Be honest with yourself; are you willing to stick it out while you are learning? Don’t treat this opportunity like a get rich quick scheme. You’ll end up quitting.

    1. I believe holly chen has several hundred thousands in her group. She reached high pin levels in several contries. I expect to see her diamond soon in the uk and france. So that income level is probably right. But she is an exceptional people leader and motivator which is needed to have her success. Very few have this. Its like a tiger woods in golf or carl lewis in athletics.

      1. I believe Amway reported (some time back) the Chi/Chen organization was responsible for about half Amway’s business. I also recall they had 10% of the IBOs. Pretty hefty retailing must be going on, don’t you think. Wonder what their retention rate is? One might go on line and read back issues of the Achieve magazine to find out what behaviors have helped Barry and Holly become so successful. They have many Crown Ambassadors, so what they have done is obviously duplicate-able.

  10. The Business Opportunity Brochure says:

    “For average annual compensation and highest annual compensation at all IBO levels, go to and search for: compensation chart.”

    Tried that with no result. Does anybody have some suggestion where to find this information?


      1. Was the above mentioned sentence published in previous versions of BOB? Or was it published now for the first time? Perhaps they are finally going to publish it?

  11. Yes lets say I do these things [show the plan + talk about products] for the next 200 days [~6 months] then by 1/22 I should be having a network of 10 – 12 working groups/ persons by then. Yipee – that itself is great and if as my Upline Diamond says “20% will be leaders” then 2 – 3 leaders and I am a Ruby / Emerald in the year after that [in 2 years] – wow! This stuff is exciting – and I am doing it!

      1. Surely, you jest! Better plan: “Interview” 50 people and decide who is “qualified” and truly interested in starting a business like the one Amway IBOs have to offer. By “qualified”, I don’t mean you find if they have a heart-beat or not. If you want to build a solid business it is helpful to discover people that are “leaders” and help them develop successful businesses. No fooling!

        1. Howard. Your suggestion is indeed better. It is about finding leaders. But by mass showing the plan you get also non leaders who hang in for a few months. In the model these people make an important contribution. As statistics show they represent a high percentage of the 3 million ibos today and probably account for a big portion of the 11 billion sales annually.

          1. Vincent, most of the volume comes from the Orient where sales to retail customers is the key to volume. In the Occident, like in your Hart example, self-consumption has been stressed to the near exclusion of finding and keeping retail customers.

            Brig (who is no longer with Monavie) and others found themselves constantly having to replace IBOs who quickly realized, “This isn’t for me!” Let us find people who will “hang in” for more than “a few months”. Satisfied customer (both retail and wholesale) will stay for years. I’ve been both since 1969. I’m sold on the products. Not so much on many of our “leaders”.

            In the “sponsoring game”, you lose if you only care about how many you are “putting in”. Amway was originally conceived as a “people helping people”, “high touch” business. In many cases, today, people try to build the business so fast that they find no time to build solid relationships. When the new IBO thinks, “Nobody cares about me!”, they often chose to move on with their life. Everybody’s time has been wasted and the business gets another black eye.

            When the stress is on, “I’ve got to sponsor somebody this week or I’ll look bad.”, sponsoring becomes an Ego thing.

            Once again, the smart way to build the business is quality, not quantity. One will have better long term results and less frustration. (Frustration often leads to quitting.) Nutrilite had a 25 customer rule. Distributors had to have 25 retail customers before they were allowed to start sponsoring (their customers). Amway cut that down to 10. It doesn’t seem to have been very well enforced.

            We once had a very simple “STP principle” – See the people. Sell the products. (Then) show the plan. It worked!

            A few last thoughts:
            1) You become like what you think, read, and believe. (Choose wisely!)
            2) What goes around, comes around. (Sounds like karma, doesn’t it.) Give a smile – get a smile in return. Same with love, friendship, courtesy, loyalty, trust, and so much more.
            3) Heed the words of Bob Andrews: “When trust is low, unity can’t flow, and business can’t grow!”
            4) Love people and use money. NOT the other way around!!!
            5) Follow the Golden Rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

          2. How is Amway doing in the USA? I haven’t heard much but I know some friends and cousins of mine did some goofy stuff when he were in Amway some years ago. My cousin actually tried to trick me into seeing the plan but I saw thru it and politely declied. (I bought something from her though)

          3. North America is back doing over a billion in sales, with 5% growth in 2011/2012. According to lawsuits I’ve seen, up to a third of the field and at least as much volume was lost when Amway decided to bite the bullet and kick out TEAM.

          4. non-leaders hang in for more than a few months. I’ve had people being just shoppers for more than a decade. I have been one of them for years. The Dornans report people like that in their network for over 40 years.

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