Amway Bulgaria is now open for business!

424882Amway Bulgaria is the latest country to join the Amway family. Phase 1 of Amway’s launch began today (Novermber 19, 2013), with Bulgarian residents now able to register as part of the Eastern European Consolidated Line of Sponsorship (CLOS) Region. Initially the registration is as what’s called “Member Plus”.

Members can order products for themselves and sponsor people, but only earn rebates of up to 50% for use on future purchases. There is no product retailing or commissions on downline volume. In addition there will not yet be any deliveries within Bulgaria, instead Members can order products in any other CLOS market for pickup. The nearest  Amway Business Center is in Bucharest, Romania, which lies only 75km from the Bulgarian border. The registration fee is 50 Romanian Leu, or about US$15.

In Phase 2, expected to begin in mid-2014, the full Amway Business Owner (ABO) model will be introduced and delivery will begin to Bulgarian addresses. Until Phase 2, only one to one meetings to explain the business are allowed without authorisation. Meetings for up to 100 people require approval from Amway.

While it seems a strange way to open a market, this has been Amway’s model for some years. By limiting meetings and making product deliveries a little more difficult they appear to want to deliberately dampen demand so that there’s no problems with coping with too fast growth or too many untrained ABOs damaging the company’s reputation.

It appears to work, with recent new markets like Vietnam, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia all reportedly doing well.

11 thoughts on “Amway Bulgaria is now open for business!”

    1. If you want to sponsor somebody internationally (in the case of Bulgaria it means you live outside of CLOS region), you have 2 options:
      1) establishing a #2 business – i.e. you internationally sponsor yourself under a local foster sponsor and then you sponsor your prospect under the #2 business
      2) you can internationally sponsor your prospect under a local foster sponsor (you will be the international sponsor)

      In general, option #1 is recommended if you are willing to travel and spend your time and money to help your downline in that market.
      If you are not willing to do that, then a #2 option is recommended.

    2. No, it’s not so simple as that unfortunately. You still need to spend the time and effort training them and helping them through their starting phase. People are the same everywhere – most of them don’t do anything, and most of those that do run away at the first sign of rejection! 🙂

      1. On that note, IBOfightback, i thought you had to either be a resident of the country or have a bank account and physical address there to be sponsored. am i wrong? If i am, what would be the specifics to establishing your personal business there?
        THank you

        1. It depends on the country, Pialdo. Check out for details on individual markets. Even then there is different options available. Some Amway markets, including Bulgaria, allow anyone with access to a local address to register. If you can do this in one CLOS market then you have access to sponsor directly in all of them. There’s similar opportunities in other markets as well. Obviously once you start generating an income then you have to comply with local tax regulations as well. Speak to your upline for assistance.

  1. this is fantastic news!
    A couple of questions IBOfightback
    1- Do you know when the phase 2 of opening will take place exactly?
    2- Do they allow international sponsoring there?
    3- since they are of the eastern european consolidated line of sponsorship, can an IBO in Romania sponsor new IBO’s in Bulgaria?
    4- What are the method of sponsorship (paper, online, phone, etc…)
    As always thank you for your dedication

    1. 1. Exact date of Phase 2 has not been announced
      2. Yes, you can internationally sponsor, though you need a local CLOS sponsor
      3. Yes, Romanian IBOs can sponsor Bulgarian IBOs directly
      4. Online and paper
      5. you’re welcome! 🙂

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