Amway confirms non-renewal of IBS UK Diamonds

As first revealed on this site some weeks back, Amway UK & ROI Diamonds Diamonds Jerry Scriven, Dave Butler and Pat Gregory have not been offered new contracts. Technically this isn’t "termination" since Amway has terminated all IBO contracts in order to implement some new changes in the UK market.

From the Amway Media Blog

We can confirm that we have terminated the contracts of Diamonds Jerry Scriven, Dave Butler and Pat Gregory, and we have not offered them contracts as Amway Business Owners. Mr Scriven and Mr Gregory, the founders of IBS (International Business Systems), have been unsupportive of Amway UK’s reforms and new mode of operations. To be absolutely clear, the activities of IBS are not approved by Amway UK/RoI.

Reports I’ve received indicate that the Scrivens and Butlers are looking at promoting an online gambling based opportunity, the Gregorys have declined to participate.

Another interesting factoid from the Amway Media Blog announcement is that more than 7 IBOs have so far elected to transition to the new contracts. This is about a third of those who renewed coming into 27, with Amway Wiki reporting >2, IBOs for UK & ROI.

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