Amway Diamonds – more than 1400 listed, thousands more to go!

Over on Amway Wiki a number of diligent editors have been creating information pages about the many, many people around the world who have qualified at the Amway Diamond level or higher. I’ve now added an extension to the Wiki which allows us to easily list these pages and so far we have information (at least the names!) of more than 1400 Amway Diamonds and above. Alas … we have a long way to go! A few years ago I saw an Amway “fact sheet” that said more than 4000 business had qualifed at Diamond and above. At the 50th Anniversary celebrations in Ada, Michigan last week Steve Van Andel reported there were 544 currently qualifying Founders Executive Diamonds and above businesses in attendance, and there were reportedly over 4000 currently qualifying Diamond and above IBOs (so around 2000 IBOships) in Las Vegas.

If you can help contribute to Amway Wiki with information on existing Diamonds, or even just a simple page with the names of any Diamonds we’re missing and their level – please do so! Amway Wiki is one of the most popular Amway related websites on the internet, with nearly 20,000 visitors a month – and an awful lot of that traffic comes from people searching for the names of individual Diamonds – folk are looking for information, let’s help them get the facts!

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    1. What would be more fantastic would be more information.

      I have a list of every North American Diamond that has appeared in the Amagram since 1964. There are over 1000. (The list on Amway Wiki is very incomplete, David.) Many of them have died and their businesses are now run by others.

      What would be nice to know is, who are they? We know some, but not many. There are names on the List of Diamonds on Amway Wiki that I don’t recognize. They have not been recognized in the Amagram or Achieve as having achieved Emerald or Diamond on their own.

      If you, dear reader, know of a son or daughter who is now running their parent’s business, please let us know. Sometimes it may be a new husband or wife. You may e-mail the information directly to ibofightback. See, contactme, above.

      If you find a page with no information except a name, please feel free to supply any information you may have.

      1. The list on AmwayWiki is dynamically generated by articles on AmwayWiki, so if you know of more simply create a new article for the Diamond, with category Diamond, and they’ll appear in the list.

  1. in order to support 4000 diamonds, the annual volume of amway would have to be 66 billion. Um, not there yet. the 12 billion annual revenue that is toted around by distributors is the total revenue for Alticor (parent company of Amway). I have tried contacting customer service at Amway to get actual figures for Amway, but was told that since Amway is a privately held corporation, they dont have to release those numbers. So, if you figure if Amway did half the revenue of Alticor, that would only financially support 361 diamondships (worldwide). Numbers do not lie. Uplines DO!!!

    1. Kelly,

      Your post highlights the problems with doing maths based on poor knowledge or false assumptions. Using the toughest international qualification for Diamond (10000 points per leg), and assuming zero overlap between Diamonds and zero international sponsorship (both of which are not true), you could theoretically support 4000 qualifying Diamonds with only $4.3 billion in revenue (10000 points * 6 months * 6 legs * $3 per pv * 4000 diamonds). Furthermore, in 2009 Amway held celebrations of their 50th Anniversary and invited all qualified Diamonds and above to Las Vegas. Over 4000 attended. That of course includes many couples, but it means at that point in time, with sales of around $8 billion, there was clearly more than 2000 qualifying Diamonds.

      Regarding the percentage of Alticor’s revenue that comes from Amway, a few years back (don’t have a link handy sorry), the media reported Alticor’s non-Amway holdings as doing around $100 million. Worth also noting that all of Alticor’s non-Amway related revenues are based in the United States, and media and industry reports regularly state that more than 90% of Alticor’s revenue comes from outside of the US, so Amway revenue is that revenue plus Amway US revenue, which has been reported at around the $860 million mark – leaving less than $200 million for non-Amway Alticor revenue, consistent with the earlier reports.

        1. Using Kelly’s “technique” of assuming no overlap in businesses and no international sponsoring, but with correct figures, Amway US Sales could theoretically support more than 530 Founders Diamonds. Of course, Diamonds can have international legs, Diamonds do overlap, and Diamonds have Platinum legs that are bigger than 7500PV, so that figure likely has no little resemblance to reality.

    2. $66,000,000,000 for 4,000 diamonds? Even if we are talking 4,000 diamondships (which many diamondships have two diamonds in it), that would be each diamondship running $16.5 million in volume annually. A diamondship is made up of as least 6 platinums. A Q-12 platinum (let’s assume 10K PV) runs at minimum $360K annually. So 6 platinums, a diamondship would run about $2.16 million annually. Not the $16.5 million you purport. (And, as ibofightback mentioned, there is overlap. In other words, a diamond is downline from another diamond. So one’s diamondship’s volume is part of another diamondship’s volume)

  2. i would like to know how is it possible.
    I join this buisness 1 month ago. and now i am 6%achiever. Would you like to share this work plan to grow so highly with me as a help…

    1. Sounds like all you need to do is keep doing what you’re doing and help others to do the same! Your local sponsor and upline know your situation way better than anyone on the internet can. They are first people you should turn to for advice.



  4. It is a unique business. If you have a guts you can fly in the sky. Yesterday is waste paper, today is news paper, tomorrow is question paper and Amway is the answer paper. Then why not Amway? (Thanks to Dr.Jayashree rath).have a great life.thanks.

  5. heartly speaking guys!!!if u have not done anything in your life then dont be frusteted because Amway is the only way to get every thing in your life which you deserves.

  6. It’s great to know that a lot of diamonds are qualifying each year. The power in distribution has been for a very long time in the hands of a selected group of people. That’s to Amway and other MLM business, common people can take part of the billion dollar industry of distribution.

  7. i have joined amway business in the month of february
    2012. i am hiting 6% level.very fast i want to go diamond
    so how & how to do business.i am having very much hope in this

  8. My Wife Mrs Laxmi Singh & I myself building this awesome unique opportunity with the help of our great LOS and world best proven system. Amway is not a business, its having so much meaning for those peoples who want to create a Legacy in Life and want to live quality life with changing others lives positively in right direction. Amway is a way of life. Its a life changing opportunity. Now I am planning to achieve Silver pin in the month of March 2012. presently I am in 15% level.

  9. Let me ask… 1400 out of how many??? 1500000 if i understand correctly. So 0.014%. And this is after quite a lot of truly hard work. Why not get a job or a casual business an do it much faster?

    1. (a) no, nothing like 1500000, you don’t understand correctly (b) yes it’s hard work, if you can suggest a job or other “casual business” that allows you to bring in around $50000/yr in profit, part-time, within a coule of years, while simultaneously creating an income producing asset, then please share.

    2. Man,
      Why to help middleman (Retailer-Whole Sellers-Dealers & Ad people) to be RICH?
      Amway busi. takes only FALTU KA TV Tiem only…
      U get Best Prods. & Help many peopel to make money. Thats it.
      God helped me to take decision to start AMWAY.
      Thank GOD.
      In India how much students R Doctors?
      Check % of it !

    1. Great friend.yes u can make it happen also.great work.great idea.great dream.great lifestyle.see u on top.n peace.

  10. Amway has been great to me and my family. And I’m sure if you take it seriously, you will be up there with all the diamonds too. Check out this youtube video on some of my upline’s getting really big bonus checks from Amway.


  12. agar aap wo paana chahate ho jo apko mil na saka to wo karna hoga jo apne abhi tak kiya nahi………………………….. ONLY AMWAY CAN MAKE YOU TO HAVE ALL THE HAPPINESSES IN LIFE.

  13. Amway is amazing business with quality life and quality money. Products are wonderful with high quality. i love to do this business. everybody in this world if not building this business, he is not doing anything.

  14. i am an ibo with 9% level….my best wishes r with u to become diamond..plz tell me how many ibo’s r required to become silver..?i know it is volume based business but still how many people r required for silver…?

  15. i m an mba student in common with study i also building amway business in part time, nd i have achieve 21% level. i fell proud my diamond upline is anurag and nidhi agarwal.

    1. Hi

      Can you give me some info about the way you work your business ?

      How do you structure your work ? a strategy ?


      N Commandeur

      1. There’s lots of different strategies N Commandeur. The Amway marketing plan is very flexible. If you’re an IBO then you should talk with your upline about strategies they’re using in your part of the world.

  16. I have been with amway for only a month now, but this has been the most exciting time because my husband and I are preparing to reach diamond status in record time. I love my new Amway family and especially eqipovision

    1. Well, I don’t think you will be setting any records….A lady in Sweden qualified diamond in 6 months…I think she may have been in Double Diamond qualification by the 12 month mark. Best of luck in tying the record, though!!

      1. Hello frank,
        i would like to know how is it possible.
        I join this buisness 1 month ago. and now i am 6%achiever. Would you like to share this work plan to grow so highly with me as a help…

        1. While technically it is possible I’d say in reality it is not possible from a standing start. “Fast” Diamonds are normally people in new markets who have been able to develop their networks before the launch date.

  17. this bussiness(amway) is god gifted to our family & our nation.only this bussiness to fulfil our dream and helps to other people to achieve their goal and fulfil their dream.

  18. Word is that there were 800 new Chinese Diamonds in attendance at the 50th Anniversary Diamond Club. Better get used to spelling with Chinese phonetics 😉

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