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Back in 2009 Amway Europe released some data on the average incomes achieved by Amway Business Owners (ABO) at various levels in Western Europe. I’ve now received some updated statistics, for the Amway financial year from September 2010 to August 2011.

Level Average/mth Average/yr Highest/yr
Founders Platinum/Ruby/Sapphire €2,712 €32,548 €102,963
Founders Emerald €7,059 €84,709 €165,822
Founders Diamond €13,916 €166,990 €226,892

This data includes ABOs from the following countries –

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden), Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Level 2009/2010 2010/2011 Change
Founders Platinum/Ruby/Sapphire €2,434 €2,712 +11.4%
Founders Emerald €4,668 €7,059 +51.2%
Founders Diamond €11,271 €13,916 +23.5%

All levels had a decent increase in income, especially Founders Emerald, however for European ABOs, there’s still concern when comparing to Amway North America incomes (using EUR-USD exchange rates as of September 1, 2010) –

Level Europe/yr
North America/yr
Founders Platinum $41,273 $51,437
Founders Emerald $107,415 $135,052
Founders Diamond  $211,752 $602,467

It appears the Founders Diamond discrepancy might be because in the US it includes Founders Diamond and above, thus including high achievers such as Founders Crown Ambassadors, whereas the European data seems not to. The discrepancy in Founders Platinum income is even worse than it appears though, as in Europe the statistics include Sapphires, whereas the US disclosure document states they’re excluded in the North American data. On top of this, Platinums and above generate more in sales than their North American equivalents, with 10000PV/mth required to qualify Platinum in Europe, and only 7500PV/mth in North America.

Why are North American Platinums and above getting paid more for lesser results than their European counterparts? I’ve no idea, but it may be one reason why some European markets like Amway Germany have been going backwards. Even so, these are still great incomes for a part-time business!

14 thoughts on “Amway Europe Average Incomes”

  1. i found dis buisnes 2 b d bst . . . Espcialy 4 studnts . . . Or yng generation. . . . Bcoz in 2days date of rush nd lck of propr income we need 2 luk 4 othr sorce of incom 2 . . .
    So jst make ur mindset nd thnk 4 ur futr. . . Gud luk 2 al.!!

  2. I think you might be right about germany. Certainly when the pv was moved from 7500 to 10000 in the uk the leaders said the business went backwards quickly. There were about 30 diamonds at that time. Now there are none. The government investigation and subsequent legal issues at that time also contributed to the decline no doubt.

      1. In fact you are right. They seem to be at diamond. They were at triple diamond some years ago.

          1. Indeed you are right they were double diamond. Thats the highest level ever reached in uk/ROI

    1. No, the difference was even worse before anyone tried “stacking” techniques. Now, I think it’s probably improved in 2013 for a couple of reasons (1) improved growth incentive program (2) Russian legs now count towards Diamond bonus qualification. I suspect a lot of European Diamonds qualified Diamonds with international Russian legs, and they get you the pin but not the bonus. Emerald and above is going to be affected just by the fact that there are lots of them that have been around a long time so depth bonuses have had chances to grow. Platinum is my main concern, and if you look at the Growth Incentive Programs there’s still obvious differences for Platinum – there are a lot more, and larger, yearly bonuses in North America. A Q-12 platinum with no breakaways gets an extra $15,000 every time they re-qualify. In Europe you need growth to get bonuses, and those bonuses start at less than half the US Q-12 bonus for Q-12’s that didn’t grow.

      1. I think you are right about uk potential. Rough comparison with the usa puts possible sales at 200 million dollars compared to maybe 10% of that being achieved currently The accessible market make not be there however. Culture is different. I have seen over the years over 20 diamonds going broke in the uk. These guys were strong leaders and motivaotrs and obviously knew how to build it but not sustain it. It might happen but its looks doubtful

        1. In my opinion the UK, like Australia, suffered for a long time because of the impact of certain American groups who were fairly blind to cultural differences. Their approach worked well for those who liked it, but alienated many more who did not. It’s pretty much taken a generation to recover. That seems to be happening in Australia now. In the UK – well, Amway Europe has pretty much been the backwaters of Amway for many years, with little focus on it from Ada. New products have take far too long to launch, incentives are behind other markets etc etc. From what I understand that may be changing over the next few years, with a greater focus by Ada on potential for growth in Europe.

  3. Why? Sounds like a good question to ask Amway. As a NA IBO I could offer my speculation, but I won’t. Rumors aren’t helpful and are often wrong.

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