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Amway Europe has apparently finally calculated and released some average monthly income statistics for various levels of the business in Europe. These figures were for September 2007 to August 2008 and it’s of note that for 2009/10 (and perhaps ongoing) Amway has raised many bonuses 25%-100% for most platinums and above. Note: afaik they don’t include any profit from personal retailing nor additional incentives such as free trips.

  • Founders’ Platinum €2,434
  • Founders’ Emerald  €4,668
  • Founders’ Diamond €11,271

Not bad money for a part-time business! I’ve heard reports other Amway markets have started to report this kind of information as well. Amway North America has done it for years, though I haven’t seen updated statistics for a long time. If anyone has updated statistics for their market, I’d love to see them.

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  1. Rocket, just to let you know, Amway has published these incomes both for Eastern Europe and for the Western Europe. It’s just that the Diamonds get the information in advance.
    The average ABO incomes have been available to ALL ABOs since October 2009. Satisfied?

  2. Hi Louise, check out the links re “The Internet War” at the top on the front page and you’ll get some background to this site. In short, the ‘net matters in determining public perceptions, that’s why.

  3. I don’t know whose website this is (I am searching for specific information on one major Amway distributor; I Googled Amway S…and “Scam” popped into the search engine. “Why not?” I thought…and then I found one awful site and you.
    I’m puzzled why any entrepreneur would ventilate like this in public.

  4. I welcome the this statitics very much needed especially for the UK markets which can be mentioned to the prospects. What would also be helpful is to publish what is the Average time taken to become a Platinum, Emreld & Diamond. Both records will give a convincing picture to committed IBO’s & prospects

  5. The point that there is a large group of ex-IBO’s who have quit or shyed away from Amway, not because of any websites or online critics but by personal experience. Kudos to you for trying to set the record straight, however, quite frankly, I currently have no reason to believe any pro-Amway information on this site. Good luck…you have a very long, uphill battle to make up for the many bad apples in Amway.

  6. NBP, you’ve made exactly the same point on a number of different threads now.

    We get it. Your upline was apparently not honest with you.

    What point are you trying to make apart from that?

  7. I’ve heard the following statements from my [ex] upline diamond:

    You must sign the tools agreement [BSMAA], it’s required.
    No one makes any money in the tools business.
    Everyone who wants to succeed in the Amway business, does.
    It takes only 3 to 5 years and anyone can become a Diamond.
    No one has ever made any money in Amway unless they buy the tools.

    These statements uttered by my Diamond all have one thing in common…they’re all lies. In my years in Amway, my upline NEVER, EVER disclosed how much they were making, even an “average” as it were. And if they had, I’d want to see the actual check before I’d believe it.

  8. “A privilege” ????

    Don’t they know that you are the ibofightback? 😉

    Seriously though, my jaw dropped when I read your comment.


    Well…in your market, maybe you need an LOA like TEAM to operate how it did, and then have the leaders leave the way they did, and then have that LOS and LOA be affected the way it was.

    Maybe then the lines of communication will open up like a gushing waterfall.

    Huh. Guess I do have TEAM to thank for something. 🙂

    1. Bridgett, you can thank TEAM for MORE welfare and positive changes from Amway down the road – around the world.

      I always told Orrin, that I stand in solidarity with him and the TEAM.

      And I always tell IBOs who are concerned about me, “If it takes one good IBO to go Black Diamond so that Amway realises their mistake of terminating TEAM, let me be that Black Diamond.”

      Remove the No Stacking Rule. Lower prices. Respect IBOs as PARTNERS, not delegate us to the status of “salesforce”. Never attempt to present Amway as anything more than our product and business opportunity provider. Reduce the interference with the Systems. Improve the “retailability” of your products.

      I love THE Business.

      Yeah. :_)

        1. Well I have to say I don’t disagree with Rykel. The actions of TEAM leading to Amway having no choice but to dismiss them have certainly had a positive impact on Amway!

          Given the TEAM stacking approach was mathematically guaranteed to lower averages incomes (confirmed in the TEAM v Quixtar case in california), them leaving will undoubtedly have contributed to an improvement of Amway’s statistics. Not to mention the dramatic drop in internet critics of Amway and increase in critics of MonaVie. Certainly a reputation helper!

          Still, no offence Rykel, I find it hilarious that someone affiliated with MonaVie can make comments about lower prices and improving retailability! That truly is hilarious. 🙂

          But yes, we can certainly be thankful for what TEAM has done for Amway in their leaving …. 😉

    1. You should follow the site more often. I gave them a slam about an over-priced new partner store a month or two back. I attacked the Perfect Water garbage mercilessly, and have also spoken against things like promoting the business as a way to save money shopping, just to think of a few.

  9. I wish that was the case here. For example the 2009/2010 Sales Incentive Program was published for the rank and file IBOs on the website 2 weeks *after* you had to start qualification for the “lowest” reward. There’s been no notification at all that the Eddie Funkhouser range is ending – a Diamond doing the open last week mentioned it and you should have seen the shocked looks on some of the peoples faces – they didn’t know a thing. The end of the Sandra Bullock endorsement was nothing more than a small notification in the back of an Amagram, many would have missed it. We got a series of emails leading up to Amway Expo but that’s the only real communication we’ve had from the corp all year. I’m *still* extremely pi***d off about an incentive trip Amway offered a few years back – a trip to Ada for anyone who generated a certain amount of volume and sponsored a certain number of people in a particular time frame. If I’d known about it I would have got active and done it – first we heard about it was when the qualifiers got recognized on stage. We’re part of an LOS that has no local upline Diamond, so we simply don’t get the info. I registered an official complaint and was told receiving information was a “privlege” earned by leaders etc. One of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard, and even writing it is making me annoyed. >:-(

  10. Regarding info being distributed downline: In North America I have seen a major evolution the last two years. Yes high level pins are notified first, but the lag time to the rank-and-file IBO is much shorter–sometimes 24 hours–and the communication is directly from the Corporation (rather than just through Upline), usually by email, on the website, and through LIVE webinars. Plus all the social media and blogs.

    So any IBO who wants information to successfully build their business, it’s available, regardless of their system affiliation (or non affiliation).

  11. But you have stated yourself (or at least implied) that the TEAM exodus WAS dramatic and obviously would have had an impact on their bottom line.

    I concur that the distribution process is far from ideal, and it makes it harder for people who aren’t involved in a system to acquire this information. People like Jeffrey, for instance.

    Or Tex ;0)

    1. Yes, the TEAM exodus was dramatic and would have affected the bottom line dramatically. The fact that overall it didn’t have that dramatic effect indicates other groups were growing.

  12. Shouldn’t Amway be releasing this type of information? I mean, really, how would a diamond know the entirety of the statistics?

    Try me. I might know the diamond. Besides, is it a secret? Obviously if Amway didn’t have a problem with the diamond telling the people at the meeting it’s not a big deal.

    I really wish they would release North American numbers. The optics of not releasing those numbers is horrible, considering the bad PR they’ve been through.

    1. Rocket – Amway *has* released the information, and *has* presented it. How do you think a Diamond got it? Stole it off someones desk? Amway generally gives out info to Diamonds first , then Platinums, and later rank and file IBOs. I don’t always agree with the distribution process, but so be it. I noticed it was incorporated in the latest open plan I attended, so it’s not secret. As you know, North American numbers were released years ago. Averages don’t tend to suddenly change dramatically unless something dramatic happens. I’m sure they’ll look at publishing updated figures again before long.

    1. (1) It was a meeting hosted by the Diamond, not Amway. I assume he was given the information by Amway
      (2) No Diamond you would know
      (3) Ask Amway North America. I’m guessing that with all the significant changes in bonuses it doesn’t make sense to do a new average until there’s some more data
      (4) Due to past trolling behaviour, your comments automatically get filed as spam, but I noticed this one and as it was reasonable I posted it.

    1. au contraire. I don’t know anyone who is putting in full-time hours to maintain their business at those levels. Anyone working Amway full-time at emerald and above is doing so because they (a) enjoy it and/or (b) want to increase their incomes.

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