Amway Europe’s first corporate blog?

Amway Scandinavia, or more specifically Amway Denmark, has launched what I think is Amway Europe’s first corporate blog, focused on Amway’s sponsorship of the 2008 Nordea Danish Tennis Open. The blog is written by Mette Henius, External Affairs Coordinator for Amway Scandinavia.

It’s great to see Amway Europe getting some blogs going. As I’ve mentioned in numerous posts, I think getting more “positive” information on the internet is crucial to Amway’s reputation globally.

Still, I have to say the first step is somewhat disappointing. Not in the content or what the blog is about, but how it has been executed. It might be a great tool for communicating with IBOs or the media about the event, but as an aid to improving Amway’s reputation on the ‘net, it’s a dud. Why? Well, for a start, let’s look at the web addresses –

There’s two things fundamentally wrong with these choices. First of all is the use of the “” domain name. For several years, Amivo has been the “brand” used for Amway Europe’s internet shopping portals. The thing is, it’s now been retired, with the idea of reviving the Amway brand – much as has been done with Quixtar and Amway Global in North America.

Why on earth would you use a domain name connected to a brand you have retired for your first corporate blog? It makes absolutely no sense.

The second problem is the specificity of the domain name. It’s entirely just about the Nordea Danish Open. In just a few weeks, on November 24, this Tennis tournament will be over for the year. And so, one would assume, will be the blog.

To have internet sites impact on Amway’s long-term reputation, they need to be found and seen by people looking for information about Amway. A website’s impact and importance is measured by search engines like google primarily by the number of other websites that talk about and link to the website address in question.

This new Amway blog will be “open” for less than a month. There’ll be little time to build up a readership, and little time to build in “credibility” as far as internet search engines are concerned. It will disappear amongst the literally millions of sites that mention Amway. Amway’s critics websites rank highly because they have existed for many years and many, many folk link to them. Indeed, it’s a self reinforcing cycle. These days, a lot of folk have blogs. They get approached about Amway, they research on the internet, see the first couple of pages of “critics” websites, then talk about and link to them.

To break this cycle – or more accurately, to become a part of it – Amway and Amway business owners need a significant number of stable, regularly updated, popular and primarily “positive” websites that talk about and link to relevant material on each other.

It will take many months, perhaps years, to begin to have a strong influence, but having a new blog on a domain name that is being “retired” with an address specific to a single event of limited duration is not the way to start!

Amway Europe should instead start up a new “blog zone”, like Amway Global’s Opportunity Zone, or perhaps even more sensibly, become a part of that Zone. Alternatively, what’s wrong with “” or Get a name, stick to it, get people talking about it. Much the same principles apply to internet website branding as apply to name branding in the offline world.

Apart from that, it’s great to have your voice on the ‘net, Mette, I hope it’s just a start!

One thought on “Amway Europe’s first corporate blog?”

  1. IBOFB –
    First, thanks for the kudos for Opportunity Zone. To be transparent, I manage the site. We’re always trying to improve it and increase its traffic.

    To your post, we haven’t made a public announcement about this yet, but what better place than here? We will be adding 2-3 Europe blogs to the Opportunity Zone in early 2009. While we’re hesitant to give a specific date, we are shooting for February 1st.

    Details to come! In the meantime, here’s an interesting article that compares our corporate blog site traffic with that of Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson, and discusses traffic not necessarily being the best measure of corporate blog success.

    Thanks for letting me offer a few thoughts.

    – Cindy Droog

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