AMWAY FACT: Amway China Wins 2006 Corporate Social Responsibility Innovation Award

{mosimage}26 American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai Corporate Social Responsibility Award
Corporate Social Responsibility Innovation Award

Winner: Amway (China)

About the Winner:

Amway is a global leader in direct selling of health and beauty products. Amway focuses on three main CSR areas: children, environmental protection and health. In 25, Amway donated a total of RMB34.73 million to 443 projects in China of which RMB2 million were designated for 223 charity projects benefiting children. One of the major projects launched, the “Amway Volunteers,” sent 11 students from 15 prestigious universities to posts as volunteer teachers for approximately one year in 1 western provinces. This project directly benefited 5, children in

In the area of environmental protection, the company has initiated an innovative project in which Amway volunteers clean up trash and waste from mountains and rivers that are historic tourist attractions across different regions of China. This project even reached Mount Everest in 25 when Amway volunteers along with other social volunteers picked up 4 bags of trash between the elevations of 5,12- 8, meters with the help of professional mountaineers. In promoting
health, in 25, Amway held its annual fitness run in 12 Chinese cities and attracted more than 2, participants. In addition, taking advantage of its strong network of sales representatives, Amway had established 24 Amway community community volunteer organizations with more than 5,
volunteers around China as of February 26.


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